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How To Start A Graphics Art Drop Service Business Using Fiverr

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How To Start A Graphics Art Drop Service Business Using Fiverr

Do you want to start a graphics art business but don’t have designing skills?

Well. If your answer to the above question is positive, you just stumbled on the right page online.

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The good news is that you can run a successful graphics business using the drop service business model. And one place you can readily get artists and designers to help you achieve this is on Fiverr.

If done correctly, the drop servicing business is one of the most profitable businesses today.

Drop servicing simply means selling a service to a client for a price say $50 and hiring someone that is proficient to execute at a lesser price then deliver to your client and make a margin.

As your business grows, you need to manage a team to deliver specified services to your clients.

What makes it even more interesting is that you do not have to be a top expert in your field to start a drop-servicing business.

Moreover, the job execution is by professionals who make up your team.

Today, this article will take you through all the steps involved in starting a graphics art drop servicing business on Fiverr.

Key Highlights

🎯 Drop servicing business is one of the most profitable businesses out there today.

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🎯 You have to find and train a strong team of service providers.

🎯 Setting up a moderate pricing structure is very crucial.

🎯 Marketing is a crucial part of any drop service business.

🎯 You can build a brand presence by starting up an essential website.

🎯 With the procedures given in this article, you can start earning from your graphics art business in no time.

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How To Start A Graphics Art Drop Servicing Business On Fiverr

Before outlining the steps involved in starting a drop servicing business on Fiverr, let us take you through a quick introduction to what drop servicing means.

What Is Drop Servicing?

Drop Servicing is a business venture in which a person or company provides a service to a client and then hires less expensive freelancers to deliver these services.

In other words, a drop servicing company serves as a middle point of contact between its clients and freelancers.

This way, a company secures a job for a higher price and then pays a freelancer to get the job done for a lower price.

For instance, if you own a graphics art design company, you could sell branding packages for $2,000.

Instead of doing the job yourself, you could hire freelancers on websites like Fiverr, where you can get quality branding services for about $1,000.

This way, you make a profit of $1,000 and get the job delivered without actually having to design anything yourself.

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Starting A Graphics Art Drop Service Business Using Fiverr

Without taking any more time, let us look at the processes involved in starting a graphics art business on Fiverr.

Build Your Team Of Service Providers

How To Start A Graphics Art Drop Service Business Using Fiverr

The most important thing behind every drop servicing business is the team behind delivering services.

To ensure success in your drop servicing business, you have to find and train a strong team of service providers.

By training, we mean giving an orientation on your preferred specifications and delivery style.

Building a stable team of service providers may seem like an easy task.

However, the reality is the contrary, as it is daunting to build a perfect team.

Before assembling a team, you need to outline what to look out for in them.

Typically, it would be best to consider the following factors to start a drop service business.

  • The experience level of a freelancer.
  • How easy they flow with you in communication.
  • How well they work with deadlines.
  • How much training do they need to deliver your exact specifications?

Upon answering all these questions, you can easily find the best people who suit your team.

Once you do this, you can head over to Fiverr and hit the search; ‘graphics arts freelancers’ to discover a wide range of freelancers who are readily at your service.

How To Start A Graphics Art Drop Service Business Using Fiverr

At this point, you need to find individuals with the right skills and pricing to maintain a reasonable profit margin in your drop-servicing business.

Bring Your Brand To Life By Starting A Basic Website

Upon creating a perfect outline and assembling a team of good graphics art service providers, your next move should be to build a brand presence.

Today, one of the essential things in the business world is online presence.

For a business like drop servicing, this is a compulsory move.

Today, there are tons of cheap and even free website builders.

To make a website for your drop servicing business, you need to pay a little for a custom domain and hosting plan on platforms like Bluehost.


Remember, using free subdomains from free website providers is not advisable, as it decreases your reliability.

There are numerous websites like Shopify,, and Wix where you can get your website live with little or no cost.

Here are some essential things that need to be on your website.

  • A clear and straightforward description of the service you offer.
  • Your brand logo (You can get free design ideas by visiting websites like TailorBrands).
  • A clear explanation of why your clients should choose you over others.
  • A sample of some previous works delivered by your team.

If you intend to sell your services directly on your website, you could use an eCommerce plugin and set your pricing right on the website.

Otherwise, direct your clients to your Fiverr page from your website.

Set Up A Perfect Pricing For Your Service Packages

Despite being such a lucrative business, you can record losses from drop servicing if your pricing is not correct.

Whether you intend to price hourly or per project, setting a perfect pricing structure is crucial.

Without a doubt, hourly charges are one of the most common pricing methods online.

However, it is advisable to choose a method that works well for you.

Before setting up a special price, you should carefully consider all expenses, including the charges offered by your service providers.

If a service provider charges about $5 Per Hour for a job, you could set it up as a $10-per-hour job on your listing.

As a crucial part of pricing, it is advisable to consider your gain while also avoiding setting up prices over the mountains.

Surely, huge brands can get away with ridiculously high pricing packages.

However, they only do that with a large and reliable fan base built on trust over a long time.

As a new graphics art business owner, you would want to start with a moderate pricing plan so that new clients can get to test out your services.

Outline A Marketing Strategy

How To Start A Graphics Art Drop Service Business Using Fiverr

According to a recent survey, 28% of global internet users attest to finding new products and services via paid ads.

Now, that should tell you the power of marketing.

Marketing is a crucial part of any venture.

Moreover, it is pointless to own a business without proper exposure.

Today, there are several forms of marketing that anyone can easily place ads on numerous platforms across the internet.

There are many ways to expose your business today, from social media marketing to content marketing and even referral marketing.

You can invest in content like ad videos, emails, sponsored blog posts, etc.

Alternatively, you can also run social media ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook or use the Google Ads service.

The volume of clients you get depends on the level of work you put into marketing.

Start Earning!

The joy of every business is, of course, to make sales.

Upon setting up every procedure as outlined in this article, you can start earning from your drop service business.

Nothing beats the feeling of making the first sale.

Upon receiving your first sale, all you have to do is continue in your dedication and work towards improving your team to reach higher levels.

Also, it is advisable to pay close attention to all the observations of your clients, as they enable you to improve your customer satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Starting a graphics art business on Fiverr is not tricky.

As long as you follow the correct procedure, you can start earning in no time.

Moreover, millions of clients out there often have graphic art jobs to be completed.

Thus, anyone can tap into the industry and make tons of money.

As long as you have an active team of service providers and the right marketing strategy, you are good to go.

Suppose you intend to venture into the drop servicing business via graphic art services. In that case, you can follow the steps given in this article to begin.

In all, we do wish you success!