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5 Key Areas of Your Side Hustle You should Not Delegate

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5 Key Areas of Your Side Hustle You should Not Delegate

It is important to delegate, but most crucial is to know what not to delegate. If you have read some of our articles,  you will find out that I have stressed much about the importance of delegation in a business.

In this article,  my objective is to show you key areas of your side hustle that should not be delegated.

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Please do not mix up what I’ll share in this article to avoid delegation in your business. If you own your side hustle, after reading this article, you will notice some tasks revolve around you that should not be delegated.


Key Highlights

🎯   Delegating is a vital tool of management, and if not used the right way can harm your business.

🎯   The only way to know what and what not to delegate is to know everything about your business.

🎯   As a small business owner, every core function of your company becomes your responsibility.

🎯   Understanding the basics of delegating will help you know what not to delegate in your business.

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1.  Core functions and critical decisions

As a leader of your business, they are some core responsibilities you should never delegate. These are the tasks separating you from the rest of your workers; without these tasks, ask yourself what exactly is your position in a business.

Remember, this is your business. Do not delegate important decisions like investment and partnerships to anyone but yourself. There will always be times when they are critical decisions to be made, and if you don’t get used to it, your business will suffer.

So as a leader, get confident in making critical decisions, providing feedback, and engaging in tough discussions. The outcome of delegating critical decisions to someone else, or worse, to someone not qualified is dangerous. The better scenario is,

  • The person might make a wrong decision. 
  • In the worst scenario, your business fails.

2.  Creating and maintaining your side hustles vision and business culture

A business that wants to grow should have a vision. As a leader and founder of your business, you must put down the core values that drive your business forward. It’s your responsibility to maintain the vision that texts you on your team to the next level.

So, make sure you explain your business’s core values and vision to all of your employees and make sure it is well understood.

Another thing we should talk about is the company culture. As a leader, you must cultivate the culture of your business. If you don’t know what a business culture is, A business culture is the code of conduct of a Business and its employees. For a business to have a healthy work environment, it needs a healthy culture.

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A healthy business culture encourages people to share ideas, speak up, engage in deep conversations, motivate other team members, and inspire collaboration.

3. Recruiting, building, and managing your team

One of the duties as an owner of a business is to train, build and improve your employees. This task is essential; it would be a big mistake to outsource it. Recruiting the right talent, building a team, training, and managing them are tools that will make your business successful.

No matter how great your deputy is, nothing beats the feeling of the founder of a business welcoming new employees. A new employee fit better into your business when directives and mission statement are explained to them by you on the first day.

The truth is you are running a side hustle, which means at any given time, you might have two or three employees, which means you are responsible for the objectives of your team, as well as knowing all their strengths and weaknesses.

To summarise my point, you must recruit, train, understand, and build your employees and business.

4.  Praise, reprimanding, and employee performance

This task requires you to be the angel and the Devil. You may not like it, but for business to grow, it must be done. As the founder of your business, you are responsible for praising or reprimanding your employees.

People are likely to get more attached to a fun boss that gives out praise and laughs to everybody. While these traits are great to possess, it alone is not sufficient to run a business. As a leader, you need to be tough but fair and know when to praise your employee and reprimand your employee.

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If you are anything like me or most business owners, reprimanding an employee is an unpleasant task but one of the most important. It is a task that should never be passed unto a subordinate.

So as an owner of a business, you have to praise, discipline, and give feedback on your employee’s performance. It is a task that should not be delegated for no reason whatsoever.

5.  Crisis and relationship management

Every business has its ups and downs, and no matter what happens when it comes to a business crisis, your presence is always required. As a person aiming for continuous growth, your employees need to know in times of trouble, you are capable of leading the business out of it.

Business problems can be scary. As a business owner, you must show up to manage and solve the problem. Please understand when it comes to management, delegation is not an option.

Managing relationships with investors is another thing that should not get delegated. Your duty to your investors is to discuss everything happening in your business. You have to discuss the growth, the failures, the ongoing issues, and so many crucial factors happening in your side hustle. This is why you cannot delegate something like this.

Last but not least, you cannot delegate leading the growth of a business. For a small business like yours, it will be reckless to delegate large-scale transformational changes happening in your side hustle.

In business, there are so many things that can go wrong. That is why important decisions are left to the person leading the business; in this case, that means you.

Final Thoughts

The main idea behind this article is that understanding what not to delegate is just as important as delegating. As a small business, there are tasks and duties you need to carry out yourself.