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Side Hustle Job Opportunities for Fast Typers – Online Only

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Side Hustle Job Opportunities for Fast Typers – Online Only

Do you know that Barbara Blackburn held the record for the quickest “typing machine” (as I would call it) in the world?

For the record, she was able to write at 150 words per minute for 50 minutes on a Simplified Dvorak keyboard, and at 170 words per minute for shorter periods.

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If you regard yourself as a typist, the first question you face is usually “What is your typical typing speed?” You might not necessarily be a record holder but there are several advantages fast typing speed provides in terms of employment offers.

Apart from taking care of your needs as a college student, being a fast typer can fetch you a side hustle that would generate enough income for your daily living.

Are you trying to find a way to earn some additional cash while being at home? Then read this guide till the end to find the best side hustles that would profit you greatly as a fast typer.

Key Highlights

🎯 Even while being a quick typist is a great skill, having additional abilities will help you stand out and improve your chances.

🎯 Being a fast typer can fetch you a side hustle that would generate enough income for your daily living.

🎯 Your ability to think critically is necessary to conduct extensive research for some typing jobs.

🎯 You must be dependable because typing jobs frequently have tight deadlines.

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Online Job Opportunities for Fast Typers

1. Transcription Gigs

The transcription job deals with listening to audio files and turning them into written documents without undue omission or error.

Medical, legal, and general transcription are the three primary categories in which transcriptionists work. Coupled with your typing skills, you’ll need a laptop, headphones, and high-speed internet access amongst others.

Generally, transcriptionists make up to $28 per hour, which seems pretty cool given that you are being compensated for each audio minute. This implies that you are paid based on the completed audio clip and not on the amount of time it took you to transcribe the audio file.

2. Become a Translator

Job Opportunities for Fast Typers

As a translator, you’re concerned with translating written texts and spoken dictations from one language into another.

Alongside good typing skills, speed, and accuracy, typically obtaining a master’s degree or more in a second language is preferable for you to work as a translator.

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Translators can obtain employment as freelancers or with reputable translation agencies.

3. Texting and Chatting Jobs Online

As new developments continue to hit the technological space, a new type of customer support, the live chat agent, is gradually gaining ground.

Chat jobs majorly call for prior experience in a particular or generic field alongside fast and accurate typing abilities.

The average hourly wage for chat agents is $11 with higher wages for specialist agents.

4. Become a Medical Scribe

Job Opportunities for Fast Typers

Being a Medical scribe is another type of at-home employment you can do to fetch yourself some box.

During doctor-patient appointments, medical scribes proactively transcribe vital signs, primary complaints, and recommended regimens in real-time into the patient’s digital medical record.

To be a Medical scribe, you must be proficient in medical language, have quick and accurate typing skills, and have good listening skills due to the nature of the profession.

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5. Closed Captioning

If you’re a fast typer who enjoys watching videos, then this could be the right job for you. Subtitling can be your ideal work-from-home job for you while you do what you love.

Closed captioners transcribe what they hear while watching movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos. Your ability to earn money while typing depends on your accuracy and speed.

6. Become an Online Customer Service Agent

Job Opportunities for Fast Typers

If you’d work in this role, you’d assist clients online through chats and emails by providing information about goods and services and responding to customer inquiries.

Many online customer service agents also handle payments and returns from customers, and some use scripts to ensure they give clients accurate and consistent information.

7. Become an Author

If you’re very fast with a passion for typing, writing blog posts, transcriptions, site copy, instruction manuals, and more are all jobs that you can do.

Project-specific job responsibilities can vary, and you can have the option of working remotely or in person.

8. A copywriter

A copywriter’s main responsibilities are to create text for distribution on websites, television, print publications, and radio to promote product sales. Copywriters typically work for marketing or advertising departments or agencies, and they are knowledgeable in marketing, website SEO, and keywords.

Additionally, copywriters need to be fluent in multiple languages and have good typing speed.

9. Virtual Assistant

Skilled individuals with great typing abilities can work from home as virtual assistants (VAs), and provide administrative support to entrepreneurs, businesses, and blogs. VAs handle a wide range of jobs, so having great typing abilities is essential.

10. Freelance copywriter

Job Opportunities for Fast Typers

Freelance copywriters produce content for marketing and advertising right from the comfort of their homes.

These experts professionally create compelling and engaging content that influences readers both intellectually and emotionally. While some independent freelance copywriters work for clients from home, others do so for agencies.

What Makes a Fast Typer

  1. Your ability to listen actively, and pay special attention to details, and accents, especially while typing a record of a live session or transcribing a recorded event.
  1. High precision & accuracy with minimal errors could maximize your prospective career options especially when you type quickly in a setting like court reporting.
  1. Your reliability and dependability might help you stand out to employers because typing jobs frequently have deadlines.
  1. Your ability to think critically is necessary to conduct extensive research for some typing jobs.
  1. Knowing more than one language could give you a greater income since employers know that you can handle any second-language jobs that are allocated to you.
  1. Your software proficiency goes a long way to boost your chances of getting typing jobs.

Final Thoughts

There is an online typing job out there for you, whether you’re seeking a full-time career, part-time work, or just a side hustle.

There are many free online websites where you can practice typing to help you refine your skills if you need assistance improving your speed or accuracy. Even while you try to attain the fastest speed possible, ensure your work is error-free.