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13 Best Survival Niche Sites That Pay Well To Write

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13 Best Survival Niche Sites That Pay Well To Write

Over 2.5 billion blog posts are published yearly, which translates to close to 7 million blog posts per day.

You can only imagine the number of webpages Google has to index daily. Today, there are so many growing and lucrative blogging niches on the internet, and one of them is the survival niche.

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There are a few survival niche areas one could pitch his tent. From hiking to camping to wildlife, this niche has space for everyone with the ability to specialize in one or a few of them.

Survival expeditions are not for the faint-hearted, it is a niche where you would need to tell your own story or that of someone (while giving credits) in an original way.

If you are passionate about survival in the wild and can document your experiences in videos or articles, I will take you through 13 of the best survival blogs that will pay you well to write for them.

Can’t wait to find out about these websites?

Well. I do not intend to waste your time either.

On This Page

Key Highlights

 🎯 There are a lot of survival niche sites that pay writers well.

 🎯 Writers can bag as much as $75 per article on Survival Dispatch.

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 🎯 Quality is critical while applying to these websites.

 🎯 Writers earn from $25-$50 for articles, while videos can reach up to $100 on Survivalist 101.

 🎯 If you are a new writer, it is advisable to start with the online reports in the Earth Island Journal for $150.

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Let’s explore these websites

1. Skilled Survival

Pay: $2-$5 Per Word

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Submission: Read the guidelines and fill in the form provided on this page.

Skilled Survival is one of the top survival niche websites today.

This website accepts guest posts as typical of most prominent websites, and they pay a competitive per Word rate for accepted articles.

However, it is worthy to note that quality is critical while applying to this website.

Thus, articles must be highly informative, unique, and well optimized for search engine indexing with proper keywords.

Before writing for Skilled Survival, writers are to submit two sample works.

If your writing skill meets the standard of the website, the team will consider your request.

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2. Survival Dispatch

Pay: $75 Per Post (With 10 Unique Images).

Submission: For submissions, send an email to [email protected], or visit this page for more information.

The primary goal of Survival Dispatch is to deliver quality information on prepping solutions for dangerous situations.

Survival Dispatch pays $25 for articles, and $5 for each image featured in most posts.

Following the 10-image requirement specified on the website, writers can bag as much as $75 per article accepted.

However, it is worthy to note that Survival Dispatch only accepts images and articles you own.

3. The Organic Prepper

Pay: Approx.$50-$300 (Via Paypal) Depending on word count)

Submission: To make a submission, contact this via email at [email protected].

You can read the complete writing guideline here.

TheOrganicPrepper is an American survival niche website that focuses on preparations for emergencies and other survival skills.

As a very active website, the team of TheOrganicPreppers often scouts for talented writers in the survival niche.

However, just like some websites on this list, you must have sufficient experience in the field survival niche before applying.

To make a writing request, you are to send an email to the website editor stating why you intend to write for them.

In addition, you should attach links to previous works written by you and other information about yourself, including your writing experience.

While this may not be all that suitable for new writers, it is worth giving a try, as long as you follow the guidelines provided on the site.

4. Know Prepare Survive

Pay: $100-$350 Per Article of 2,000+ Words.

Submission: To make a writing request, follow the guidelines and fill in the contact form given on this page.

Suppose you have good writing experience in product reviews, tutorials, or anything in the survival niche. In that case, you can start writing for ‘Know Prepare Survive’.

This website focuses on everything related to Survival. In addition, they have a top-notch guest posting program that allows external writers to make money by writing for them.

5. Survival Ready Blog

Pay: $80 Per Article (Depending on Word Count).

Submission: For submission, fill in the form on this page.

Survival Ready Blog is an online publication that focuses on information tactics, resource management, and skills in self-defense and survival situations.

This blog embodies quality information in the survival niche, and they have a pretty large follower base.

The Survival Ready Blog accepts guest posts from external writers, and they also reportedly have a good compensation plan for these writers.

Topics covered range from Preppers, Survival Gears, and Kits, Outdoor Survival skills, etc.

6. Insteading

Pay: $50 per article

Submission: To make a writing request, fill in the contributor application form.

Instead, it is a blog that focuses on instructional posts, guides, and general articles on gardening, environmental management, etc.

Readers of this blog are environmentalists, gardeners, preppers, and permaculturists, so writers are expected to develop articles that match this target audience.

Full-time writers receive pay every month on this website.

However, guest writers who are not promoting any product or service are paid $50 for each accepted article.

7. CabinLife

Pay: $0.20 Per Word

Submission: To make a submission, contact the publication’s editor at [email protected].

For more information, visit here.

CabinLife is a website that focuses on environmental management, home improvement, outdoor activities, maintenance, and more.

Readers can access a wide range of readily available products for order placements on this website.

CabinLife features a beautiful design layout, and they feature lots of beautiful image galleries to keep readers glued.

With a huge follower base and a high demand for more articles, CabinLife also accepts guest posts from external freelance writers.

As of 2022, they pay about $0.20 per Word written in an accepted post.

Though this is a small pay for senior writers, it is fair for new and intermediate writers.

Thus, CabinLife is one of the websites that pay writers well on this list.

8. Survivalist 101

Pay: $25 For 600-word survival articles, $30-$50 For Reviews and Product Comparisons, $40-$100 For Videos (Reviews or Survival Skills).


To submit, fill in the contact form on this page.

Survivalist 101 is an online publication that provides quality content on camping, hunting, Survival, tutorials, gear reviews, etc.

As of 2022, this is one of the best survival-focused websites.

Survivalist accepts guest posts both in written and video format, so video editors with knowledge in the survival field also have great chances of earning from this website.

Writers can bag from $25-$50, while videos can reach up to $100.

With the pay above, Survivalist 101 makes it to our list of best survival niche sites that pay well to write.

9. Earth Island Journal

Pay: $0.25c Per Word (Shorter Pieces 1,200-1,500, Longer Pieces 2,500-3,000), $150 For Online Reports.

Submission: Visit the guideline page to apply.

The Earth Island Journal is an online publication that focuses on topics in environmental issues, science and technology, cultural Survival and environmental justice, public health, etc.

As a very active website, the Earth Island Journal always needs high-quality captivating stories from writers worldwide.

Before submitting your work, you have to first submit a query to the Earth Island Journal to request approval for your project.

If you are a new writer, it is advisable to start with the online reports for $150.

These reports are posted regularly on the Earth Island Journal, and they have a higher acceptance rate.

10. Listverse

Pay: $100 Per Article

Submission: To submit a list article, visit here.

For more information, refer to this page.

Listverse is not mainly a survival niche website.

However, they accept articles from any niche, so you can submit survival articles as long as they are list-styled.

On Listverse, all a writer needs to do is prepare a high-quality list article with a minimum of 10 listed items.

There is no topic restriction on Listverse, so as long as your article is list-based, you can submit literally anything except sports, personal stories, and gaming.

This website takes a simple submission approach, so writers do not have to submit and wait for pitches.

A writer can make direct submissions and earn $100 upon acceptance by visiting the submission page.

11. DefPrep

Pay: According To Page Views

Submission: To write for DefProps, fill in the contributor form here.

For more information, visit here.

At first, most writers frowned at the payment system of DefPrep.

However, because they have a large follower base, you could bag a lot of cash by writing on this platform.

DefPrep has a custom tool that detects the unique views a page has received, so payment is by page views, given at a fixed rate per thousand views.

DefPrep pays the generated cash directly into the Paypal account of the writers, so the whole process is entirely automatic.

While writing for DefPrep can make you a lot of money, they mostly accept only survival experts and ex-military personnel.

On rare occasions, experienced experts receive payments per article on a single contract basis.

12. BackDoorPrepper

Pay: Approx. $1K+ Per Month (Depending on Work Rate).

Submission: To apply for a position as a guest author for BackDoorPrepper, visit the LinkedIn link below:

For more information, visit here.

BackDoorPrepper is a survival website that focuses on survival gardening, emergency and disaster preparedness, storage, etc.

As part of their writing program, they offer a guest posting service that pays authors for writing on the website.

However, this is on a job basis, so authors have to apply for consideration.

Guest authors should have some experience in the topics outlined earlier to maximize acceptance.

The primary pay rate of BackDoorPrepper is not known to the public.

However, some online sources have revealed that they pay about $1K+ per month. But, of course, this depends on the work rate of an author.

Thus, this website makes it to this list of survival niche sites that pay writers well to write.

13. Disaster Survival Skills

Pay: Approx. $30+ Per article (1,000 words and above).

Submission: For submissions, read the guideline page here.

Disaster Survival Skills is a website that focuses on tips and guides on preparedness and emergency response techniques.

Suppose you are an experienced writer with a good topic in the field of disaster survival skills. In that case, you can make your submission to this website.

Accepted topic areas range from first aid guides to earthquake preparedness, disaster management, emergency response guides, etc.

Though little is public about their compensation plan, online reviews revealed that they pay $30+ for 1,000 words and above.

Final Thoughts

From this compilation, you can attest that there are indeed a lot of survival niche sites that pay writers well.

While most of these sites accept only experienced survival writers, a few are suitable for new writers.

Thus, you can try your hands on some of these websites even if you are a new writer.

We do wish you success as you make your selections from this list of paying survival niche sites.