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What Side Hustles Can a Mathematics Teacher Do?

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What side hustles can a Mathematics Teacher Do?

Mathematics, as a language of science, involves many teachings (all of which apply to our everyday life), including general math and any mathematical fields such as algebra, calculus, geometry, and statistics.

So, if you’re wondering what side hustles you could do to earn substantially as a mathematics teacher, this article is for you.

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Key Highlights

🎯 The United States has more than 1,499,689 employed math teachers

🎯 Women make up a greater percentage (about 53.0% ) of all math teachers, while men make up about 47.0%.

🎯 Due to the mathematics diversity, math teachers are usually classified as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) teachers.

🎯 You can deploy your knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and financial theory into skills that would fetch you money on the side.

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Side Hustles For Mathematics teachers

1. An Actuary

With mathematics, statistics, and financial theory, an actuary evaluates the monetary risks associated with anticipated future occurrences or choices. Then, you’ll work with clients and businesses to develop policies that lower the cost of that risk.

For anyone who enjoys math and is excellent at articulating their ideas and conclusions, this position—which is essential to the insurance industry—would be ideal.

2. A Cryptographer

Peradventure, you’re good at cracking codes; you might want to explore becoming a cryptographer.

You’ll need to have exceptional math skills for this position to use mathematically based encryption techniques to thwart cybercriminals.

You’ll create algorithms, ciphers, and security systems to help encrypt data and keep businesses and people safe.

3. Personal Financial Advisor

This role is ideal for maths educators because it gives you a position of authority and enables you to advise others on how to make wiser decisions, which is what a lot of teaching may seem like.

As a personal financial advisor, you will consider your client’s financial needs and assist them in making difficult investments, taxes, and insurance decisions.

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4. Logistics Specialist

Obtain tools and materials for fieldwork and lab work, plan the shipping of research tools, materials, and personnel to fieldwork locations via ship, truck, train, and air, and manage the laborious paperwork connected with shipping equipment through customs.

5. Data Analysts

Data analysts collect, store, process, and analyze large datasets. To perform these operations, a data analyst must possess a rich skillset.

Therefore, use three months wisely and acquire all skills. Since you have limited time, focus on learning Excel, SQL, R/Python, Tableau/ PowerBI, and start learning ML.

6. Consulting and Financial Analysis

Similar to the skill set of a math teacher, jobs in the banking and finance sector sometimes call for analytical thinking, arithmetic, and good decision-making.

The duties of a typical financial analyst include creating financial predictions, studying financial information, modeling data, and providing performance insights.

7. Computer Science

In today’s data-driven job market, computer science is one of the fields with the quickest growth rates. LinkedIn says the country’s top ten sought-after positions include software engineers, JavaScript developers, Java software developers, DevOps developers, and full-stack engineers.

Students who enroll in an MS in Applied Statistics program learn state-of-the-art programming languages and develop a resume prepared for a future dominated by digital technology.

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8. Professional Writer

Writers are undoubtedly making it big, and their services are in high demand. You could start making money by writing and editing papers and chapters of books for submission to peer-reviewed publications.

9. Teaching your expertise

Create curricula and teaching materials for courses, deliver content to students engagingly, perform assessments of student learning, and meet individually with students to assist them with learning.

10. Editor

You can be a reviewer of manuscripts for various professional societies and review research proposals for various government and public funding agencies.

11. Investing in the Stock and Forex exchange

Investing in stock and forex exchange is one way of making money online. You’ll need money to start, but the negative side is that it’s pretty slow, and you’ll need to trade, so you have to lose sometimes unless you’re an expert and you know what you’re doing. If not, you’ll lose money.

12. Operations Research Analysts

Operations research analysts are crucial to investigating and resolving business, finance, logistics, and healthcare issues. In addition, analysts in operations research develop improved strategies for managing the supply chain, allocating resources, and maximizing profit.

According to U.S. News, Google employs mathematicians to work as algorithm developers since the subject has a variety of practical uses.

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Final Thoughts

A good math teacher demonstrates to students why the material they are learning is important and how they can apply it in real-world situations. In addition, you can convert the application to a side hustle that would fetch you money.