12 Best Health Niche Sites That Pay Well To Write

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12 Best Health Niche Sites That Pay Well To Write

Do you want to find the best health niche sites that pay well to write? Then you just made the right niche selection to write for.

Today, there is a wide range of online publications in the health niche, so there is an ever-growing demand for health writers worldwide.

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A recent publication by Optinmonster shows that over 60% of blogs write about 1-5 guest posts within one month.

This data tells that most blogs (including health niche blogs) often accept guest posts as the need for fresh and quality content is on the rise.

As the saying goes, “health is wealth”.

Topics like disease prevention, nutrition, weight loss, and more fall into the health niche, so more hands are always needed.

What makes it even more interesting is that you do not need to be a health expert to become a health writer.

You are good to go as long as you have basic knowledge of the health niche and good research and writing skills.

So, if you have been looking for a perfect website in the health niche to write for, we will outline 12 of them in this article.

You will discover both health websites and online magazines that accept guest writers and pay them well in this list.

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Key Highlights

🎯 Over 60% of blogs write 1-5 guest posts within one month.

🎯 Basic knowledge in the health niche and good research and writing skills are all you need to start writing for most health niche sites.

🎯 Folks Health website pays up to $800 for article features.

🎯 AnxietyFoundation is one of the best health niche sites that pay writers well to write.

🎯 Suppose you are knowledgeable in diet, weight loss, and other related health topics. In that case, you can make up to $200+ writing for NutriInspector.

🎯 Send your requests and pitches to any of the websites on this list to start writing.

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Here are the top 12 best health niche sites that pay writers well:

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1. Folk

Pay: $800 for Reported Features, $600 for Reported Profiles, and $400 for Personal Essays.

Submission: To make submissions, you can contact [email protected] or read the complete writing guideline on the Folk page here.

Folk is a daily health online publication that focuses on the personal stories of people who refused to be negatively affected by their health complications.

This health website looks for solid and captivating stories that can motivate and inspire readers with the challenges of living with health conditions.

As a medium to reduce the rejection rate, the editors of Folks prefer that writers first submit queries before starting their complete writing projects.

Upon being accepted, the editors of Folks buy the exclusive publishing rights to your essays.

However, this is only valid for one year.

With pay of up to $800, the Folks Health website is one of the significant health sites that pay well to write in 2022.

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2. Brain and Life

Pay: $0.75c Per WordWord

Submission: To make submissions, visit here.

Formerly known as Neurology Now, Brain and Life is a health magazine that publishes research-based articles in Neurology and other related fields.

Like most online magazines, it is competitive to gain acceptance into the Brain and Life guest writing program.

However, by following the guidelines, you could maximize your chances of acceptance.

As long as you have experience in neurology and have good research skills, you can follow the guidelines to submit your ideas.

So far, Brain and Life accepts only articles of about 1,500 words for a payment of $0.75c.

While this may not be the best pay, it is a good rate for guest writers.

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3. Vibrant Life

Pay: $100-$300 Per Article

Submission: To make submissions, follow the instructions given on this page.

Vibrant Life is a bimonthly health magazine that focuses on family health topics from a Christian setting.

Their nutrition page focuses on vegan tips and more nutrition topics that are all well researched.

Vibrant Life accepts short articles of about 450-650 words and long articles of 1,000+ words.

As long as your article is highly informative and helps people accomplish a goal in the health sector, you can write for Vibrant Life Online Magazine.

4. Anxiety Foundation

Pay: $50 Per Article

Submission: To make submissions to AnxietyFoundation, you have to make submissions to the editors.

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Alternatively, you can fill in the form on their write for us page.

For more information on the writing guidelines, visit here.

Just as the name implies, the Anxiety Foundation is a health publication that focuses on the field of anxiety.

As long as you have good writing skills and little experience writing in the anxiety sub-niche, you can bag lots of cash writing for the Anxiety Foundation.

Unlike most health websites, AnxietyFoundation only accepts pitches rather than fully completed articles.

Upon acceptance of your pitch, you have to then submit your complete work.

With pay of $50 for articles of mostly 1,000+, AnxietyFoundation is indeed one of the best health niche sites that pay writers well to write.

5. ProHealth

Pay: $150-$200 Per Article of 750+ Words

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Submission: Submit your pitches to [email protected].

For more information on the writing guidelines of ProHealth, visit here.

As far as health niche sites are concerned, ProHealth remains one of the foremost in 2022.

This health niche site entirely focuses on natural wellness, nutritional supplements, and other health fields.

As long as you have good writing skills, you can send pitches to ProHealth via the steps given in the ProHealth submission area.

As of 2022, ProHealth accepts pitches in all health-related fields to natural wellness and nutritional supplements.

With pay of $150-$200 for just 750+ words, this website is one of the best on this list in terms of payment.

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6. Verywell Health

Pay: $200 (700-1,000 words), $250 (1,000-1,500 words), $300 (1,500-2,000+ words).

Submission: To make submissions, send a request email to [email protected].

To learn more, read through their complete guideline here.

Whether you are highly experienced or not, you can bag a writing gig with the VeryWell Health website.

If you have a good command of English and basic knowledge of the health and wellness niche, you are good to go.

Payment ranges from $200-$300 for articles of 700-2,000+ words, and this can go higher depending on certain conditions.

7. Elemental

Pay: $1 Per WordWord

Submission: If you want to write for Elemental, you can send pitches to [email protected].

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For more information, visit this health niche blog’s official writing guideline page here.

Elemental is a health and wellness publication by Medium.

Just like every other website on this list, Elemental accepts guest posts, and they also pay writers for them.

This website focuses on stories that educate people on the power of their minds and bodies to help them live healthier.

As stated by their editors, you earn $1 per word written in an accepted piece.

This rate is the last revealed pay rate by the Elemental team.

While the new pay rate is no longer known to the public, we can safely assume it is still close to or slightly higher than the previous payment of $1 per word.

8. PT Progress

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Pay: $60 Per Article of 1,200 words.

Submission: You can submit your ideas here.

Often shortened as PT Progress, Physical Therapy Progress is yet another health niche site that pays writers well to write.

PT Progress currently accepts articles on injury treatment, health product reviews, and more.

They currently pay $60 for articles with an average of 1,200.

9. The American College of Healthcare Sciences

Pay: $50 Per Article

Submission: For complete submission guidelines, read this page.

Often shortened as ‘ACHS’, the American College of Healthcare Sciences is a blog that publishes articles on holistic wellness and health.

This blog takes the same approach as other blogs on this list.

However, they currently accept only students, graduates, and industry professionals in the health sector.

With pay of $50 per Article of 600-1,000 words, ACHS is one the best health niche sites that pay writers well to write.

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10. NurseGuidance

Pay:$50-$100 Per Article of about 400-1,200 words.

Submission: Visit this page for more details on submission guidelines.

Just as it implies, NurseGuidance is a health niche site that focuses on health articles produced by experienced nurses.

This website aims to become the biggest hub for helpful tips in the nursing and medical field.

With pay of about $50-$100 for 400-1,200 words articles, writers earn well on NurseGuidance.

NurseGuidance is a perfect health site to write for.

While they may accept random submissions, you have to be a nurse to maximize your acceptance rate.

11. NutriInspector

Pay: $60 (1,000 words product review), $120 (3,000 words), $180 (4,000 words).

Submission: To submit a writing request, read here.

NutriInspector is another health blog paying writers to write guest health articles on their platform.

So far, this website focuses on diet, weight loss, and other related health topics.

NutriInspector is well known for running affiliate links via product reviews on their website with a large follower base.

Thus, users can also request to write product reviews to make money.

This health website pays around $120-$180 for articles of about 3,000-4,000 words.

As for product reviews, NutriInspector pays about $60 for each accepted piece.

12. Kinnected

Pay: $100 Per Article

Submission: Read the full submission guidelines for writing/submission rules.

Kinnected is a health niche website that takes a membership approach.

In this health niche site, members can contribute by sharing their experiences and solutions for better health.

This site contains thousands of self-health tips, and they pay accepted contributors a whopping $100.

Final Thoughts

With this list, you can confirm that numerous health niche sites pay writers on the internet today.

Suppose you are an experienced writer in the health niche. In that case, you can check the guidelines of any of these websites to begin your writing process.

Many more health niche sites pay writers well, but this is the top 12 from our research.

So far, you can send your requests and pitches to any of these to start writing.

In all, we do wish you good luck!

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