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30 Brilliant Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

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30 Brilliant Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

With the rising cost of living expenses owing to inflation amid other declining macro indices, depending alone on income from a 9-5 job may not be sufficient to meet up with monthly living expenses.  

Moreso, if you’re someone who is driven by personal accomplishments through creating value from a business idea, then it’s normal to desire to pursue something on the side.

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Regardless of your financial aspirations, making extra money is fulfilling even if it trickles in slowly.

Most organizations discourage their employees from running a side gig which they believe would distract them from giving their 100%. Sometimes this is true when the employee goes about this irresponsibly.

However, you can run a side hustle that is compatible with your day job without violating your terms of employment.

Running an online business seems to be a model that would work due to its flexibility.

It’s known that not everyone is cut out for the online thing at least for some, however, In this article, I will include side hustles you can run that are not online, and some of these jobs can be done after work.

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Key Highlights

 🎯 You can always run a side hustle, as long as it does not interfere with your full-time work.

 🎯 Content writing is one side hustle that is compatible with your day job.

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 🎯 There is a high potential for earning so much money with affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and partnerships.

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Top 30 Side Hustles For Full-time Workers

1. Blogging

Blogging - Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

This remains the number one way to make money, however, blogging income is not immediate. Blogging needs some gestation time before you start seeing results in terms of money.

Without any doubt, blogging is already one of the most popular side hustles today and the barrier of entry is low (a domain and hosting) will get you started.

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A low barrier of entry means intense competition in different niches. New blogs emerge every day. As of the end of 2021, there were already over 600 million niche blogs across the internet.

Creating a blog is relatively easy. However, creating a successful blog takes time and hard work. To continue on the right path, you must select a profitable niche you can compete. Because there is really no niche with low competition.

Though blogging may take a few months to kick off, it is one of the highest-paying online side hustles.

Most successful bloggers turn this side income into their primary income due to its monthly income as many average $500 – $1200 a month after year one especially if they run a hybrid monetization model (Ad revenue + Affiliate).

What makes this side hustle perfect is that literally, anyone can create a blog today. Furthermore, unlike in the past, you can now create a blog with zero coding experience.

All you need to do is select your preferred niche, buy an affordable WordPress hosting from Bluehost or any other hosting site, install WordPress and start creating quality content.

2. Online Course Sales

You can always make money by selling courses online if you have an area of knowledge or vocation you are at. Creating courses is often a tough call for newbies and I totally understand.

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Standing in front of a camera for shy people is what often restricts them from even trying. The good news is that you can create courses without showing your face. You can learn to make these kinds of videos from Matt Par’s YouTube Courses.

There are hundreds of sites where you can now create online courses and deliver value to interested students.

The advent of websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Gumroad has made it easy for people to utilize these online platforms.

Creating courses is an upfront investment of effort, knowledge, skill, funds, and other resources…once you’re done, you only need minor tweaks periodically as updates.

Why I like courses is that you keep earning rewards from your efforts without grinding once your marketing strategy is effective and in place.

Udemy - Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

First, you must sign up on these platforms to create a course. After uploading your course materials, you can set pricing and clearly outline your course structure and timing.

Depending on your skill level, some users make more than $5,000 per month from online course sales. Due to the flexible nature of this job, it is entirely suitable for people who work full-time, thus its position on this list.

3. Content Writing

Content writing - Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

Content writing is still one of the most rewarding online side hustles that will continue to thrive.

The launch of new websites and the growth of existing ones thrive on quality content. So, the services of content writers will continue to be in high demand year-on-year.   

The flexibility that this service offer makes it compatible with your day job if you’re freelancing. This means you can set your work time and pay per hour.

Content writingis ideal for people actively engaged in 9-5 jobs, and the returns are immediate compared to blogging.

You can always make thousands of dollars writing for online publications if you are knowledgeable which some practical experience in a niche.

From entertainment to technology and other niches, numerous websites often seek writers to deliver quality content.

You may be interested in writing for survival, health, or travel niche sites that are in high demand.

4. YouTube Or Twitch Streaming

A recent survey revealed that over 18 hours of online video content are consumed weekly.

What makes it even more interesting is that with the users’ short attention span to reading, the preference for video content is predicted to grow in the coming years.

Undoubtedly, YouTube is one of the biggest video-sharing platforms today. So, it’s not surprising that YouTube earned $28.8b in Ad revenue in the year 2021. YouTube then shares 55% of this revenue with content creators.

So, if you’re pursuing a side hustle as a video content creator, then it is a worthy move with prospects amid the competition with more established channels and YouTube’s changing algorithm.

You may be interested in checking out these YouTube Human-like Voice Over Software.

YouTube - Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

Like blogging, video content creation requires consistency in posting quality videos, marketing, and a lot of patience.

Monetization of your channel starts at 4000 watch hours and a 1000-user subscriber base. Then you must build a loyal follower base to start making good money.

To make the best out of your video content, you can consider taking some short courses in video editing so that you can publish quality and engaging videos.

Alternatively, you can always hire the services of a video editor on platforms like Fiverr to add a professional touch to your videos.

Another revenue stream idea for your channel is through affiliate partnerships, sponsorships, and donations which are known to have skyrocketed revenue on many YouTube channels.

Influencers with a considerable following can also make extra money from merchandise sales and other product recommendations.

A typical YouTube or Twitch channel with about 1 million subscribers can generate over $100,000 yearly if monetized with Ads and other partnership arrangements. Depending on certain factors, this number can even go way higher.

5. Language Translation Services

If you are bilingual or multilingual, then you’re lucky to have high earning potential at your disposal. You earn extra money from your language skills while running your full-time job.

The global market value for the translation industry is projected to surpass $40 billion by 2027. This tells that you can have a share of the growing numbers.

Of course, there are numerous translation software available today. These technologies also do great work, from Google Translate to other major AI-based tools. However, there is always a need for human translators because software still possesses some flaws and lacks the human psyche and emotion.

On websites like LanguageMarketplace, you can find many transaction jobs. Also, you can utilize native freelance platforms like OneHourTranslation to gain access to a broader range of offers.

Blend Express - Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

Once you start handling projects and meeting the expectations of clients, you’re offered more jobs. Due to the nature of this side hustle, it is suitable for people with busy schedules.

6. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is quite similar to selling courses online. However, this tilted towards academics.

Many platforms require that you have a teaching certificate or experience. As long as you are a verified tutor, you can create a class in your field of study and get paid by students for organizing lesson sessions.

So far, most highly experienced teachers make more than $2,000 per month from this side hustle, which can even go higher.

There are platforms like Teachable where you can monetize your skills. However, if you need to gain more exposure, you can always utilize platforms like TeachersPayTeachers.

7. Affiliate Marketing

As far as side hustles are concerned, Affiliate marketing is not a new name and it is the bedrock of online revenue in the last 15 years.

Income from affiliate marketing is estimated to exceed $10 billion by the end of this year, the affiliate marketing industry is already one of the most lucrative industries worldwide.

To start as an affiliate, you can join platforms like Amazon, Clickbank, or Shareasale.

Upon creating an account on any of these websites, you receive a unique affiliate link for referring leads to buy products and services. Affiliate payments are based on leads, clicks, and sales.

There is a high potential for earning, however, having an already-existing follower base would be best to maximize your sales.

If you own a blog or YouTube channel, you can utilize them to grow your earnings.

8. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistants work just like regular office assistants. However, they operate more flexibly. As the name implies, virtual assistants work remotely and handle projects at a less-pressured pace.

Companies often seek the services of virtual assistants, so there are always vacancies available on popular job listing websites like Indeed and Careerslip.

You can set your schedule as a virtual assistant to work at your own pace and on a part-time basis.

As a virtual assistant, you can manage social media pages for companies, carry out book-keeping tasks, and type documents.

These are recommended platforms for Virtual Assistant jobs. If you also want to know how to become an organized and effective Virtual Assistant, then check this post.

If you’re considering hiring a Virtual Assistant and you’re worried about what to look ot for, then check this post.

9. DIY Product Sales

DIY sales - Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

Talents these days are not unique, what matter is if you can do your well.

If you have a skill for making DIY products, you can make money on the side with this skill. There is a global craze for handmade products, especially in the fashion, and home décor niche.

If you are good at weaving sweaters, making body lotions, soaps, or just anything people would love, you can experiment with your skills and price your products based on their results.

Today, one of the biggest platforms where you can sell your homemade products is Etsy. As of writing this article, some sellers make over $100,000 yearly from product sales on this platform.

10. Selling Stock Photos

Stock photos - Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

Making money off your photos is one side hustle that seems like a dream.

But, with the help of platforms like Shutterstock, Gettyimages, and a host of other platforms, you can take high-resolution photos of nature, abstracts, people, etc.

As revealed in an earlier part of this article, over 600 million online blogs exist. Thus, more content creators are looking for unique images to match their content ideas and are ready to pay for them.

Big websites, of course, sometimes buy these images from platforms like Shutterstock to make their content stand out.

Though this side hustle is not as lucrative as some others on this list, you can surely make over $500 per month with a large portfolio of irresistible stock photos.

11. Print-on-Demand Business

The print-on-demand business isa bit saturated but still very lucrative. With the competition, one needs to develop and maintain a strong brand to get traction.  

The good part is you do not need to be an expert in print-on-demand business to start. There are now third-party print-on-demand agencies like Printful, Printify, Apliiq, and more.

For your designs, you can always utilize the vast design templates available on TailorBrands, or you can sign up on Canva to create more customized designs.

For the production of your shirts, Printify comes with a less pricey option to start your T-shirt business.

Printify - Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

You only get to print when a buyer places a request. As a result, setting up a t-shirt business requires little to nothing asides from promoting your website, and other selling channels.

12. Uber Driving

With a full-time job, you can always lend your car for Uber services. Uber gives 75% of the income earned to drivers while the company retains 25%.

To do this, you must engage a trusted person to drive on your behalf. You must consider doing a background check on the fellow and getting reliable guarantors before you hire.

Also, to be profitable on with the Uber business means using a car that has good fuel economy and low monthly maintenance costs. You also need to consider the insurance premium on the vehicle because all these would stack up as monthly expenses.

Ideal cars for Uber are the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Camry of 2012 – 2018 models.

Some 9-5ers operate night shifts on Uber which may not be ideal for everyone. Other than Uber, you can also utilize other platforms like Lyft.

A few drivers make over $3,000 monthly on these driving platforms, and the requirements to get onboarded with Uber are pretty straightforward.

You are good to go as long as you have a fully functional car, a Driver’s license, and at least three years of driving experience.

Uber also does vehicle registration & documentation and some level of KYC.

13. Selling Improved PLR eBooks

Writing an ebook and selling craft requires lots of investment in time and mental resources upfront. And there are over a billion books published globally so how do you get your voice heard?

The good news is that you can speed up your publications with Private Label Right ebooks (PLR). These books are available in all kinds of niches. All you need to pick your area of interest and buy, some of these PLR books are free to download.  

The work on your part is editing and improving its content because these same books are often downloaded by many other writers. So you need to add a personal touch to it.

It’s important to note that some of the PLR books have copyright terms in terms of the use of their content. Some allow minimal edits and so on. It’s best to check the terms before downloading.

However, upon finishing, you can start selling your book on platforms like Amazon, Barnes, Noble, etc.

Also, self-publishing platforms like Lulu and Amazon Kindle Publishing allow anyone to create ebooks.

You can create ebooks at any time and place them for sale on world-recognized book sales platforms. This side hustle is also competitive, but with good content, and marketing, you should begin to see income trickle in.

14. Paid Grocery Shopping

With the era of convenience, new job opportunities are springing up. As weird as it seems, you can now make money by carrying out simple tasks like shopping for groceries for a lot of busy mums and dads. These side hustle ideas were non-existent 5-10 years ago.

The good part is that you don’t need to start marketing your services. If you’re above 18, you can sign up on either Shipt or Instacart to start earning whenever you complete a shopping task for someone.

As of 2022, both platforms paid about $20 per shopping trip. The requirements are pretty straightforward, as you need a smartphone, a car, and proof of no criminal record.

You can utilize weekends to carry out most tasks to make more money.

15. Paid Surveys

Though most people doubt the credibility of online surveys, many others keep cashing out with this side hustle.

With reputable survey sites like Swagbucks, you can earn money or gift cards to answer minor survey questions and click on ads.

Swagbucks - Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

Of course, this side hustle may not make you rich. However, with dedication, you can surely make a reasonable amount of money. Moreover, some people make over $500 per month responding to surveys.

Some survey sites also payout with Crypto, which translates into a higher earning potential, as cryptos offer more investment value in the long term.

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16. Website Testing

Beta Testing - Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

BetaTesting, Userlytics, and TryMyUI are some of the app & website Testing platforms available on the internet today.

To date, some people make fortunes merely testing out websites and dishing out quality reviews.

If you are good with reviewing technical stuff or you understand User experience and interface designs – UX & UI for apps or websites, then this is a brilliant gig to try.

You can sign up on any of these platforms to start making money by testing websites, apps, and other online products.

This job is a suitable side hustle for 9-5ers, as you can work entirely at your own pace.

Some sites pay as much as $30 for a single detailed review, and this price can go higher depending on the skill level of the reviewer.

17. Space Rental

Suppose you own any free space around you. In that case, you can utilize the opportunity to rent it out for events, festivals, and other occasions.

You can sign up on Airbnb and place your space rental services to gain exposure to event organizers around you.

18. Website Design

Even as we speak, more websites keep hitting the internet daily, and so does the demand for website designers increase.

No doubt, creating a website is now easier than ever. However, when it comes to creating a top-quality website for organizations and companies, there is always a need to employ the services of a professional.

You can always bag jobs on freelance platforms like PeoplePerHour or if you have good website design skills. Reaching out to clients through private agencies is more profitable.

19. Graphics Design

Today, graphics design is one of the hottest side hustles. You can bag hundreds of dollars for a single logo, which is just at a beginner level.

If you have vast design experience, you can sign up on any Freelance platform to gain exposure to potential clients.

You gain access to steady jobs and an endless stream of money by building a trusted client base.

20. Proofreading

Webmasters have a lot of tasks to juggle and proofreading and editing is one of them. If you’re someone that can take this burden off, then you’re in business.

What makes it compatible with your day job is that this job is entirely remote and can be done in your spare time.

Platforms like iWriter have frequent posts on with writing gigs, including proofreading jobs.

Also, you have to remember that you could be asked to provide proof of your proficiency in your proofreading language.

21. App Development

From App stats, over 140 billion apps were downloaded in 2021. The app industry is not slowing down as it is expected to keep growing.

If you have good app development skills, you can turn your skill into a side hustle and make money by coding apps for clients or placing your apps on official app stores.

In addition, you can make money from ads and other in-app purchases as an app owner.

22. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model promoted intensely by Shopify. It seems to be the bedrock of Shopify’s core business.

Shopify made owning an e-commerce store easy by reducing the barrier of entry while enjoying some basic SEO done-for-you benefits.  

Shopify is ideal for users without any website development skills. You can set up your store on the platform in minutes and link it to your preferred domain name.

Shopify - Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

With Shopify, starting your dropshipping business is straightforward, the only downside is the recurring monthly fees of about $29 for the basic plan.

So, imagine if your store does not make any sales in 6 months, you know what that means.  

Conducting detailed product research, marketing, and good customer support gives you a chance above the odds in the early stage of your store.  In my case, I didn’t make any sales in the first 5 months.

Another platform to try is the DSers marketplace which supports Aliexpress products. You can easily import new products with the click of a button.

Dser - Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

You do not have to pay for anything from packaging to shipping, as the platform handles it.

23. Book Review

If you have proficient reading skills and can give detailed reviews on written works, you can turn book reviews into a side income stream.

You can use websites like Kirkus Reviews or Online Book Club to find review jobs.

24. Virtual Consultancy

With vast experience in a specific field, you can start a virtual consultation business and earn a lucrative side income.

Moreover, some experienced consultants charge as much as $100 per hour depending on the field and your level of expertise.

As a beginner, you can start lower and grow as your clientele and portfolio size grows. Consider using platforms like CoMatch to kick-start this side hustle.

25. Virtual Event Planning

A virtual event planning stat revealed that over 40% of global events will be on a virtual basis before the end of 2022. This implies that there will be a higher demand for virtual event planners than ever.

If you understand how to coordinate large webinars on Zoom, you can utilize this knowledge to make money on the side.

This is somehow new and not saturated yet, however, some sectors are returning to the office and I can’t say how long this will last.

26. Vehicle Ads

If you have a car, then you can sell out spaces on your car by signing up on a platform like Wrapify or Vugo.  

To maximize your Ad revenue, vehicles like Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, or any car with broad doors or trunks would fit.

Vehicle Ads - Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

This way, companies can advertise their products via huge plasters on your car for specific periods. The pay is quite lucrative, and some users earn as much as $100 -$500 per ad.

27. Video Editing

With a few hours in a day, you can conveniently run a side income stream from video editing. All it takes is good video editing skills.

To gain exposure to clients, use video editing marketplaces like Viedit or Videopixie.

Video Pixie - Side Hustles Compatible While Working Full-time

Alternatively, you can also use regular Freelance platforms to bag gigs.

28. Instagram Content Creation

Today, Instagram influencers make a lot of money from sponsored posts, and you can do so too.

As long as you create quality content, you can start making money from sponsored posts once you reach 1,000-5,000 followers.

Most times, these companies approach creators. However, with the amount mentioned above of followers, you can always email companies to negotiate deals.

29. Crypto Trading

Crypto investing and trading is dominating conversations these days. Since the advent of Bitcoin in 2009, the crypto space has grown beyond bounds and has also created opportunities for side hustle gigs.

Also, it is even more interesting that you do not have to possess deep knowledge about cryptos to start. You can complete tasks, play games, and earn crypto.

Moreover, there are numerous copy trading platforms available on the internet today.

To start, you can sign up on Coinbase and get a cryptocurrency wallet for free. Paxful is another great platform for P2P trading.

30. Local Task Completion

You can make money completing tasks around your neighborhood during your free time.

As weird as this side hustle seems, it can be a new income stream with less stress. To start, you need to sign up on TaskRabbit.

Then you receive loads of notifications to help out people around your vicinity. This job may require some technical skills. In addition, you just need to be articulate, innovative and be will to learn, so it suits everyone.

Jobs can range from repair services to event arrangements and even furniture placements.

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Final Thoughts

Running a side hustle with a full-time job takes discipline, commitment,  and time management skills.

The idea is to get involved with a hustle that you love that is also compatible with your day job before deciding to make any transition.