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7 Low Budget Businesses To Start From The Trunk Of Your Car

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7 Low Budget Businesses To Start From The Trunk Of Your Car

One of the easiest ways to get your side hustle going (if you have products to sell) is using your car trunk as a store or storage for your business. One good part about the car trunk is that your business will be mobile. Your goods/products are always with you and you park and sell your goods or you can deliver them to the buyer personally.

key Highlights

 🎯 Before you park your car to sell your goods/products make sure you have the necessary permit.

 🎯 If you want to venture into food vending, make sure you abide by all health codes.

 🎯 When it comes to using your car trunk for business, sometimes you may want to park and sell your products. Each state has different regulations on how to do this, especially if you are into food vending.

 🎯 Starting a business from your trunk has a lower risk attached to it compared to other types of business, this is because you can move your product from one place to another. Location is not a barrier.

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Food Delivery

7 Low Budget Businesses To Start From The Trunk Of Your Car

Food delivery is a practicable and profitable side hustle you can start now (Everyone must have a meal). The restaurant and food industry has seen serious growth and keeps creating a lot of jobs. It is a market expected to reach $200 billion by 2025.

You check out the restaurants around you and start delivering for them. From the trunk of your car, you can start making money. You can also use apps like Doordash and Ubereats.

Food delivery is a flexible side hustle, you can choose what time you want to work. After applying you can put the goods in your trunk and deliver them to the buyer.


7 Low Budget Businesses To Start From The Trunk Of Your Car

From the trunk of your car, you can easily showcase and sell flipped items. As a flipper, your job is to purchase items at a low price and sell them for a higher price.

You can flip almost anything; some of the items you can flip are things like, old furniture, power tools, music instruments, appliances, sneakers, books, vintage clothing, toys, jewelry, smartphones, computers, and vintage collections.

There are many more items you can flip for cash right from your trunk. For example, you can buy some old toys that people can’t find and sell them for a higher price to people who pay a lot of cash for them.

You earn anywhere from $100-$5000, just flipping simple small items that can fit in your trunk per month.

Sell Old Worn-out Items

7 Low Budget Businesses To Start From The Trunk Of Your Car

You might think this is a silly side hustle, but people make a good amount of money from it.

You can check your house for junk worth something, or ask your neighbors to sell you their junk so you can resell them. Get this junk and put them in the trunk and sell them at places where you find buyers.

Some of these places are online or selling to a consignment store. Transaction of junk to a consignment store is quite easy, bring the items worth selling to the store and you will receive payment once the items get sold.

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Grocery Delivery

7 Low Budget Businesses To Start From The Trunk Of Your Car

Grocery delivery is one of the side hustle you can start. Everybody buys groceries, but what if you can help the supermarket by delivering groceries directly to the consumer’s home.

You can go to your local delivery store and offer to deliver their products to their customers. This side hustle is lucrative because not only are you helping the supermarket sell more products, you are also saving time for the customers.

In simple terms you deliver groceries, the supermarket gets paid, customers get their products, you get paid. Having a car with good trunk space can help you in delivering more groceries per hour. You can expect to earn at least $20 per hour doing grocery delivery.

Sell Handmade Craft

7 Low Budget Businesses To Start From The Trunk Of Your Car

If you have a car, you can sell handmade crafts easily from your trunk. If you are a person who not only loves handmade crafts but also has the skills to make them, then this could be a good gig for you.

There are so many handmade crafts you can make and start selling now, some of them are jewelry, bags, woodwork, candles, body scrubs, photography, paintings, greeting cards, and many other items you can make and sell.

If you don’t want to make things, you can buy and resell them. Go out buy craft you think people will like at wholesale price and sell them at retail. 

Become a Food Vendor 

7 Low Budget Businesses To Start From The Trunk Of Your Car


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If you have a big car trunk and you know how to prepare a certain kind of food very well, starting a food business might just be the best side hustle for you.

The size of your trunk can greatly affect the type of food you can sell. For example, cars with a small trunk can sell things like coffee and hotdogs, while vehicles with bigger trunks can sell more complicated dishes.

The mobile food vending business has been growing significantly and with great food and location, it could be the side hustle that benefits you.

Please make sure you abide by the health codes and get the appropriate licenses before you get started.

Sell Common But Rare Snacks

7 Low Budget Businesses To Start From The Trunk Of Your Car

You can start selling snacks from the trunk of your vehicle. You can sell common snacks that are popular among consumers and you can make good money from them.

You can also sell rare snacks. This side hustle has been getting some buzz. It’s not just about selling snacks, it’s about selling rare snacks.

The type of snacks talked about are snacks people can’t easily find. These snacks are mostly imported and sold for a higher price. An example of these snacks is tiramisu flavored oreo found in South Korea, Coke-lime from Canada, or BBQ Cheetos from Japan.

The goal is to source for rare snacks you think people will like, buy them and sell them at a premium.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the fastest way to get your side hustle going, then being mobile and selling from your trunk is the best option for you. The advantage of selling from your car trunk is the flexibility, you can work your main job and use your break period to deliver your product without affecting your main job. So if you think this model is for, then use our suggestions and tips to get started.

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