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What Side Hustles Can an Author Do?

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What Side Hustles Can an Author Do?

For authors, writing is not just a profession; it is a creative expression of their thoughts, emotions, and imagination.

While crafting captivating stories and literature is their primary focus, authors can also explore a range of side hustles that complement their literary talents and open new avenues for personal growth and financial gains.

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These side hustles not only offer diversification in income but also provide opportunities to connect with readers, expand their writing skills, and venture into exciting new territories.

In this article, we will unveil some compelling side hustles that authors can embrace to unveil the untold chapters of their literary journey.

Key Highlights

🎯 Aside from writing your own book, there are more than 10 other areas of content creation you can explore as an author.

🎯 Copywriting and ghostwriting remain one of the high-demand skills needed today.

🎯 Most areas of being an author can easily be monetized if you know how to

Now let’s explore more side hustle opportunities of being an author:

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1. Freelance Writing

Authors can leverage their writing skills by offering freelance writing services. They can contribute articles, blog posts, or content for websites and publications on various subjects, capitalizing on their ability to adapt their writing style to different genres.

Depending on the areas you’re passionate about, you can choose to focus on that and build a portfolio to attract clients.

Here are some top blogs that pay well:

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2. Manuscript Editing and Proofreading

With expertise in storytelling and language, authors can provide editing and proofreading services to fellow writers.

This side hustle allows you to refine and polish manuscripts, providing valuable feedback to aspiring authors.

3. Creative Writing Workshops and Classes

Authors can share their knowledge and expertise by conducting creative writing workshops and classes.

Side Hustles Can an Author Do?

Aspiring writers can benefit from their guidance, learning about storytelling techniques, character development, and the art of crafting engaging content.

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4. Audiobook Narration

Authors with a flair for storytelling can venture into audiobook narration. With the growing popularity of audiobooks, this side hustle allows authors to breathe life into their own works or narrate stories written by others. This is different from voice-over jobs.

5. Self-Publishing and E-Books

Authors can explore self-publishing and create e-books to share their works with a broader audience.

Self-publishing platforms enable them to retain creative control and reach readers directly, giving their writing a chance to shine independently.

6. Ghostwriting

Tapping into their storytelling abilities, authors can work as ghostwriters, crafting content for clients who wish to publish books, articles, or other written materials but lack the time or writing expertise.

7. Content Marketing and Copywriting

As an author, you can pivot into content marketing and copywriting for businesses and brands.

Their proficiency in storytelling can help create compelling narratives that resonate with target audiences, driving engagement and conversions.

8. Book Reviews and Literary Criticism

You can contribute to book review platforms or literary magazines, sharing their insights and evaluations of recently published works.

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This side hustle allows them to stay connected to the literary world and foster their analytical skills.

9. Writing Residencies and Fellowship

Many organizations and institutions offer writing residencies and fellowships for authors. These opportunities provide dedicated time and space to work on personal writing projects, encouraging creative exploration.

10. Author Merchandise and Swag

Authors can create and sell merchandise related to their books, such as bookmarks, mugs, tote bags, or T-shirts, appealing to their fan base and strengthening their author brand.

Final Thoughts

Most authors possess a treasure trove of side hustles that complement their literary talents and offer new avenues for personal and professional growth.

By diversifying their income streams and exploring various writing-related opportunities, authors can find fulfillment in sharing their craft with a wider audience and strengthening their position in the literary world.

The key is to select side hustles that align with their interests, expertise, and goals, allowing them to embark on exciting new chapters of their writing journey while staying true to their passion for storytelling.