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How to Grow Your Photography Business with a Single Camera

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You have a photography business and looking for low-budget ways to grow.

In this article, I will show you low-budget ways to grow your photography business. The steps are easy to understand, and you can start applying them to your business right away.


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Key Highlights

🎯 Don’t underestimate the power of having an email list.

🎯 Email marketing has an average of %21.33 open rate and %2.6 CTR.

🎯 When showcasing your pictures, show a few of your best work, you do not want to overwhelm your customer.

🎯 Always try to connect and interact with other professionals.

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1.   Use the power of word of mouth

The power of word-of-mouth (WOD) marketing is undeniable; it is the most sincere form of marketing.

You get a client, and you do a lovely job. That client speaks well of you to someone else and refers you to another; that is how word of marketing works.

To get started…

  • Tell your friends and family; they will testify about your work.
  • Provide your friends and family with your best work to show your work.
  • Understand that sincerity is part of what makes WOM marketing effective.

2. Look Professional with a website

One way to increase your photography business is to look professional, and the best way to do that is by having a personal website.

A website will not only make you look professional, but it will also give potential clients evidence of your work.

When a potential client sees your work, it will make it easier to close them as a paid client.

A key tip to note down when designing and uploading your pictures to your site…

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  • Group your Photos by specialization (Make it easier for clients to find their interest).
  • Make it easier for your clients to contact and book you.

3. Build real connections with your clients

When you build real connections with your clients, it becomes easy to refer you to others.

As a photographer, you don’t get thousands of clients, you get just a few. Because you only serve a handful, building real connections with your clients becomes important for growth.

People will trust you if someone they trust refers you. For example, we tend to trust a doctor or hairstylist if referred by someone we trust.

The best way to build a real connection with your clients is by:

  • Provide quality services to your clients.
  • Understand and try to address their concerns.
  • Check up on your past clients from time to time.

4. Join and interact on online groups

Joining groups can help improve your photography business. You can get exposed to clients and industry professionals.

Being active in a group can help improve your presence, so becoming active in discussions and Q and A’s.

Consistency is one of the ways to always stay relevant in groups and attract new clients.

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Online groups of photography freelancers can help you build professional connections. Building connections with professionals can get you referred to new clients.

How to Grow Your Photography Business with a Single Camera

5.  Build profitable partnerships

Another way to grow your audience is by creating partnerships with related businesses and photographers.

For example, if you are a birthday or wedding photographer, partnering up with event centers and event planners will be wise and help you grow your business.

Also, connect with related photographers, you can never know when one of them will need you to join them or replace them for work.

Creating strategic partnerships will help improve your business.

6. Partner local businesses to display your arts

Most businesses like to decorate with photographs. Tens, if not hundreds of people, walk into these businesses, and your pictures, hanging on them can be great exposure for your business.

You can negotiate with these businesses; charge them less so they can put up your photographs. Businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, and dress and shoe shops are good places to put up your best works.

Trust putting up your pictures for exposure is better than a business card. You may charge less for your work, but you will reap in ten folds from that exposure.

7.  Upload your images to stock services

Receiving royalties is a great source of passive income.

A royalty payment is a payment made by one party to another that owns a particular asset for the right to ongoing use of that asset. It is a good way for creators, innovators, intellectual property owners to earn money from their assets.

When you upload your images to a stock service, you receive royalties, credits, and exposure, anytime someone uses your pictures.

Note: Before you use any stock services, make sure you check the policies of that service. You need to understand their payment options and if you retain the copyrights.

8. Showcase your work at Galleries

Showcasing your work at local galleries is the best way to expose your business. You can sell a photograph for a lot more when you showcase it in a gallery.

You can also create a digital gallery on your website. You can put up pictures that people will love. Remember, the goal of having a gallery is easily showcase your work. You want to make it easy for people to browse your best photos.

Go online and look for local galleries around that will allow you to show your work. For digital galleries, you can use WordPress to build a website with a gallery function.

9. Offer free items and dive into your pictures

Everyone likes free items or freebies as called in the content world. As a photographer, giving free items can help grow your business. You can give your followers free images and preset and use them to grow your email list.

Teaching people how you arrived at a specific image can show them the depth of your knowledge. There’s a great deal of hunger out there for detailed breakdowns of creative work.

10. Build an email List

Another low-budget way to grow your photography business is through email marketing.

According to MailChimp, email marketing has an average of %21.33 open rate and %2.6 CTR, which is higher than any form of digital marketing.

Building an email list can be a powerful resource for your business because everyone has an email. People are more likely to see your email than they are to see your social media most.

With email marketing, you can convert followers or subscribers to paying customers. You can sell things like photographs and presets to them.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know some low-budget ways to grow your business, the next step is to apply them. Commitment and consistency is the best way to make these steps work for you.

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