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10 Sports Agencies That Pay Well To Write

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10 Sports Agencies That Pay Well To Write

According to a research post by BusinessWire, the global sports market is expected to hit a whopping $501.43 billion this year (2022).

With so millions of sports fans across the globe, numerous sports agencies are positioning themselves to spread the news.

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As we speak, numerous sports companies offer writers a wide range of opportunities.

From football to basketball, cricket, Rugby, etc., the sports niche is limitless with numerous opportunities along the value chain.

Thus, sports websites often need the services of skilled writers to keep up the pace of the industry.

Today, this article will take you through a list of the top 10 sports agencies that pay you well to write.

Key Highlights

 🎯 The global sports market is expected to hit a whopping $501.43 Billion in 2022.

 🎯 Defector pays $500 for short pieces and $1,000 for lengthy essays.

 🎯 Adventure Cycling Association pays between $0.25-$0.50 per word.

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 🎯 Research reveals that Athlon pays from $25 depending on the length of an article.

 🎯 You can start your career as a sportswriter on any website mentioned.

 🎯 Writing for ‘Defector’ is the dream of most sportswriters.

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1. Defector

Defector - 10 Sports Agencies That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $500 for short essays, up to $1,000 for more extended essays.

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Submission: You can send pitches to [email protected].

To learn more, visit the guideline page of Defector here.

When it comes to the payment of writers, Defector never fails to provide the most lucrative offers.

Defector is a media company and blog network that focuses entirely on the sports niche.

As a vast website, they receive thousands of pitches.

Thus, writers often must try as much as possible to stick to the outlined rules.

With pay of up to $1,000 per extended sports essay accepted, writing for Defector is the dream of most sportswriters.

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Moreover, not many sports agencies pay that much.

If you are new to the system and have never written a piece for Defector before, we advise pitching for shorter pieces first.

2. SimpliFaster

Simplifaster - 10 Sports Agencies That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $0.06c Per Word (Typically 1,500-2,500 words)

Submission: To see the complete article requirements and guidelines, visit the official writing page of Simplifaster here.

SimpliFaster is one of the top sports websites on the internet today.

Just as the name implies, this website is dedicated to the speed development of athletes.

They cover various topics like coaching, athletic skills, team management, weight training, equipment and technology, and many other issues.

As a skilled writer, you can make lots of cash on SimpliFaster, as they are open to all writers across the globe.

So long as you can provide original sports articles with correct and straightforward structures, you stand a chance of getting accepted on SimpliFaster.

Unlike some sports agencies, SimpliFaster does not pay a fixed price for articles.

Instead, they pay writers $0.06c per word written.

3. Adventure Cycling Association

Adventure Cycling Association - 10 Sports Agencies That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $0.25-$0.50c Per Word (1,200-3,500 words).


You can email your article ideas to [email protected].

However, it is worthy to note that the submission process for Adventure Cycling Association is done via Submittable.

Find out more here.

Adventure Cycling Association is an online publication that focuses on articles about recreational cycling and other related topics.

In a bid to get riders’ experience, they offer a feature called ‘The Final Mile’.

Via this feature, writers can submit short stories of their experiences while on cycling trips or other related trips.

These final miles typically average 1,200-1,500 words.

For the main features on ACA, stories are expected to be about 2,000-3,500 words long.

As seen in the payment area, Adventure Cycling Association pays between $0.25-$0.50.

The sports agency specifies that first-time writers receive $0.25c while returning writers receive $0.50c.

4. Cross Country Magazine

Cross Country Magazine - 10 Sports Agencies That Pay Well To Write

Pay: €300 Per 6-Page Article

Submission: Visit here to make submissions.

Cross Country Magazine is a global magazine that focuses on hang gliding and paragliding.

Just like every other sports magazine on this list, they also accept external writers on their platform.

However, they publish only ten times in a whole year. Thus, the competition is significantly higher.

As specified on the Cross Country Magazine page, articles have to be about 1,500-2,000 words and contain 20-30 well-chosen photos to fit the website’s style.

You must feature at least 30 photos for photo essays to accompany your story.

Although Cross Country Magazine publishes only ten times per year, you have good chances of getting featured if you follow the guidelines correctly.

5. Fansided

Fansided - 10 Sports Agencies That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $20,500 Per annum (approx.)

Submission: You can send a topic proposal to Fansided via this page.

Fansided is a significant basketball website that provides a massive amount of quality content on the basketball sub-niche.

This sports website is quite different from the others on this list.

Unlike the other sports websites, it is best to work as a full-time writer on Fansided to maximize earnings.

While most writers write on a per article basis, this is often paid according to a shared percentage from the clicks your article receives.

Due to this substandard content payment structure, Fansided has received several negative reviews online.

However, this website pays you well if you become a full-time writer.

You can send them a pitch or apply to become a contributor via the link given in the submission area to start earning.

6. Endgame360

Endgame360 - 10 Sports Agencies That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $56,668 per annum (approx.)

Submission: You can send your requests to [email protected] or visit the contact us page for more information.

Writing for Endgame360 is quite different, as they mainly accept only writers who intend to work with them on a full-time basis.

This sports agency’s preference is given to college graduates who are residents of specific locations in the United States.

By producing quality sports articles, writers become eligible for lucrative monthly bonuses, which are increased based on performance.

Although Endgame360 pays according to the qualifications and level, most writers bag up to $40,000+ per year from this sports agency.

7. Front Office Sports

Front Office Sports - 10 Sports Agencies That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $0.17 per word (900-2,000+ words)

Submission: You can make a writing request to Front Office Sports via this page.

Also featured on this list is Front Office Sports.

This agency is a sports and business organization that produces content in both fields.

They accept writers both in the sports and business field as expected.

In the sports section, Front Office Sports covers many topics related to sports brands, leagues, athletes, teams, and more.

As shown in the payment section, writers are paid $0.17c per word.

8. SBNation

SBNation - 10 Sports Agencies That Pay Well To Write

Pay: Currently Undisclosed

Submission: Access the ‘contact us’ drop-down menu on the homepage of SBNation, and select ‘I Want To Pitch A Story’.

For a complete view of their requirements, read here.

SBNation is one of the most extensive sports blog networks globally as of 2022.

Even as they have a large team of sportswriters, they often hire the services of external contributors.

Although there are numerous false speculations online, SBNation has not disclosed how much they pay writers.

However, the positive reviews from writers show that the payment rate is quite okay.

Thus, SBNation makes it to our list of sports agencies that pay you to write in 2022.

9. Athlon

Athlon - 10 Sports Agencies That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $25+ Per article (Depending on word length)

To submit a proposal to Athlon Sports Magazine, fill in all the required fields in this form.

The Athlon Media group is a huge NFL and college football agency that produces a wide range of quality content for sports fans.

Although their pay rate is not fully detailed on their page, our research reveals that they pay from $25.

To start as a writer on Athlon, you need to fill out the request form and submit two sample articles written by you.

10. Hand And Paragliding Magazine (USA)

USHPA - 10 Sports Agencies That Pay Well To Write

Pay: $35-$150 (100-2,500 words)

Submission: Read this page for the complete editorial guideline and submission process.

Hang Gliding and Paragliding Magazine is an initiative introduced by the USPHA (United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association).

As expected, this magazine shuttles through content in the fields of activities related to free flights and more.

With good research skills and the ability to make well-structured articles, you can make money in this magazine.

As typical of most sports magazines, you must feature well-illustrated images or artworks in your articles to maximize acceptance.

Final Thoughts

Having seen this list, you can confirm that many sports agencies online can pay you well to write.

As an aspiring or experienced sportswriter, you can select any sports website that suits you from our list.

They all have good records for paying sportswriters, and they all have good reviews on the internet.

Thus, you can start your career as a sportswriter on any website mentioned.

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