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What Side Hustles Can Electrical Engineers Do?

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What Side Hustles Can Electrical Engineers Do?

Did you know that Electrical engineers can do more than just plan, create, test, and oversee the production of electrical apparatus? The evolution that has hit the technology space has opened up many possibilities for electrical engineers.

Yes! Depending on your ability to manage time and tasks, you can be an electrical engineer and still get involved in one or two side hustles. Below are some side hustles you can do:

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Key Highlights

 🎯 In the United States, there are currently around 96,678 electrical engineers working.

 🎯 There are 10.0% women and 90.0% men in electrical engineering.

 🎯 White (67.1%) is the most prevalent ethnicity among electrical engineers, followed by Asian (17.1%) and Hispanic or Latino (9.4%).

 🎯 Atlanta, Georgia, has the highest need for electrical engineers.

 🎯 Electrical engineers are paid the most in the technology sector.

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1. Start vlogging for the community of electrical engineers

Vlogging is one of the best side hustle ideas for electrical engineers to make money. Online networks for electrical engineers include IEEE Xplore, EE Times, and EE Forums, among others.

You would be in charge of creating video blogs about various facets of electrical engineering as a Vlogger for the community of electrical engineers. You may also produce videos about fascinating electrical engineering subjects or offer informational materials.

2. SEO-focused consultant for Engineering firms

Deploy your engineering knowledge with your SEO expertise to create a standout side business.

You can begin by enrolling in a free masterclass offered by SEO industry professionals if you lack SEO skills or if you require credentials. Once you’re familiar with SEO and have all you need, your value will pave the way for you.

3. Teach and spread your engineering expertise online

Perhaps one of the sectors with the quickest growth is education. Then why not think about teaching as a side business?

It’s simple to set up and teach lessons, one-on-one or to a wider audience wishing to brush up on their expertise, using remote tools and platforms like Udemy or Teachable.

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4. Work as a Freelancer

Freelancing is another way to work and earn money through various online opportunities. As an engineer, you may want to consider high-demand services…

  • Website design
  • Logo design
  • Writing articles
  • Social media marketing
  • Graphic and video editing
  • Consulting
  • Programming
  • Data entry, data entry
  • Transcribing

Choose a position online that matches your knowledge, skills, and talents.

5. Become a tutor for electrical engineering

Another excellent approach for electrical engineers to earn a living is as tutors. In addition to being a brilliant way to give back to the community, tutoring can also be a terrific way to assist students struggling with their electrical engineering courses.

6. Start a YouTube channel and monetize it

Many people are looking to gain from your experience as an engineer. How about becoming a YouTuber and consistently uploading videos?

Apart from helping break down stuff to spiring engineers, you could earn money from them. Nothing beats demonstrating your expertise and breaking down complex engineering problems.

7. Engage in teaching and after-school programs

In addition to being a gratifying experience, teaching college or high school students is a great way to enhance your teaching abilities.

Additionally, tutors may be able to assist students at summer camps or after-school programs. Finally, you can find various tutoring jobs in electrical engineering, so make sure to look into your alternatives before choosing a course of action.

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8. Publish Your Books

If you’re an engineer with a particular area of specialization, hold a Master’s degree, or just enjoy keeping organized lists of your knowledge, you should probably give a go at publishing a book, audiobook, or eBook. Although this may seem like a long shot, with determination comes success.

9. Put your properties on rent

If you possess any items or properties, including a home, car, electrical kit, bike, camera, sporting equipment, or jewelry, you may rent them and earn some additional money.

10. Create engineering content online

If you are verbally skilled and take pleasure in imparting your knowledge, producing internet content for others who might need it would be nice.

It could pertain to engineering, science, or any other subject that truly interests you. Although earning money through content development takes time, consistently producing high-quality content is the key.

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Final Thoughts

As an electrical engineer, you can do more than just design, develop, test, and supervise electrical equipment production; your side hustle could result in a decent passive income. But, of course, the more you know, the more you earn!