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10 Best Side Hustles to Start At 40

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10 Best Side Hustles to Start At 40

Side hustles are making waves wherever you turn to these days.

With 45% of Americans attesting that they have a side hustle, you can confirm that millions of people already utilize these side jobs.

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While most younger people start side hustles to make more money, it is pretty different for the older age groups.

For people who are 40 and above, side hustles are ways to gain financial freedom and continuously save for retirement.

Thus, more people in their 40s and 50s start one side job or the other today.

Today, this article will show you ten perfect side hustles to start at the age of 40 and above.

Key Highlights

🎯 All side hustles on this article can bring in lots of cash in no time.

🎯 More people in their 40s and 50s start one side job or the other today.

🎯 People earn $100+ per hour by simply translating audio or video content.

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🎯 Most homeowners charge about $50+ per hour, and most of these events last for several hours.

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1. Consultation Services

10 Best Side Hustles to Start At 40

It is most likely that at the age of 40+, you would be experienced in a particular field.

Thus, it becomes easier to make money via your experience.

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Today, there are lots of people who seek advice from experienced advisers both physically and virtually.

As an experienced person, you could quickly begin a consultation service in your field of expertise.

If you used to be a banker or accountant, you could start a financial consultation service.

With all your work experience, it would be significantly easier to give the best advice possible at all times.

What makes this even more suitable for people over 40 years is its flexibility.

Even after retirement, you can make lots of money by just spending a few moments of your time advising people.

Some consultants charge about $500+ for one hour of counseling.

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Depending on the skill level, the price can be a bit lower or way higher.

2. Local Tour Guide

10 Best Side Hustles to Start At 40

Suppose you happen to live near a famous city or tourist attraction. In that case, becoming a local tour guide is just another great side hustle to start at 40.

As long as you know your way around all the significant landmarks of your city, becoming a local tour guide is easy.

Moreover, it is also a lucrative side hustle.

As a result of its good nature, it is perfect for people over 40.

To begin this side hustle, you could start up your local tour agency or sign up on websites like Airbnb and TourByLocals.

It is advised that you do proper research about the industry to make your tour experience as entertaining as possible.

3. Event Planning

10 Best Side Hustles to Start At 40

If you love organizing events, then event planning is a side hustle you would enjoy at 40.

From parties to other occasions, there is always a gathering for one reason or the other.

As a result, event planners are in high demand.

The duties of event planners span the fields of decoration, bookings, and more.

Whether it is a holiday party or a graduation party, event planners make a lot of money from their craft.

To start this side hustle, you could consider partnering with caterers, hotel managers, and other event planners in your area.

You can also place social media ads targeted at your locality for more exposure.

4. Graphic Design

10 Best Side Hustles to Start At 40

With the advent of sites like Fiverr, you can sell almost any skill online today.

If you are an experienced Graphic designer, you could already miss out on a potential side hustle.

Due to the flexibility this side hustle presents, it is very suitable for people over 40.

Moreover, you can do this right from the comfort of your couch.

Thus, it is a perfect and free way to earn.

All it takes to begin a side hustle as a graphic designer is to create an online portfolio on a top-class freelance website.

Upon creating a promising profile on these websites, you expose yourself to many clients who might require your service.

Today, some of these top-class freelance websites to start Graphic Design gigs are:

A. Fiverr

Fiverr - 10 Best Side Hustles to Start At 40

B. Freelancer

Freelancer - 10 Best Side Hustles to Start At 40

C. Upwork

Upwork - 10 Best Side Hustles to Start At 40

5. Translation Jobs

By converting written or audio communication from one language to another, you can make more than you can ever imagine.

If you are bilingual, this is a perfect side hustle for you.

Today, people earn $100+ per hour by simply translating audio or video content.

Good thing there are so many platforms on the internet today; you could sign up on websites like Rev to start your journey.

REV - 10 Best Side Hustles to Start At 40

You can make up to even $3 per minute translating audio or videos to texts in specific languages on Rev.

The website is highly recommended for beginner translators.

If you are a professional translator, you could consider signing up on websites like One Hour Translation.

6. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is so popular that it needs no official introduction as a side hustle.

Today, skilled writers make so much money freelancing on Flexjobs, Fiverr, and Upwork.

Depending on the skill level, most skilled writers make well over $300 per project.

When multiplied with the total clients for the month, this could go as high as $3,000+.

Whether you are a new or expert writer, freelancing is one of the most lucrative side hustles out there.

Moreover, it is a perfect way to earn while also spending enough time with family.

7. Online Courses

It is no longer news that people make money selling courses online.

Even as we speak, more people create and sell these courses online, and they make thousands of dollars every month from it.

If you have a particular skill or talent that you would love to share, this is the perfect side hustle.

Selling online courses is a flexible side hustle, as it allows you to control your timing completely following your schedule.

You need to create materials like audio, videos tutorials, and text-written guides to start selling courses online and then upload content on Coursera or Udemy.

Upon uploading, you can set up your pricing or leave it as a free course for a limited time.

8. Customer Support

There are more remote jobs today than ever.

Gone are the days when customer representatives had offices inside company buildings.

Today, you could become a customer representative to any company and carry out your job right from home.

This job is suitable for people over 40, as it offers a flexible and relaxing nature.

A customer representative needs to answer inquiries regarding a host company’s products and services.

Most customer representatives make way over $2,000 per month, a considerable sum for a side job.

If you intend to pick up this side hustle, you could start looking for vacancies on websites like Indeed and Remote.Co.

9. Laundry Service

We live in a hectic world, where most people find it hard to find time for basic things like laundry and other home chores.

As a result, there is an ever-increasing customer base in the laundry industry.

What makes this side hustle interesting is the fact that it is automatic.

Thus, you can employ a laundry operator to work in your laundry shop.

Alternatively, you could do it yourself if you have the time.

The earning potential of this side hustle can go as high as $5,000 per month.

However, this depends on the population of your town or city.

Laundry service is one of the simplest side hustles, as you can start it right from your house, maybe in your basement.

Here is a list of all you need to begin a laundry business:

  • Washing machine
  • Drying machine
  • Drying rack
  • Iron and Ironing board
  • Detergents and other minor laundry equipment.

10. Space Rentals

If you are a homeowner with free space around your home, you could quickly turn that into a lucrative side hustle.

Today, tons of events are going on worldwide, and most of them occur in rented spaces.

Thus, space rentals could turn out to be a very profiting side hustle for people at 40+.

Moreover, there are many platforms online that make it easier for people to place rentable spaces up for rent online.

With websites like Peerspace, homeowners can rent out spaces for events ranging from meetings to kid shows and more.

Most homeowners charge about $50+ per hour, and most of these events last for hours.

Space rental is one of the best and automatic side hustles for people at 40, as it requires little work to get it going.

More Space Rental Platforms:

Final Thoughts

At 40+, most people think of methods to save and earn after retirement.

From this list, you can confirm the tons of side hustle that fit people in their 40s and above.

With high earning potential, all side hustles on this article can bring in lots of cash in no time.

What makes it even better is how flexible and almost stress-free these side hustles are.

If you want to unlock your earning potential by side hustles, you can consider any side hustle that suits you from this list.

In all, we do wish you good luck!

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