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6 Side Hustles To Do During Canadian Winters

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6 Side Hustles To Do During Canadian Winters

The winter season can be very cold in Canada, with temperatures often around zero degrees and sometimes lingering about the early subzero. With such a cold season comes a lot of limitations in everyday activities. Thus, there is often little motivation to remain active, as most people remain indoors 80% of the time.

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While the Canadian winters seem like an unwanted break from everyday activities, you can turn the season to an income generating stream for you.

As a result, we have carefully compiled a list of six proven side hustles that are perfect for the Canadian winters.

Key Highlights

🎯 A freelance transcriber can earn as much as $15-$22 per audio hour.

🎯 There are a lot of online platforms where you can share your knowledge and make a profit.

🎯 Suppose you are okay with clearing snow from the driveways around your neighborhood. In that case, you can turn that into a lucrative winter side hustle.

🎯 Website testing is one of the most common sides hustles today in Canada.

🎯 Remote customer service agents in Canada make an average of $31 per hour.

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Best Side Hustles For Canadian Winters

If you are a Canadian resident, here are the best side hustles to consider during winter:

Live Online Lessons

If you are an expert in any field, there are a lot of online platforms where you can share your knowledge and make a profit in the process. There are currently over 5 billion people who have access to the Internet worldwide. Thus, the demand for online learning has always been on the rise.

There are a lot of platforms, like Varsity Tutors, Outschool, and even Lessonface, where you can start your online classes.

Depending on your platform, you can earn per hour or receive specific pay from each student. In Outschool, you can make as much as $40 per hour. Some lessons can cost way more, depending on the value of the topic or skill you cover.

This side hustle is very flexible, so it is suitable for almost anyone with experience in any field or work. In addition, it does not require any physical meetings, so it is perfect for the Canadian winters.

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Driveway Clearing

With so much snow comes the pain of clearing your driveways daily. The situation worsens when one is either in a hurry for work or needs to finish a task quickly.

These moments of stress are, of course, where you come in. Suppose you are okay with clearing snow from the driveways around your neighborhood. You can turn that into a lucrative winter side hustle and make extra money.

You price snow removal on a per-inch basis. Thus, you must set a fixed price for a specific amount of inches and additional costs for deeper areas. Most companies in Canada charge between $60 to $100 per inch depth on your driveway or sidewalk. However, there are additional costs for every inch above 6 inches.

As an individual running similar services, you can lower your charges as a promotion strategy to attract more clients.

Website Testing

Website testing is one of the most common side hustles today in Canada, so it requires no introduction. As the name entails, this side hustle involves testing websites and giving detailed and honest feedback in exchange for a fee.

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As more companies work towards bringing most of their services online, there are many technological features that developers have to work on.

As a tester, you help developers understand how much they can appeal to a target consumer audience. Depending on the software, a single feedback session can cost $15-$50. However, longer one-hour tests can earn you as much as $150.

Remote Customer Service

You could use your skills to make a profit if you have good communication skills. Virtual customer service is already a trend in online tech, so most customer support agents now work remotely.

As a remote customer support agent, you carry out all the normal day-to-day activities as a customer agent but from the comfort of your home. All you need is sufficient knowledge about your host company. You will get all the information you need after a short orientation.

Statistics show customers will likely refrain from purchasing due to bad customer service. Thus, customer service is very important in a company. Remote customer service agents in Canada make an average of $31 per hour. This side hustle is suitable for winter, as you can completely run it indoors.

Website Design

As more companies push their brands online, there is a high demand for new websites daily. Close to 2 billion websites are online, and this number keeps growing. The higher the number of websites available online, the more web designers clients need.

If you are a good web designer, many tasks can be completed in the Canadian region. Suppose you need to be more conversant with web-based programming languages. In that case, you can start your programming journey on W3Schools or sign up for a full beginner course on Coursera or any other online study site.

A web designer can make up to $5,000 monthly, depending on the work rate and experience level.


Transcription is currently one of the most lucrative and unsaturated side hustles to make money in Canada. As a transcriber, you need to listen to recorded audio or video, as the case may be, and type all information in a written form.

The source files can range from Zoom meetings to other research works and even more. As a transcriber, your work is to ensure you type in every piece of information correctly and format the data in the typical format of transcription papers.

Thanks to the internet, there are now several online transcription services like TranscribeMe or Gotranscript. On TranscribeMe, you can sign up as a freelance transcriber and earn as much as $15-$22 per audio hour.

Good typing skill is one of the most important factors.

Final Thoughts

Though most people are naturally less active in the winter seasons, you can explore many possible income streams to make extra cash.

You can always explore many opportunities, from clearing driveways to hosting online lessons and even transcribing client files.

Besides clearing driveways, all other side hustles on our list are home-friendly. Thus, you can run them from the comfort of your home while enjoying the winter season to its fullest.