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9 Top Websites To Get Typing Jobs That Pay Up To $50/Hour

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9 Top Websites To Get Typing Jobs That Pay Up To $50/Hour

There are some jobs one can take up on the side which do not require expert skill. One such skill is typing.

Typing these days can be done virtually, in the comfort of your home, it does not require a specialist skill to do it.

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Many executives, business owners, politicians, writers, and authors demand typing services frequently. Clients like these have a lot on their plate and choose not to spend their time on such monotonous tasks. This of course creates opportunities for work wIth good financial compensation.

Some of the tasks required in typing jobs are:

1. Transferring data from paper formats to digital format.

2. Transcribing audio files to digital text format.

3. Create articles and blog posts for the business.

4. Taking notes in meetings

5. Proofreading text documents

6. Typing data into a spreadsheet or database.

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7. Scanning, printing, and managing files.

Key Highlights

 🎯 Typing jobs are in high demand since they can be done virtually.

🎯 Typing jobs requires little skill, one must be meticulous, fast, and diligent to excel.

 🎯 At least an average of 60 WPM (words per minute) is a good speed for a typist.

 🎯 A Typist’s average starting salary is $26,000 per annum.

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1. Upwork

First on this list is Upwork. Writing on Upwork has proven to be a very lucrative web service for writing. Many people have launched their freelance writing careers through Upwork.

Upwork connects freelancers to people looking for talents like you and me to help write anything from blog articles to technical and academic writeups.

On Upwork, you can charge clients by the hour or by projects. You can also charge a client per word ($0.01 to $1.00). Some writing projects can go from $15.00 for small projects to hundreds of dollars for bigger projects.

2. Fiverr

Just like Upwork, Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where all sorts of digital jobs are listed. Types of typing jobs like data entry, blog articles, academic and technical write-ups, and many more.

On Fiverr, you sell your skills like you are selling any product; for example, you can sell an hour of technical writing services. Once buyers, that is, people that need your services, find it, they can purchase it, and your transaction with them will begin.

Some quick tips that will help your gigs look more attractive to sellers:

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  • Creating a Fiverr account is not just enough; you have to make your profile look attractive and professional, that is, with better pictures and descriptions.
  • Make sure your gigs are simple and detailed.
  • SEO is part of Fiverr’s system; make sure you use four to five relevant keywords to make your gigs more findable.
  • Don’t work on gigs outside your scope. It makes it harder to get relevant jobs. You need to be known for a particular profession.

3. Freelancer.Com is an Australian-based freelance marketplace where people post jobs for freelancers to bid on.

Getting started on the platform is a simple process, you sign up on the signup page. You can use your email or Facebook account.

After signing up, the next step is to choose your account type. You can choose the Hire account type if you want to hire freelancers or the Work account type if you work.

Getting work on is simple

  • After finding a job fitting your profile, you can bid or send a proposal.
  • If the employer accepts you, they will give the projects and additional directives if needed.
  • Once done, you then get paid.

The average pay of a typist job on is $15- $20 per hour.

4. Contena

Contena is a freelance job board with a focused niche on freelance writing.

The process is just like any other job board site. After signing up, you apply for open jobs by hiring managers.

Contena also provides courses and coaching for writers to help them understand how to start and build a freelance writing business.

One difference between Contena and other sites is that Contena is a paid membership-based service. To access their courses and coaching for writers, you have to pay $$497 a year and $997 for two years.

Once you get accepted for a gig, you connect with a hiring manager and the job will be given to you. You can expect to pay at least $50 per article.

5. Indeed

Indeed is an online job listing service headquartered in Austin, Texas. There are so many types of jobs listed on the site.

On Indeed, you will find many typing jobs listed; these jobs could be full-time, remote, or part-time, depending on the needs of the hiring manager.

Applying for jobs on Indeed is very simple. Indeed provides you with a search bar that searches for jobs and narrows it down with keywords relating to your job.

You can apply for the job by following the steps given to you by the hiring manager. You will also be required to write a cover letter and upload your resume.

Indeed has one very useful feature, you can set a job automated alert that notifies you by sending an email to your inbox about a specific kind of job.

6. Blasting News

Blasting News is a social journalism platform that gives you access to about 15 million readers.

On Blasting News, you make money from the content you create and upload. You can publish any form of media like videos, images, audio, and articles.

Earning on Blasting News is based on a quality-based system and on the number of visitors your content gets.

The better the quality of your content, the more your content will be recommended to people, and the more money you will earn.

On Blasting News, expect to earn

  • $4 per one thousand readers from google search
  • $6 per one thousand readers from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

You check the amount you will earn by using their compensation calculator tool.

If you put in some effort, you could earn good side cash from Blasting News.

7. People per Hour

People per hour is an online freelance marketplace connecting businesses and freelancers.

Peopleperhour houses a large pool of businesses looking for many skill sets, and among them is typing.

To make money as a freelancer on Peopleperhour, you first signup for a seller’s account.

As a seller, you offer up your services in exchange for payment.

The next step is to build up your profile. When building a Peopleperhour profile, there are a few things you should focus on; they are your profile picture, Bio, your categories, past projects, and the amount you wish to sell your service.

The next step is posting an offer. Posting an Offer means you have to post what you can do for a business or individual.

For example, as a writer, I can post something like this; “I can research and write an article on any topic for you”, and make it simple.

8. Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform. With over 100 million unique visitors, the platform is one of the best places to start writing and earning.

Once you sign up for Medium, you start a blog or a publication. When you start with a blog, you get to publish stories you desire. A Publication gets started by more than one author mostly and centered around a specific topic.

An example of a Publication on Medium is Towards Data Science, a Publication that hosts a collection of articles on Data Science, Python, and Machine Learning.

To earn money on the articles you write, you need to join the partnership program.

The medium-earning policy is straightforward.

  • You need to publish one story.
  • You need to have at least 100 followers.
  • You need to publish an article at least once in six months.

Once you are eligible, you can join the partnership program, connect your payment method, and start earning.

The lowest earners on the Medium platform earn an average of $100 a month, while the top earns an average of $5000.

9. Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs is a membership-based job site. Thousands of jobs are listed on the site, and as of writing, there are over 29,000 thousand active jobs listed. You find great typing jobs that pay more than $50 for a job.

The membership cost of FlexJobs is

  • $9.95 a Week
  • $24.95 a Month
  • $39.95 for three month
  • $59.95 a year

Final Thoughts

This article covers great insight on platforms you can use to find a job or freelance as a typist. While the skills required to become a typist are not many, it is important to be good at them to stand out.