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10 Best Side Hustles for Women in Construction

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10 Best Side Hustles for Women in Construction

In times past, the world system has always relegated women probably because they were seen as weaker vessels. However, on the contrary, recent years have seen great development and strategies being put in place by women.

On average, Americans work their side hustles for 13 hours every week (according to Zippia) with about 37% of women reporting having a side business. The fact that this gap appears not to be much, eventually means that thousands of women are out there running a side hustle for an extra income.

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Statistics show that as of December 31, 2018, about 1,106,919 women were working in various occupations within the construction industry. And later in 2022, women already made up 10.9 percent of the whole construction workforce in the United States.

Apart from the more than 26.7% of tech-related positions occupied by women, there are also many side hustles in the construction industry that women can do without hurting their regular job.

Key Highlights

🎯On average, Americans work their side hustles for 13 hours every week.

🎯 In recent years, several women have taken bold steps to bring about great development and strategies in different sectors.

🎯 In 2022, women made up 10.9 percent of the whole construction workforce in the United States.

🎯 As of December 31, 2018, about 1,106,919 women were working in various occupations within the construction industry.

🎯 Everyone (including working mothers and busy college students) can now benefit from economic growth and new opportunities by engaging in one or two side hustles.

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Side Hustles for Women in The Construction Industry

Everyone (including women) can now benefit from economic growth and new opportunities, even working mothers, nursing moms, and busy college students.

If you’re a woman searching for side jobs that match your work lifestyle in the construction industry and encourage balance, the following side hustles could be a good fit.

1. Providing Online Building Plans

As a knowledgeable person in construction, you’d understand that no building is erected without a plan.

As such, you can get yourself well acquainted with the latest designs and software that will allow you to provide top-notch building plan services.

To add a taste of professionalism, you could create a well-customized website and you must be able to create various building layouts that satisfy the requirements of your customers.

Bluehost and Dreamhost are some of the best hosting services that could help you get started.

2. Blogging About Construction

Chances are that you have a lot of industry experience if you are in construction. With this, you could launch into blogging about easy building tricks and other relevant topics about construction.

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People need information about different topics and you want to be their source for answers. If people find your blog informative and useful, they’ll keep coming.

There are numerous construction blogs today and the fact that all of these blogs earn six figures each month should indicate the viability of the market.

Starting a blog today is much simpler than it was in the past, and you don’t need to be an expert.

Blogging is one of the best side hustles because of the flexibility it provides. Being a blogger makes it convenient to manage both your blog and all of your day jobs.

3. Dropship Building Materials

Have you thought about a passive income?  Well, Drop Shipping could fetch you some money if you engage in building material services. The sweetest part of this is that you don’t necessarily have to own a shop full of building materials.

All you have to do is serve as an intermediary between sellers and buyers. Craftspeople like carpenters, electricians, and others would need your help to connect them with sellers of building materials.

All you have to do is provide supplies and you could earn a lot of money. These materials could be wires, timber, or other types of building supplies.

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4. Cleaning Services

One would not be wrong to say that after every construction is complete, there are typically still a lot of particles and rubble lying around.

Therefore, experienced cleaning services with a focus on cleanup are always needed. Since women are generally believed to be better with cleaning this side hustle could be a good fit for you.

Consider starting with this idea by showcasing your cleaning skills.

5. Renting of Equipment

The truth is that not every Construction Company has all the equipment needed to complete each task they are faced with. Sometimes they usually need the help of rental services to get the equipment that they lack.

Since construction equipment is rented out to other companies and individuals as rental services, making this a side hustle could fetch you cool cash. Renting out equipment can be a lucrative side business if you’re blessed with access to it and the means to move it.

6. Publish Magazine For Construction Real Estate

As a woman in construction, you can start several side hustles, and publishing construction and real estate publications are one of them.

Information is crucial in every industry, making this one of the most profitable and successful business ideas for the construction sector.

To succeed in this line of work, all you have to do is make sure that your construction and real estate magazine includes information on industry trends, costs of building supplies, and advisory services for potential investors.

Take for instance I’m planning to build a house and want to find out the current cost of bags of cement, your magazine/publication can be useful if you have written about it.

7. Establish a retail cement business

Opening a retail cement business is another successful and lucrative venture you could consider doing as a side hustle. However, the best course of action, if you plan to launch this kind of side hustle is to select an appropriate business location.

You don’t want to be far away from people and industries that would need your services.

8. Project Management Advisor

As a project management advisor, you could work with people, construction companies, or the government as a project management consultant. In formal settings, it is customary to have the guidance of a construction/project management consultant before awarding and commissioning any building contract.

Governments, businesses, and even individuals that need to be properly advised before taking on any large building projects can benefit from your advice and in turn, pay you handsomely for it.

The job of the project manager is to keep an eye on the building project and guarantee its quality, prompt completion, and cost-effectiveness.

9. A real estate agent

Another extremely lucrative side hustle in construction is working as a real estate agent. The reason why this side Hustle is so lucrative is that you don’t need to own any property, no.

All you have to do is to connect property sellers to property buyers. To buy, sell, or rent a property, buyers need to be in touch with sellers and you will be the link.

10. Bitumen and Tar Supplies

Buildings, bridges, road construction and maintenance, and other structures in the construction industry require the use of tars and bitumen since they are the basic materials.

Hence these products have a sizable market. You could choose to begin the supply of bitumen and tar.

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Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the construction sector is a fast-growing company and there are numerous options for people to earn additional income through side hustle due to the rise in demand for renovations, new structures, and repairs.

So if you are a woman in construction, never think that your gender can hinder you from having a Side Hustle. Take the bold step and in no time you’ll be glad you did.