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How To Start Freelancing Without Upwork And Fiverr (With Real-Life Examples)

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How To Start Freelancing Without Upwork And Fiverr (With Real-Life Examples)

In this modern day, freelancing has sparked the interest of many people, and it’s a widespread occupation, mainly among the younger generations.

Since its widespread popularity, Fiverr and Upwork have dominated freelancing platforms for various expertise.

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And it serves the purpose of connecting skilled freelancers with buyers from numerous regions along the globe.

However, you can choose more independent alternatives, which include relying on something other than those platforms for your freelancing career.

In this article, we’ll explore that with true-life examples of successful freelancers who didn’t have to create profiles on Fiverr and Upwork.

Real Life Experiences

Richard Perera from Freelancinghacks’

“How To Ditch Upwork, Fiverr & Find Work Without Freelance Platforms” emphasized how he ditched Upwork to start freelancing gigs. 

He started his career on Upwork, but soon, he realized he needed more, so; he went for more and decided to up his price rate and “chased client relationships rather than market placements on freelance platforms.”

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Start Freelancing Without Upwork And Fiverr

Looking back, he’s glad he made that decision because otherwise, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Another example was stated in a Fiverr community forum where a UK top-rated seller offering high ticket services with an account containing almost $360,000 was banned.

He said he was logged out of his mobile app with a temporarily suspended notification.

After several messages to customer service, the worst happened “his account was permanently suspended (banned) without any justifiable reason.

The email sent was ignored, and Fiverr CSM blocked his WhatsApp.

Although earning a lot of money on Fiverr and Upwork is possible, they are highly insecure and unpredictable.


The Starting Point To Attain Liberty

Most freelancers need to be aware of the broad range of platform options as a source of freelancing jobs, preventing them from expanding.

Over time, use these guidelines to withdraw from freelance platforms in preparation for growth.


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Improve Your Unique Talent

The first step on the path to success as a freelancer is self-awareness. The key to your freelancing business is recognizing your distinctive skills and advantages.

Learn and discover various skill sets that will enhance your essential services. Consider learning crafts if you are good with fine arts. Take a course in animation design to create compelling videos and images that will prompt your clients to offer you more jobs.

Start Freelancing Without Upwork And Fiverr

These extra qualities can assist significantly in raising the value of your expertise and giving you an upper hand in acquiring additional customers.

It is essential to understand that your abilities are a valuable asset. You can thrive outside the restrictions of typical freelancing platforms if you have the capacity for empathy and a burning desire to mentor others.

Design an Enchanting Portfolio

When prospective customers weigh your services, they will first view your portfolio, an effective tool for improving your freelancing career.

Making an enchanting portfolio involves more than just including job samples; it also involves telling your story and showcasing what benefit you can offer. 

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Create a dynamic portfolio that displays your projects and the inspiration behind each one.

This strategy can create a solid, distinctive personality while equally impressing clients.


Build Network Connections

In the freelancing industry, connections are worth a fortune. Establishing ties and credibility within your field is what connecting is all about.

Please respect your clients by being the first to greet them during every conversation.

Show concern about their welfare; by doing so, you hold a more significant part of their trust and make them get along with you quickly.  

Start Freelancing Without Upwork And Fiverr

You can improve your visibility and get requests from clients looking for a writer by being involved in conversations, expressing your ideas, and giving advice.

Building network connections can go a long way to helping you create your client base.

You can locate and develop relationships with your clients outside freelance platforms by using tools like Hunter email finder to search for them and send them messages.

Download Excel sheets to store their info which will be beneficial later on.


Embracing The Digital Era

Your website functions as your online business card. It serves as an avenue for you to flaunt your abilities, individuality, and expertise. Your website can be used to give discoveries on creative styles and approaches in addition to showcasing completed jobs.

Using this strategy, you may establish yourself as an authority in your industry and draw in clients looking for services other than design.

You can also control your social media visibility in this digital age. Social media platforms offer you the chance to develop your business and interact with your audiences; they are more than strictly private spaces.

Start Freelancing Without Upwork And Fiverr

You can build consistent online networking throughout the platforms by posting your triumphs, setbacks, and discoveries on the market.

This strategy might draw customers who connect with your approach and style.


Getting Jobs Without Upwork and Fiverr

There are numerous alternatives to using freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to get freelance jobs. Below are some suggestions to get you started.


Build Bridges Through Referrals

Referrals affirm the quality of your work and the relationships you’ve nurtured.

Offering excellent jobs to your clients will impress them, and they will willingly refer you to their peers, expanding your client base beyond what a platform could provide.

You can always request a referral from your client, but building a solid relationship with your client is paramount before you can also ask for referrals.


Make Use Of Job Portals

Job portals can be used to find projects outside marketplaces. When using job outlets, signing up for an online page or having high-rated profiles is optional to land a job.

You can see a job and instantly reach out to the client through an email with a job proposal.


Assess The Company’s Career Sections 

To gain access to the company’s career section, Visit the startup websites of the establishment and browse through the base of the webpages. On the footer area, locate a link titled “Careers.”

This link will direct you to a page displaying the job vacancies at the company. If any exciting position is vacant, don’t hesitate to apply to it.


Final Verdict

Advancing beyond the area of Upwork and Fiverr reveals an extensive basis for freelancers to express their creativity, skills, and uniqueness.

Freelancers can re-establish their career paths by improving talents, designing portfolios, building network connections, and embracing the digital era.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is freelancing beyond Upwork and Fiverr?

Freelancing beyond Upwork and Fiverr

refers to exploring various alternatives to getting freelancing jobs and clients beyond these known online trading platforms

Freelancers may look for various alternatives to have more influence over their work, to stand out, and to locate clients who value their services.

Is freelancing without platforms suitable for everyone?

Freelancing without platforms demands determination, interpersonal abilities, and the capacity to advertise oneself.

It’s a route for freelancers who wish to build their paths.

What benefits does creating a personal website have?

Your internet presence is created via a personal website that displays your accomplishments, competencies, and expertise.

It is also easy for customers to get more information about you and your services.

How can I adjust to the shifting market trends?

Adjust to the trending market by maintaining your knowledge through mastering current abilities and innovations relating to your specialty.

Constant Learning of freelancing earns you more desirability by individuals wanting current skills.

How do I deal with rejection and remain relentless?

Freelancing entails rejection. Take advice to heart, modify your strategy, and press on. The secret to overcoming challenges and succeeding is persistence.