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8 Travel Blogs That Pay Well To Write

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8 Travel Blogs That Pay Well To Write

Do you love to travel and have a passion for telling your travel experiences with humor?

Well…If you gave the above question a thought…you could be on your way to earning a lot of money by sharing your adventures with the world.

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According to an article by Optinmonster, 59% of travel bloggers own more than a single travel blog.

Now that gives us a hint that more travel blogs need writers today.

As a freelance travel writer, you can create a stable side income via writing for travel blogs, and I will show you these websites that are waiting for your original, creative, and well-written content.

Whether you are just starting as a travel writer or have been in the field for years, these jobs are suitable for everyone.

In this article, I will outline eight “Travel websites” that pay writers well.

On This Page

Key Highlights

🎯 Travel articles need to be told with humor, creativity, and simplicity.

🎯 Wanderlust pays about £200+ for each 1,000-word article published.

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🎯 You can earn a whole lot of money in 2022 just by writing.

🎯 There is an increasing demand for travel writers on the internet.

🎯 Go World Travel accepts articles of about 850-1600 words, and they pay around $30-$40 for each article accepted.

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Let’s see the sites…

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1. My Itchy Travel Feet

myitchytravelfeet - Travel Blogs That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $30 (700-800 words)

Submission: Send the manuscript of your travel article to [email protected].

For a complete list of article requirements, visit here.

My Itchy Travel Feet is one of the top travel blogs out there.

Today, they accept paid guest posts from experienced travel bloggers.

Actively targeting the boomer audience, all articles must meet the requirements page specifications for acceptance.

Typically, MyItchyFeet does not accept list articles (top 10s, etc.).

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Thus, your articles must be narrative and based on travel experiences.

As specified in their writing page, an article must contain at least three reference links, 3-4 quality images you own yourself, and must be 700-800 words long.

With pay of $30 for just 700-800 words, My Itchy Feet ranks as one of the best travel blogs that pay well to write.

2. Go World Travel

Goworldtravel - Travel Blogs That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $30-$40 (850-1600 words)

Submission: Send your travel article to [email protected].

You are also required to put the title of your story and your destination in the subject area.

For complete article requirements, visit here.

If you are looking for a travel blog that accepts writers from everywhere globally, then Go World Travel is the perfect blog.

You are good to go as long as you have the required skills to write descriptive travel blog posts on travel experiences in a specific destination.

Creating an air of suspense and curiosity while gently integrating your genuine personal thoughts about a destination is all that is needed to write for Go World Travel.

Currently, this blog accepts articles of about 850-1600 words, and they pay around $30-$40 for each article accepted and published.

Also, they accept journalistic reports on timeless travel tips and trends.

Although they have not revealed the pricing for this, it would most definitely be a fair pay deal.

3. Great Escape Publishing

Great escape publishing - Travel Blogs That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $150 for personal stories and requests to the blog. $150-$200 for exceptional income advice and interviews.

Submission: Send article submissions in .docx or .doc format to [email protected], with your full name, telephone number, and address attached.

For a complete list of instructions, visit here.

Despite being a vast online publishing firm, Great Escape Publishing offers a straightforward approach.

As long as you can write quality articles on traveling, you are good to go.

However, new writers should familiarize themselves with the accepted writing style of this blog to maximize acceptance.

To do this, you can sign up for the newsletter of Go Escape Publishing or just read random articles on the website from time to time.

As of 2022, they accept submissions in travel blogging, tours, photography, etc.

Writers bag a whopping $100-$200 per article published by writing for this blog.

4. International Living

International living - Travel Blogs That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $100 for 1,000 words, $150 for 1,500 words and so on.

For video submissions, International Living pays $75 for 5-minute live camera videos, $100 for 5-minute videos featuring numerous locations, and up to $175 for 15+ minute videos.

Submissions: Email [email protected] for requests.

For full article requirement instructions, read here.

As long as you have a unique concept on your experience with working and earning income overseas, you can make so much money on International Living.

In 2022, few blogs pay as much as International Living.

If you live and earn income in a foreign land, then this blog could be an additional way to increase that income.

From the listings, they pay well, and they are less demanding in terms of word counts.

Thus, most writers can conveniently work on the website.

5. Outpost Magazine

Outpost magazine - Travel Blogs That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $50 (Canadian Dollars) Per article of 800-1,500 words

Submission: To make submissions, send your request emails to

For a complete outline of article requirements, read here.

Outpost is a Canadian adventure/travel publication based in Toronto.

Currently, they accept a wide range of topics on detailed adventures and travel writings.

Typically, articles in Outpost Magazine average around 2,000-5,000 words.

However, they also accept articles of lower word counts.

Whether it is a travel guide on less popular destinations or a narration of your adventure to a strange place, Outpost accepts a wide range of articles.

As long as a writer is skilled and has a straightforward writing style, they can write for this online publication.

They pay $50 for 800-1,500 words and up to $100+ for articles of 2,000 words above.

Payments are via Paypal, and it is per article published.

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6. Outdoors NW

Outdoors NW - Travel Blogs That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $75 (300-600 words for News Briefs), $100 for 1,000 word articles, $125 for features above 1,000 words, $50+ for Illustration, $35 for inside photo, $125 for Cover photograph.

Submission: Make submissions to [email protected]. Reply takes from 1-30 days.

For full details on all requirements, read the guidelines here.

OutdoorsNW is a travel blog that focuses on recreation, travel, and adventure trips.

If you have wonderful experiences to share in any of the mentioned fields, you can make lots of money, as OutdoorsNW pays you well to write for them.

This travel blog specifies that articles should be as direct as possible.

In addition, you should also feature clear pictures (owned by you).

Having paid so many travel writers, OutdoorsNW receives many positive reviews online.

Thus, it makes it to our list of best travel blogs that pay you well to write.

7. Wanderlust Travel Magazine

Wanderlust Travel - Travel Blogs That Pay Well To Write

Pay: On Wanderlust, it is better to contact the website directly regarding rates for your specific post type.

Typically, Wanderlust pays about £200+ for each 1,000-word article published and about $90 for fact page write-ups of about 750 words.


You can email your idea requests to [email protected] for consideration.

Unlike most travel blogs on this list, Wanderlust rarely features narrative travel experiences.

However, they consider inspirational round-ups.

Getting accepted on Wanderlust is significantly more demanding.

Moreover, they publish only ten issues per year. Thus, only articles of the highest quality are accepted.

If this is your first try on the blog, you could consider aiming for shorter slots on the website.

As long as you have expert writing skills, you can make a lot of money on Wanderlust with your skills.

While it may be difficult to feature on this travel blog, you stand a 60% chance if you meet all article requirements specified on this page.

8. Travel and Leisure Magazine

Travel and leisure - Travel Blogs That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $1 Per Word

Submission: Send pitches to [email protected].

Travel and Leisure Magazine is one of the most flexible travel blogs that can pay you well to write.

Unlike most blogs on this list, there are no specific guidelines for acceptance in the magazine.

However, an article must be unique, error-free, and complete to maximize acceptance.

With almost a million viewers per month, Travel and Leisure is one of the biggest travel blogs in the world.

As a result, articles with an excellent write-up quality have higher acceptance rates.

There is no limit on the word count for Travel and Leisure Magazine articles, as you earn per Word written.

Final Thoughts

Even as we speak, more travel blogs emerge online.

Thus, there is an increasing demand for travel writers on the internet.

As a travel enthusiast with good writing skills, you can make money from any of these travel blogs today.

While some of these blogs feature higher requirements for acceptance, most are suitable for beginner writers.

If you intend to make money as a travel writer, you can make your selection from this list.

Do remember to drop your comments if you found this article helpful or interesting.

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