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YouTube Ads CPC & CPM rates by Country – Best Countries to Target

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YouTube Ads CPC & CPM rates by Country – Best Countries to Target

As a business-oriented person or a marketing specialist, you always look for less expensive alternatives to get your business out there by advertising your goods or services.

The most popular video marketing platform is YouTube, which is renowned for having very cheap advertising expenses compared to other platforms.

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Boasting well over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube has a sizable user base that offers advertisers an extensive database of prospective customers at a low cost.

In this article, I’ll highlight some YouTube ads’ CPC as well as the CPM rates.

Key Takeaways

🎯 CPC (meaning Cost Per Click) refers to a price structure adopted by YouTube and other platforms used in online advertising representing the sum that marketers are required to pay each time a user clicks on their advertisement.

🎯 With a global audience of more than 2 billion people, YouTube has undoubtedly developed into a potent platform for advertising your business.

🎯 Depending on the business, the demographic they are targeting, and the level of competition for ad places, advertisers’ willingness to spend a given CPC can change.

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YouTube Ads CPC & CPM

For content producers, YouTube has undoubtedly developed into a potent platform that allows different people to share their work with a global audience of more than 2 billion people. However, how much producers may make from their material/content on the platform is quite a topic of discussion. Have you ever wondered how much YouTube pay for 1000 views?

Well, in this article, I’ll take you through the world of YouTube monetization and examine the platform’s CPC & CPM rates and the best countries to target.

I will share insights to help you understand how much money you can make from your YouTube channel, whether you’re an experienced creator or just getting started.

What Exactly is CPC?

When you talk about YouTube Ads, the term CPC (meaning Cost Per Click) refers to a price structure adopted by YouTube and other platforms used in online advertising. No matter whether the user becomes a client or not, CPC is the sum that marketers are required to pay each time a user clicks on their advertisement.

CPC on YouTube can affect how much money content producers get by showing advertising on their videos. This is because marketers base their bids for ad spots on the CPC they are ready to pay for YouTube videos.

Summarily, the greater the CPC, the more each click will cost the advertiser, and the likelihood that their ad will appear on the video will increase.

Depending on the business, the demographic you wish to target, and the level of competition for ad places, advertisers’ willingness to spend a given CPC can change. By providing high-quality content that draws a larger and more engaged audience and can consequently result in better CPC rates from advertisers, content providers can maximize their earnings.

Also, It’s important to remember that while CPC might affect content providers’ earnings, it is not the sole element or only factor that affects income generation. How much content creators can make by showing adverts on their films also depends on other variables, including CPM and RPM.

Next, What is YouTube’s CPM

The popular marketing term “CPM” is only an abbreviation for “Cost Per Mille”. However, CPM refers to the amount that marketers pay for every thousand impressions (or “views”) of an advertisement.

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CPM plays a significant role in deciding how much money a content producer may make from their films on YouTube.

Advertisers place bids to have their ads displayed on YouTube videos, and the CPM rate they pay might change depending on the type of ad, the audience it is intended for, and the location of the content provider.

A $5 CPM rate, for instance, means that the advertiser will pay $5 for every thousand times their ad appears on YouTube videos.

The money that YouTube pays the content producer for placing the advertisement on their video might also change depending on the viewer’s location and the type of advertisement.

CPM prices can change over time and can also change based on the particular sector or niche being targeted. By creating high-quality videos that draw a larger and more engaged audience, content creators may maximize their earnings on YouTube and raise the CPM prices that advertisers are willing to pay.

What Does The Term RPM Mean?

The term RPM simply connotes “Revenue Per Mille” which refers to a statistic that YouTube uses to determine the expected amount of money that a content producer will make for each thousand views on their videos.

RPM is the money that a content producer makes for every thousand views of their video, as opposed to CPM, which is the price that advertisers pay for every thousand views of an advertisement.

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The RPM includes not only ad revenue but also revenue from additional sources like channel memberships, Super Chat donations, and YouTube Red subscription costs.

RPM is calculated using the following formula:

RPM = (Estimated Earnings / Total Views) x 1000

For instance, if a content producer estimates that their YouTube videos will generate $100 in revenue and receive 10,000 views overall, their RPM would be calculated as follows:

RPM = ($100 / 10,000) x 1000 = $10.

Content producers can track their revenues and improve their revenue strategy by using the RPM statistic. Additionally, creators may increase their revenue on the platform by tracking their RPM and experimenting with various ad formats, content formats, and audience interaction techniques.

CPC & CPM rates: 10 Best Countries to Target

Depending on the nation you are targeting, the cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) rates for YouTube advertising might change significantly.

Here is a list of some nations’ approximations for CPC and CPM rates:

Below is the list of 10 countries with the highest YouTube CPM in the world

United States$36.03
New Zealand$30.97
United Kingdom$23.75

Understanding How Much YouTube Pays Per View

Do you want to know how much money you could make per view from YouTube if you were a content creator?

I will simplify everything with a breakdown to give you a basic understanding of Youtube pay even though the precise amount can vary depending on several factors, including the type of content, audience interaction, and region.

YouTube typically pays video producers $0.01 to $0.03 for each view or $1 to $3 to $5 for every 1,000 views. The CPM (cost per mile) rates that marketers pay to have their ads displayed on YouTube videos are the basis for this.

For instance, the artist can get about $2,000 if a video has 1 million views and an average CPM of $2.

It’s crucial to remember that YouTube retains a portion of the money made from adverts, so the precise sum given to producers can be less than the projected range.

Additionally, the sum can change depending on the content and demographics of the audience because some advertisers are more ready to spend money on specific sorts of content and audience segments.

Overall, even though the money YouTube pays per watch can seem tiny, with a big and active following, it can build up rapidly. As long as you’re up for the task as a content maker, you can significantly increase your profits on the site by constantly producing high-quality material and gaining a devoted following.

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CPM Rates by Country in Alphabetical Order

Afghanistan€ 2.62$3.11₹230.75
Åland Islands€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Albania€ 0.62$0.74₹54.91
Algeria€ 2.16$2.57₹190.69
American Samoa€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Andorra€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Angola€ 0.13$0.15₹11.13
Antigua and Barbuda€ 0.38$0.45₹33.39
Argentina€ 0.65$0.77₹57.13
Armenia€ 3.29$3.91₹290.11
Aruba€ 0.00$0.00₹0.00
Australia€ 1.40$1.66₹123.17
Austria€ 5.65$6.71₹497.87
Azerbaijan€ 0.50$0.59₹43.78
Bahamas€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Bahrain€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Bangladesh€ 0.59$0.70₹51.94
Barbados€ 1.68$2.00₹148.40
Belarus€ 2.79$3.31₹245.59
Belgium€ 2.89$3.43₹254.50
Belize€ 2.53$3.00₹222.59
Benin€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Bhutan€ 5.31$6.30₹467.44
Bolivia€ 0.61$0.73₹54.16
Bosnia and Herzegovina€ 1.05$1.25₹92.75
Botswana€ 7.47$8.87₹658.13
Brazil€ 0.27$0.32₹23.74
Brunei Darussalam€ 0.67$0.80₹59.36
Bulgaria€ 0.93$1.10₹81.62
Burkina Faso€ 0.84$1.00₹74.20
Burundi€ 1.68$2.00₹148.40
Cabo Verde€ 1.26$1.50₹111.30
Cambodia€ 0.44$0.52₹38.58
Cameroon€ 1.50$1.78₹132.07
Canada€ 2.21$2.63₹195.14
Cayman Islands€ 0.84$1.00₹74.20
Central African Republic€ 0.84$1.00₹74.20
Chad€ 0.00$0.00₹0.00
Chile€ 0.45$0.54₹40.07
China€ 0.84$1.00₹74.20
Colombia€ 0.73$0.87₹64.55
Comoros€ 2.53$3.00₹222.59
Congo€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Congo€ 0.34$0.40₹29.68
Costa Rica€ 2.21$2.62₹194.40
Côte d’Ivoire€ 1.89$2.24₹166.20
Croatia€ 1.56$1.85₹137.27
Cuba€ 1.18$1.40₹103.88
Curaçao€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Cyprus€ 2.66$3.16₹234.46
Czechia€ 2.48$2.95₹218.88
Denmark€ 2.43$2.88₹213.69
Djibouti€ 0.84$1.00₹74.20
Dominica€ 0.38$0.45₹33.39
Dominican Republic€ 2.25$2.67₹198.11
Ecuador€ 1.29$1.53₹113.52
Egypt€ 0.24$0.29₹21.52
El Salvador€ 2.55$3.03₹224.82
Equatorial Guinea€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Estonia€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Eswatini€ 0.38$0.45₹33.39
Ethiopia€ 0.85$1.01₹74.94
Faroe Islands€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Fiji€ 0.84$1.00₹74.20
Finland€ 2.16$2.57₹190.69
France€ 3.80$4.51₹334.63
French Guiana€ 0.00$0.00₹0.00
French Polynesia€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Gabon€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Gambia€ 1.80$2.14₹158.78
Georgia€ 2.91$3.46₹256.72
Germany€ 0.30$0.36₹26.71
Ghana€ 1.61$1.91₹141.72
Gibraltar€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Greece€ 5.25$6.23₹462.25
Grenada€ 3.58$4.25₹315.34
Guadeloupe€ 1.68$2.00₹148.40
Guam€ 2.00$2.38₹176.59
Guatemala€ 0.96$1.14₹84.59
Guinea€ 0.84$1.00₹74.20
Guinea-Bissau€ 1.68$2.00₹148.40
Guyana€ 3.79$4.50₹333.89
Haiti€ 2.53$3.00₹222.59
Honduras€ 2.80$3.32₹246.34
Hong Kong€ 1.63$1.94₹143.94
Hungary€ 0.76$0.90₹66.78
Iceland€ 3.65$4.33₹321.28
India€ 0.59$0.70₹51.94
Indonesia€ 0.17$0.20₹14.84
Iran€ 4.77$5.67₹420.70
Iraq€ 0.60$0.71₹52.68
Eire€ 0.44$0.52₹38.58
Isle of Man€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Israel€ 0.49$0.58₹43.03
Italy€ 0.75$0.89₹66.04
Jamaica€ 4.16$4.94₹366.54
Japan€ 2.07$2.46₹182.53
Jersey€ 1.68$2.00₹148.40
Jordan€ 1.26$1.50₹111.30
Kazakhstan€ 1.49$1.77₹131.33
Kenya€ 2.54$3.02₹224.08
Korea (the Republic of Korea)€ 0.25$0.30₹22.26
Kuwait€ 0.94$1.12₹83.10
Kyrgyzstan€ 1.04$1.23₹91.26
Lao Folks’ Democratic Republic€ 4.29$5.09₹377.67
Latvia€ 2.37$2.82₹209.24
Lebanon€ 1.43$1.70₹126.14
Lesotho€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Liberia€ 1.68$2.00₹148.40
Libya€ 3.95$4.69₹347.99
Liechtenstein€ 0.84$1.00₹74.20
Lithuania€ 5.14$6.10₹452.60
Luxembourg€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Macao€ 1.05$1.25₹92.75
Macedonia€ 1.07$1.27₹94.23
Madagascar€ 0.42$0.50₹37.10
Malawi€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Malaysia€ 1.18$1.40₹103.88
Maldives€ 1.69$2.01₹149.14
Mali€ 7.08$8.41₹624.00
Malta€ 4.50$5.34₹396.21
Martinique€ 0.00$0.00₹0.00
Mauritania€ 3.20$3.80₹281.95
Mauritius€ 5.94$7.05₹523.09
Mayotte€ 2.53$3.00₹222.59
Mexico€ 0.47$0.56₹41.55
Moldova€ 3.20$3.80₹281.95
Mongolia€ 4.93$5.85₹434.06
Montenegro€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Morocco€ 0.29$0.34₹25.23
Mozambique€ 5.71$6.78₹503.06
Myanmar€ 1.03$1.22₹90.52
Namibia€ 1.68$2.00₹148.40
Nepal€ 1.80$2.14₹158.78
Netherlands€ 1.68$2.00₹148.40
New Caledonia€ 1.12$1.33₹98.68
New Zealand€ 9.95$11.81₹876.27
Nicaragua€ 1.62$1.92₹142.46
Niger€ 5.05$6.00₹445.19
Nigeria€ 2.43$2.89₹214.43
Northern Mariana Islands€ 0.38$0.45₹33.39
Norway€ 1.64$1.95₹144.69
Oman€ 3.18$3.78₹280.47
Pakistan€ 0.50$0.59₹43.78
Palestine€ 2.11$2.50₹185.49
Panama€ 1.46$1.73₹128.36
Papua New Guinea€ 1.91$2.27₹168.43
Paraguay€ 2.09$2.48₹184.01
Peru€ 1.04$1.24₹92.00
Philippines€ 0.40$0.48₹35.61
Poland€ 0.64$0.76₹56.39
Portugal€ 1.40$1.66₹123.17
Puerto Rico€ 0.97$1.15₹85.33
Qatar€ 0.93$1.11₹82.36
Réunion€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Romania€ 1.56$1.85₹137.27
Russian Federation€ 1.22$1.45₹107.59
Rwanda€ 0.92$1.09₹80.88
Saint Kitts and Nevis€ 0.38$0.45₹33.39
Saint Lucia€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Saint Pierre and Miquelon€ 1.41$1.67₹123.91
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines€ 1.12$1.33₹98.68
Samoa€ 0.00$0.00₹0.00
San Marino€ 1.26$1.50₹111.30
Saudi Arabia€ 0.28$0.33₹24.49
Senegal€ 0.67$0.80₹59.36
Serbia€ 0.00 ₹0.00
Seychelles€ 1.47$1.75₹129.85
Sierra Leone€ 2.95$3.50₹259.69
Singapore€ 2.44$2.90₹215.17
Sint Maarten (Dutch half)€ 0.42$0.50₹37.10
Slovakia€ 0.56$0.67₹49.71
Slovenia€ 0.84$1.00₹74.20
Solomon Islands€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Somalia€ 1.04$1.24₹92.00
South Africa€ 2.00$2.37₹175.85
South Sudan€ 1.68$2.00₹148.40
Spain€ 3.69$4.38₹324.99
Sri Lanka€ 3.42$4.06₹301.24
Sudan€ 2.37$2.82₹209.24
Suriname€ 5.92$7.03₹521.61
Svalbard and Jan Mayen€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Sweden€ 0.71$0.84₹62.33
Switzerland€ 3.26$3.87₹287.14
Syrian Arab Republic€ 1.11$1.32₹97.94
Taiwan€ 0.50$0.59₹43.78
Tajikistan€ 1.41$1.67₹123.91
Tanzania€ 1.65$1.96₹145.43
Thailand€ 0.23$0.27₹20.03
Timor-Leste€ 0.56$0.67₹49.71
Togo€ 1.57$1.87₹138.75
Trinidad and Tobago€ 2.01$2.39₹177.33
Tunisia€ 0.84$1.00₹74.20
Turkey€ 2.59$3.08₹228.53
Turkmenistan€ 0.84$1.00₹74.20
Turks and Caicos Islands€ 0.38$0.45₹33.39
Uganda€ 1.87$2.22₹164.72
Ukraine€ 1.07$1.27₹94.23
United Arab Emirates€ 1.15$1.37₹101.65
United Kingdom€ 2.25$2.67₹198.11
United States of America€ 0.32$0.38₹28.20
Uruguay€ 2.67$3.17₹235.21
Uzbekistan€ 0.79$0.94₹69.75
Vanuatu€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Venezuela€ 3.16$3.75₹278.24
Viet Nam€ 0.21$0.25₹18.55
Virgin Islands (British)€ 0.84$1.00₹74.20
Virgin Islands (U.S.)€ 2.77$3.29₹244.11
Western Sahara€ 0.29$0.35₹25.97
Yemen€ 0.93$1.11₹82.36
Zambia€ 10.95$13.00₹964.57

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for an inexpensive way to advertise your goods or services, it’s important to take YouTube into account.

YouTube is constantly every advertiser’s preferred platform for effective ROI, locating the correct audience, and successfully converting leads as long as video content continues to be an engaging and relevant marketing tool.