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Is Your Small Business Failing? How Freelancers Can Help You Grow (A Practical approach)

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How Freelancers Can Help You Grow.

“I sell my products myself, with big smiles every day for my customers. I manage my business accounts and infact I run my own website. Yet, why are my customers declining daily?” laments Gemma, a laundry service owner.

You probably have heard in the books of the wonder drug called Penicillin, famous for curing all kinds of infections.

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However, for failing businesses, such a wonder drug does not exist, as no one method can solve a business’s problems.

One of the advantages of hiring freelancers is the cost-effectiveness, as freelancing allows small businesses to tap into specialized skills without taking into cognizance factors such as the costs associated with hiring full-time employees.

A traditional employee comes with packages such as taxes, health benefits, retirement plans, etc, aside from the expected wage, which makes hiring a full-time employee less cost-effective for struggling small businesses.

This is why as a small business owner, you must first identify the loopholes in your business before you can develop strategies to scale up and increase your profits. This is where Freelancers such as brand designers, copywriters, etc, come in handy.

This guide will give you insights into how Freelancers can help your business grow.

Key Takeaways

🎯 According to Upwork, 81% of IT managers said freelancers helped them get more done. So, therefore, as productivity increases, your business will have room to grow.

🎯 A freelancer may be able to get specific tasks done quicker than you as a business owner or one of your employees can at a specified period due to their level of specialization in that task.

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🎯 Small businesses often experience fluctuations due to prevailing market conditions, which is why they needto leverage the flexibility of Freelancers to scale up or down based on project requirements, enabling them to adapt swiftly to these market conditions.

How Freelancers Can Help You Grow..

Let’s go through how.

1. By Providing Required Administrative Support

If there is anything that hinders small businesses from attaining the peak of their potential in the marketplace, it is the ability to keep things running smoothly day in and day out.

How Freelancers Can Help You Grow is to ensure smooth running as a small business owner, you should never try to do everything yourself. Avoid being the manager, accountant, and sales representative all at once.

How freelancers can help you grow

Thousands of skilled and qualified freelancers can assist you with everything from data entry and scheduling to giving customers guidance and feedback.

That way, you can channel your energies into developing strategies and making decisions that move the business forward. Places you can secure the services of Administrative support is through the likes of LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

However, some freelancers prefer to host their services outside these platforms. If you are a freelancer looking to make money outside Fiverr and Upwork then you need to see the post below:

How To Start Freelancing Without Upwork And Fiverr (With Real-Life Examples)

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The downside to hiring freelancers on Fiverr is that you can hardly establish a longterm working relationship so I prefer to hire on Instragram and chat them up on WhatsApp for a lasting connection.

Based on the type of work they do, the urgency of the tasks, the experience/skill they have, and where they are based, the pay range of Administrative support on Upwork is $10-$20 per hour.

2. By Assisting Small Businesses in Showcasing Their Products and Services

It is one thing to have a business running at a loss due to poor services or lack of technical know-how and it’s another case entirely to have a business fail due to poor visibility despite having winning products.

How you showcase your products to your customers matters as a small business which is why you need a freelance photographer who can assist you in showcasing your products, personnel, and location to potential and existing customers in the best light, capturing quality imagery now and then using them to sell your business graphically.

You will find freelance photographers on platforms such as those who would be more than willing to take up the job even at a reduced rate to boost their credibility in the marketplace.

With a pay range of 75-150$ per hour, you can hire a semi-pro photographer to get the job done. Further negotiations can be made to reduce the pricing of hiring one, depending on the schedule and urgency of work.

You can also take time to check local photographers in your area who are on Facebook or Instagram because many will accept commissions when you message them directly and ask them for their rates.

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3. Efficiently Reducing Cost Through Accounting and Record Keeping

As a small business owner once again, no matter how badly the business is failing due to unforeseen circumstances, don’t ever try to perform all the roles yourself as it will lead to burnout every day, which will eventually have a negative toll on your health.

This is why a failing small business will also require the assistance of a freelance accountant who can ensure the business’s accounts are tidied up and regulate the inflow and outflow of funds from the business’s account.

How freelancers can help you grow

 Most small business owners tend to take on this role themselves but it eventually leads to discrepancies between accounts due to emotional sentiment which may sometimes lead them to take money from the account without accounting for it later on.

However, such a business owner does not have to go through all this stress or even bother with hiring a full-time accountant which usually costs a lot aside from onboarding and training processes.

Now, with an online freelance accountant, you access an efficient service with advanced and sophisticated accounting software at a subsidized rate and you don’t have to worry about training or the long-term commitments and the numerous work benefits attached to hiring accountants.

4. Brand Management to Improve Visibility

How freelancers can help you grow is by boosting the visibility of your business. What if all that keeps shortchanging your efforts in scaling your small business and making considerable profits is the way people see your product?

What if when people hear your product name, they are baffled and sometimes confused about the idea behind it and you have to go to great lengths explaining it to everyone?

How freelancers can help you grow

But it needs not to be that complex as all you need is the assistance of a freelance brand designer who is well equipped to create logos and visual graphics that best convey what your products and services are and how your intended customers can get the best out of them.

You can find some freelance designers on sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, 99Designs, Behance, Dribble, etc.

Ensure you further research to ensure the selection of a designer that best meets your design needs and whose pricing you can work with depending on your budget.

5. 10x Marketing of Your Services Digitally

Sometimes, all you need for that failing business is to get the good news of your products and services spread over the internet. With the surge in global internet access and adoption, over five billion internet users worldwide are purchasing different products and services online daily.

This points to the fact that it’s not just those in your immediate locality who need to taste those yummy cakes or wear those fashionable men’s wears.

For starters, create an account on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote your products. But that is not enough, as you will need the help of those who are well-skilled in written communication to influence the emotions of those who come across your products to reach out. This is an critical way how freelancers can help you grow especially in the digital space.

So, as a small business owner, you need the assistance of a freelance copywriter who can assist you in creating content on your Facebook page, blog posts on your business page, and websites to reach more audiences who may eventually become your customers.

Final Thoughts

A lot of times, small businesses fail not because of their products and services or the larger competitors in the same line of trade but because of some business secrets some of these large companies are leveraging to reduce time and cost and at the same time focus on making decisions that move the businesses forward.

One such secret is employing the services of freelancers.

By employing the required freelancing services for your small business, it grants you the time to focus on making decisions that will potentially gear up your failing business and at the same time, save you the cost of renting an office space and hiring employees.

So, the first step is to identify where your small business has loopholes as a business owner and then research the freelancing services you can employ to fix them.

If you want to become a freelancer, see how you can adapt your existing skills to become a high-skilled freelancer in just a few months.