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6 Side Gigs You Can Start from Your Garage

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6 Side Gigs you can Start from your Garage

Asides from cash, an efficient operating space play a huge role in achieving the type of business you want to start on the side.

Space is a major consideration if you intend to produce and sell physical items requiring storage. But if you are lucky to have a garage, then consider your space problems solved.

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Did you know about ten of the biggest companies in the world started from the garage? Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Disney, Google, Harley Davidson, Hewlett Packard, and many more.

Key Highlights

 🎯 The best thing about having a garage is that it is a free space to perfect your craft without having to pay rent.

 🎯 Depending on the business you might need little to no capital to set up your garage for business.

 🎯 Many successful brands today started from their garages.

 🎯 Amazon FBA can help you fulfill most of your orders.

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Below are six side hustle you can start from your garage now.

1. Start a Laundry Service  

Laundry - 6 Side Gigs You Can Start from Your Garage

One easy side hustle you can start from your garage is a Laundry cleaning business. With a little laundry equipment, you can start your cleaning service.

This side hustle might need you to register your business but after that, you run it as small or big as you want.

The goal is to help people around you with their laundry. You have to agree to jobs that will not affect your day job, which means you may collect jobs mostly on weekends.

Some items you might need include a soap dispenser, washing machine, a payment system, Laundry carts.

2. Teach Music or Any Other Vocation

Teach music - 6 Side Gigs You Can Start from Your Garage

Do play musical instruments very well and have the ability to teach people, then a garage will be the perfect place to do it. As a music instructor, you can charge from $20 to $100 an hour. Depending on your schedule and space you accommodate as many students as you want.

Soundproof your garage so you won’t disturb your neighbors. In this garage, you can store your equipment and teach students. Apart from when you come home, the best time for this side hustle is during the weekend.

3. Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA - 6 Side Gigs You Can Start from Your Garage

With all the available garage space you can start an Amazon FBA business right from your home.

Amazon FBA also known as Fulfillment by Amazon is a service that takes care of shipping for sellers on its platform.

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This is how the process will go,

  • Find the product you wish to sell
  • Find people that can supply the product to you at wholesale
  • Open an account
  • Create a brand
  • Set up your FBA store
  • Create your product listings
  • Make sure your product is ready for purchase
  • Learn how to market your product.
  • When you get home, package the order and ship it to the customer

With Amazon FBA you can start a good side hustle right from your garage, and if all things go well, it could turn to your primary source of income.

4. Teach a Subject of Interest Online

Teach online - 6 Side Gigs You Can Start from Your Garage

Do you know with a soundproof garage, you could start an online teaching side hustle right from your garage? If you are good in a particular subject like math or gardening, you can open a mini studio in your garage and start teaching.

You can use services like Udemy, skillshare, Teachable, Thinkfic, or Zoom to launch your class depending on your preference.

For example, a person who is into gardening in their day job can take some time to teach people how to start and take care of a garden on a platform like Skillshare.

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5. Open a Yoga Studio

Young asian fitness girl doing stretching sport workout at home stretch arms and looking at laptop f... Free Photo

The yoga community is growing, and many people want to get trained. If you are trained professionally in yoga this could be a good opportunity for you. With some little investment, you can set up a nice yoga studio right in your garage.

You could train people of all ages with multiple sessions, and you can have these classes during the weekend since you will be busy with your day job during the weekday.

The best part is you will not have to worry about looking for space or the money for it since you already have a garage.

It will also be a huge advantage if you offer your service to people who have time only at weekends

6. Open a Bicycle Workshop

Open a bicycle shop - 6 Side Gigs You Can Start from Your Garage

Do you love bikes and like fixing them? Why not turn the garage into a workshop shop and start fixing bikes when you come back from work or during the weekends.

Turning your hobby into something that brings money for you, you won’t feel like you are sacrificing anything.

Final Thoughts

With this list of side hustles, you start earning some extra income today, affecting your primary source of income. With a garage, you know you have a safe, free space to start your side hustle, but now you might need to spend some capital to turn the garage to fit your idea.

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