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10 Automobile Sites That Pay Well To Write

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10 Automobile Sites That Pay Well To Write

Today, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t love cars.

From sports cars to super trucks and other forms of automobiles, there is a vast demand for automobile knowledge across the globe

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A recent survey revealed that there are already over 1.4 billion cars globally and the number shows no plans of slowing down.

With the demand for more technical information on supercars and other regular vehicles on the rise, more automobile webpages are filling the gaps with valuable information daily.

The implication of this is that automobile blogs more than ever before employ the services of experienced writers to support their overall writing process.

Many automobile blogs offer paid guest writing opportunities where users can write technical information on some specific cars while adding humor to it. This should not be tough to do because they publish submission guidelines upfront to help you know what their expectations are.

I will outline ten of these automobile blogs that accept and pay writers.

On This Page

Key Highlights

 🎯 There are already over 1.4 billion cars in the world.

 🎯 Automobile blogs require external hands to support their overall writing process.

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 🎯 Writers should avoid minor errors during submission.

 🎯 Motorcycle Mojo pays around $25-$300 per article.

 🎯 In Autoblog, payment is solely dependent on the engagement of a writer’s work.

 🎯 Carscoops accept writers on a job basis, so writers are often on salaries.

 🎯 There is an ever-increasing demand for more writers.

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Let’s dive into the details…

1. Autoblog

Pay: $50 (Depending on post engagement).

Submission: To make submissions to the Autoblog website, visit this page.

Autoblog is one of the leading automobile websites in the world today.

Currently publishing over 29 articles per week, this website is one of the most active automobile websites.

As we speak, Autoblog has a total follower base of over 2 million followers across all platforms.

Like most huge sites out there, Autoblog also accepts guest posts and pays writers for their effort.

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However, payment is solely dependent on the engagement rate of a writer’s work.

If accepted work can generate 10k+ views within the first 30 days of posting, a writer earns $50.

Although some people do not fancy the payment method of Autoblog, it remains one of the best paying automobile blogs for writers on the internet.

2. Popular Mechanics Magazine

Pay:$300-$1,000 Per Feature

Submission: Send your pitches to [email protected], or visit here for the complete submission guideline.

Just as the name implies, Popular Mechanics Magazine is an automotive magazine with a diverse coverage in other areas like tech, sciences, and other DIY projects.

Unlike most other websites featured in this list, Popular Mechanics Magazine is a diversified publication, so they accept a wider range of writers.

Suppose you are interested in making huge sums by writing for an automobile publication. In that case, this website could be a perfect place.

However, it is worth noting that getting accepted in Popular Mechanics magazine is tricky.

As a result, intending writers should carefully read the instruction page of the magazine to avoid minor errors during submission.

All you need for consideration is a subject and a few texts about

your idea in mind.

3. Motorcycle Mojo

Pay: $25-$300 (Depending on word length)

Submission: To submit, you have to go through the full editorial guidelines of Motorcycle Mojo here.

Motorcycle Mojo is a Canadian automobile magazine that focuses on all types of motorcycles and other areas like history, touring, and more.

Motorcycle Mojo prefers articles and stories centered within Canada as a Canadian-based magazine.

With the utmost goal of making the whole website more active, Motorcycle Mojo readily accepts the services of freelance writers.

However, this website is quite selective, so new writers are not often favored.

Though their current pay is unknown to the public, some reviews have revealed that Motorcycle Mojo pays around $25-$300 per article, depending on the word length.

Small stories in this magazine often fall within 600-800 words, while travel features can run up to 2,000 words and above.

4. ArmorMax

Pay: $30+ Per Article (Depending On Word Length)

Submission: To submit an article to Armormax, visit here.

Another blog that makes it to our list is Armormax.

Just as the name entails, this blog focuses on armored vehicles.

However, they accept topics in related fields like self-protection, driving safety, personal safety, etc.

As of 2022, Armormax only accepts guest articles that are 1,500 words and above.

5. Automoblog

Pay: $50-$400 (800-3,000 words)

Submission: You can make submissions by filling out the form given here.

Automoblog is an automobile news, lifestyle, tech, and science publication that focuses on the education of readers about cars.

So far, this website has gathered many followers in the automobile industry, and it ranks as one of the best sites in the niche.

To successfully write for Automoblog, you should read and understand the style of the blog.

Although Automoblog values the individual personality of writers, they prefer posts written slightly to match the style of their website.

Currently paying about $50-$400 for 800-3,000 words articles, Automoblog is one of the automobile sites that pay well today.

6. Innovate Car

Pay: $50+ (Articles of 600 words and above)

Submission: You can make writing requests by filling out the contact form below. Refer to this page for a detailed submission guideline.

Innovate Cars is also an excellent automobile website that accepts unique and quality articles from freelancers.

If you are a talented writer, you can bag cool cash just by writing for this website.

Fully focused on the driving and automobile niche, Innovate Cars has amassed a large follower base.

Today, this website is a well-known automobile website, and they pay writers up to $50 for articles of about 600 words and above.

7. CarScoops

Pay: $20K-$45K+ Per Annum

Submission: To make submissions, send an email with ‘New Writers’ to [email protected] containing two recent samples of your written automobile article.

Visit this page for more information.

Unlike other automobile websites in this article, Carscoops accept writers on a job basis, so writers are on salaries.

As a requirement, a writer must have at least two years of experience in the automobile writing field to gain a place on this website.

Depending on the work rate, payment can go as high as $2000+ per month.

8. Art of Gears

Pay: $100-$300 Per Article (From reports and online reviews).

Submission: To make submissions to Art of Gears, you have to apply via Fansided (, clearly indicating that you want to write for ‘Art of Gears’. You can find out more information here.

Art of Gears is a website that offers daily updates, analysis, and videos on the latest happenings in the automobile world.

On this website, writers can craft their headings and work on their own time, so there is total freedom.

However, their guest post option offers even more freedom, as you only get to pitch ideas you love.

By merely sending a pitch to this website, you could make a lot of money if your idea is accepted.

You are good to go as long as you have the required writing experience in the automobile niche.

Art of Gears pays $100-$300 per article, so most writers dream of writing for this website.

9. Jalopnik

Pay: About $200 For Guest Posts, For Full-time writers: ($20K+ Per Annum For Junior Writers, $50K+ Per Annum For Senior Writers).

Submission: For complete submission guidelines, visit here.

If you are interested in writing adventure-packed automobile stories, you could start making money on Jalopnik.

This news and information website entirely focuses on the automobile industry and fields like motorcycles, racing, transportation, tech, planes, and more.

Writing for Jalopnik is quite simple, as you can make requests by contacting the website editorial team.

However, it is worthy to fully observe already-existing articles and comprehend the writing guidelines before submitting them.

10. My Drive Car

Pay: $30 Per Article (1,000 and above).

Submission: To make a writing request, you can contact the My Drive Car website via their email at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can visit this page for more information.

My Drive Car is a famous automobile publication known by most automobile fans worldwide.

Over the years, this website has already grown to be one of the most promising in the industry.

This website provides diverse methods to contact writers for writing jobs.

Thus, it becomes easier to bag a writing gig on this website.

All it takes is to follow the guidelines given on the ‘Write For Us’ page, and you will be good to go.

Final Thoughts

Even as we speak, more technologies emerge in the automobile industry, and there is an ever-increasing demand for more writers in the field.

As a writer looking for a perfect website to pitch your ideas, you can make your selection from this list.

We wish you success as you strive to start a writing career in the automobile niche.