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What Side Hustles Can Pharmacists Do?

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What Side Hustles Can Pharmacists Do?

It takes a long time of more than half a decade of training to become a full-blown Pharmacist. With that in mind, it is only natural that working Pharmacists are often reasonably paid.

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As of writing this article, the average Pharmacist receives an annual salary of $126,670 as specified by Glance. This figure can of course go higher or lower depending on the experience and region of the Pharmacist in question.

While the figures above may seem huge, there is an increasing number of Pharmacists seeking the best side hustles globally. These side hustles are, of course, to enable them to make extra money to handle extra expenses, to stabilize their financial lives.

Side hustles are extremely powerful, and they can unlock a new stream of endless profit for anyone who takes them seriously.

In this article, I’ll outline some of these side hustles that you can conveniently do as a Pharmacist, and how you can make money from them.

Key Highlights

🎯 Most medical consultants bag over $3,000 per month from consultation gigs.

🎯 You can make huge profits from purchasing small stocks.

🎯 There is no better person to create a Medication blog than a Pharmacist.

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🎯 If you’re a skilled writer, provide medical content writing services to clients.

🎯 Side jobs allow Pharmacists to handle extra expenses without hassle, to further stabilize their financial lives.

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Best Side Hustles For Pharmacists

As of 2022, here are suitable side hustles for Pharmacists.

Start Health-Related Consultation Services

What Side Hustles Can Pharmacists Do?

More often than you imagine, patients seek the services of experts to give them advice on their medical conditions.

Undoubtedly, doctors are often very busy, so most counseling sessions with patients are often very short. As a result, most of these patients often seek the services of people who will stay by them and help them through their medications.

This moment, of course, is where you come in as a medical consultant. As a Pharmacist, you are authorized to provide MTM (Medical Therapy Management). With that in mind, you can follow up on the medications of your clients, and also give them extra recommendations and referrals where possible.

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As we speak, most medical consultants bag over $3,000 per month from consultation gigs. Though you can start online, you can also render services to physical patients whom you think might need your help.

Invest In Stocks

As of May 2019, the stock price of Tesla was valued at about $14.80. Fast-forward to 2022, each stock unit of Tesla costs $300+. This move, of course, also translates into over 20 times growth on your initial investment value. Thus, if you made a $1,000 investment in Tesla in 2019, you would have over $20,000 in profit as of 2022.

The Stock market offers a lot of high-earning possibilities for investors. As long as you have an interest in the sector, you can start making profits from small stock purchases.

To start as a stock investor, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars. Today, there are numerous Stock investment platforms like Acorns where you can conveniently invest with even less than $100.


As a Pharmacist, you can invest a small part of your salary in stocks from promising companies, so that you can gain huge profits when the stock prices climb up the scale.

As a newbie, it is better to carefully go through guides and follow other experts online. Depending on your preference, you can invest in Index funds, mutual funds, individual stocks, etc. This side hustle generates a passive income, and it can make you way more than you ever imagined.

Start A Medical Blog

What Side Hustles Can Pharmacists Do?

According to surveys carried out by the National Institutes Of Health, a large population of people goes online to search for information on health symptoms they experience. That is to say, most patients first visit the internet for more information on their medical symptoms, before drawing conclusions or speaking out to others.

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As a Pharmacist, there is no better person to create a health blog than yourself. As long as you have something great to offer, creating a blog is extremely easy today.

Bluehost offers WordPress hosting for as low as $2.95/month, and there are a lot of features that come with this package. Alternatively, many other hosting platforms offer similar deals online.

As a beginner, you can start with basic plans and increase your package as your blog starts receiving huge traffic. Even without prior web programming knowledge, you can start a blog, as the whole process is now on a drag-and-drop basis.

Though it takes between 3-6 months of blogging to start making a profit, it is worth it, as most bloggers make six figures per month.

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Final Thoughts

As a Pharmacist, there are endless side hustles that you can start for profit-making. Other than side hustles in the medical field, you can also utilize your natural talents and other professional skills to render paid services to people who might need your help.

If you are a skilled writer, you can also provide medical content writing services to clients for pay on Freelance platforms. Alternatively, you can also rent out your car to a trusted driver to carry out Uber services and pay you the returns.

In all, you can always make extra money whether you are a busy doctor, Pharmacist, Accountant, etc. All it takes is the right orientation, and we believe this article will be of great help in assisting you through your journey.

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