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5 Ways to Empower Your Personal Assistant to Run Your Side Hustle

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5 Ways to Empower Your Personal Assistant to Run Your Side Hustle

Many highflyers and top business executives struggle with duplicating themselves. They struggle with the mindset that no one can execute a task better than they can.

This could however be true to an extent, but in the real sense of it, not only one person can solely perform a task excellently.  

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As a business or process owner, it only pays to empower your associates to do as much as you can do or even do better when you are not around.

Not empowering assistants, and subordinates create business continuity problems in the long run especially when the top player is ill, leaves the business, dies, etc.

To avoid continuity problems, stay sane and be able to go on breaks or vacations without allowing your business to suffer, now is the best time to empower your personal or virtual assistants to do as much as you can.

In this article, I will highlight five key areas to look at when you want to empower your personal assistants.


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Key Highlights

🎯 According to Legal Jobs, 77% of employees say that a strongly engaged culture makes them do their best work.

🎯 Improving the skills of your personal assistant will help them become more effective in their job.

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🎯 Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. (Forbes).

🎯 Disengaged employees cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion a year (Forbes).

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1.   Listen, Trust, and Understand Your Assistant.

An assistant is like a third arm, and just like the device used by soldiers, it helps in taking the weight off your shoulders.

They are like your caretakers, so when you second guess their decisions frequently, you make them lose confidence in themselves.

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Before passing judgments on your assistant’s decisions, make sure you understand them.

Listening to and understanding your assistants encourages them to come to you with any problems or ideas they may have.

If you don’t inspire a safe communication environment with your assistant, your relationship will suffer. If your relationship suffers, your business will also suffer.

2.  Challenge and Appreciate Your Assistant

As a person who wants continual business growth, you should challenge yourself and your assistant. Empower your assistant by learning new skills to help them work in a more varied way. New skills aid your assistant to add more value to your business.

Another way to challenge your assistant is by giving them a bit more challenging and engaging problem, problems that will need them to improve themselves.

Once your employees solve these problems, you must appreciate them. Proper appreciation is crucial in a workplace.

Everyone loves to feel like they are appreciated for their hard work. When we push our assistants to the limit, it goes a long way if we show them we sincerely appreciate their efforts.

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3.   Communicate a Clear Task, Goal, objective, and Vision

The best way to empower your assistant from the beginning is to make sure everything is being made clear about everything. These things include their duties, goals, and daily tasks.

The last thing you want is your assistant to waste precious time on tasks that are not her own.

If you want more progress from your assistant and your business, try adopting the Task and Objective-based approach.

In the Task and Objective-based approach, you can map out a given task or objective for your assistant and evaluates their performance. The success of their performance should be based on key performance indicators you outlined at the beginning of the task.

As a leader, it is your job to make sure you and everyone that works for you, especially your assistant, are on the same page.

“A good vision will not just give your employees much-needed direction but also much-valued inspiration to do their work efficiently.”

Pooja Agnihotri.

4.  Get Your Assistant Involved in the decision-making process of your business.

When you make your Assistant in charge of a particular duty, you should give them space to make decisions. If they are responsible for a particular task, section, or team, you should give them the power to make decisions relative to their duty.

When you give your Assistant the power to make decisions, you make them vested in the company.

Decentralized leadership is a process you should practice in your business. In simpler terms, in a decentralized leadership structure, the decision-making process is delegated from top-level management to individuals in the company. 

When you give your Assistant the power to make decisions, they feel important and appreciated. The decision-making power you give your Assistant makes them feel invested in your business.

5.   Encourage and Inspire Creativity

“Don’t die without mining the gold in your mind.”

― Michael Bassey Johnson.

Another way for you and your business to keep evolving is to inspire creativity. There is no one way to accomplish a task; if you encourage your assistant to be more creative, they might find a way to get the task done faster.

There are always problems to be solved, and they are always better ways to solve them, so why not tap into the mind of your assistant and use it to solve your problems. You never know one of those ideas could bring or save millions for your business.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to empowering your assistant, don’t hold back. Every investment you make in them goes back to your business. So make sure you provide them with the tools they need to grow.

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