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How to Use the Keyword Sandbox Tool on SEO PowerSuite

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How to Use the Keyword Sandbox Tool on SEO PowerSuite

Proper keyword research remains the bedrock of ranking in the SERPs and the competition to get to the #1 page of Google and remain there is not getting any easier.

With the majority of informational and commercial keywords being taken over by websites with very strong domain authority, smaller and newer websites can only scramble and compete for very limited keywords.

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One way to explore keywords that bigger sites are uninterested in targeting is to use versatile and intelligent keyword research tools to fill the gaps.  Keyword variants or gaps in most cases can be scrapped only with SEO tools that have built up a sophisticated database of keywords tracked over some time.

For instance, SEO PowerSuite has a robust tracking system that enables you to conduct keyword research and monitor rankings over time. In addition, this tool has a “rank tracker”, which features a keyword sandbox tool.

The keyword sandbox tool allows you to store relevant keyword ideas (short & long tail) for future use.

In this article, I will take you through the Keyword Sandbox tool concept using SEO PowerSuite as a reference.

Key Highlights

🎯 The keyword sandbox tool serves as a repository or database for a wide range of relevant keyword variants keyed into search engines.

🎯 A few applications like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and more have robust Keyword sandbox tools.

🎯 Keyword research is becoming more competitive as new articles and videos are launched each day.

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🎯 Keyword research tools are powered by artificial intelligence and are not to rely on 100% but can assist in getting insight into keyword gaps for topics to write.

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What Is A Keyword Sandbox Tool?

A keyword sandbox tool is a feature in your SEO keyword ranker that helps you store keywords accumulated over a period.  In addition, this tool organizes keyword data in themed groups, allowing for future usage and easier research reference.

How Does A Keyword Sandbox Tool Work?

As highlighted earlier, a Keyword Sandbox tool allows for easier research sessions by accumulating crucial keywords from your past research sessions.

Using the SEO PowerSuite platform as an example, the tool automatically works in the background during all your research.

The image below shows how the keyword sandbox tool works during every keyword research session.

How to Use the Keyword Sandbox Tool on SEO Powersuite

1. Archive Most Searched Keywords For Future Use

The odds are that your most searched keywords are the keywords you are most likely to use in future research sessions.

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So with that, the keyword sandbox archives keywords related to your base keyword and stores all your direct keyword searches in a grouped folder.

This way, it becomes easy for you to start your SEO session from already-arranged terms.

2. Group Keywords According To Their Niches

The overall goal of the Keyword sandbox tool is to build a database of relevant keywords. While doing normal keyword research on the keyword sandbox tool, the system automatically arranges each term alongside other related terms.

You can access them by topics rather than finding them individually. This move allows for easy navigation and a faster user experience.

Of course, once you access the keyword grouping page, you can rearrange the overall structure to your taste.

3. Automatically Move Keywords To Sandbox Tool

Once you conduct keyword research with SEO PowerSuite, the rank tracker automatically moves all your direct hit searches and their related terms to the sandbox keyword tool.

This move is a good one, especially when you intend to conduct further deep analysis.

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But, you do not always need to allow this process, as you can immediately use the rank tracking tool to conduct deep research and skip the automated keyword sandbox procedures.

Pros And Cons Of The Keyword Sandbox Tool [SEO PowerSuite]

Like most keyword tools, PowerSuite’s Keyword Sandbox tool offers many advantages to newbies and even experts.

As a result, most people utilize this tool to get the best from their research sessions in the long run. This move, however, does not entail that there are no disadvantages attached to using this tool.

This section of this article will elaborate on all the major advantages and disadvantages we have observed from a short while of testing the demo of this software. In addition, we will also feature some of these points regarding reviews from real users on public forums.


A. Easy To Navigate

The design and layout of SEO PowerSuite are simple and easy to use. As a result, It is quite easy to navigate the keyword sandbox tool, as every feature is accessible from the main screen.

Also, the system is automated, so even newbies can fully understand the overall tool within a short time.

B. Wide Range Of Features

The keyword sandbox tool from SEO PowerSuite comes with a lot of features.

These features include in-depth rank tracking, keyword competition rating, and an automatic Keyword grouping tool.

How to Use the Keyword Sandbox Tool on SEO Powersuite

Without a doubt, SEO PowerSuite is a complete SEO package filled with numerous SEO solutions. Thus, all SEO tools often have new updates and features, including the keyword sandbox system.

3. Reports Are In-depth

Like most top-tier SEO tools online, the keyword sandbox tool from SEO PowerSuite assembles keywords over time and generates a detailed report of your research history.

How to Use the Keyword Sandbox Tool on SEO Powersuite

This report embodies a themed arrangement of your research sessions and the best moves you have to take going forward. The reports are reliable, and this is a widely mentioned advantage amongst verified users.


A. Average Customer Service

Generally, all online organizations promise 24/7 customer support. In reality, however, the reverse is the case, as only a few online customers support delivery in that regard.

From personal tests, SEO PowerSuite features a customer service that is slightly below par.

Of course, they have numerous channels like the live chat feature from the website, email contact, and even phone.

However, none of these methods are as instant as they specify. With that in mind, If you hit up the customer team at the wrong time, you may have to wait a few hours to get real feedback from agents.

Undoubtedly, this is not a major con, as there is hardly any reason to contact customer service using the keyword sandbox tool.

B. Purchase Price for the Pro & Ent Plans are High

You have to purchase a paid plan to gain access to all features.

As of writing this article, the professional plan on SEO PowerSuite costs $299/Year, while the Enterprise plan costs $699/Year.

Depending on your plan and the specified duration, monthly fees start from $8.89/Month.

How to Use the Keyword Sandbox Tool on SEO Powersuite

These fees are indeed on the high side, especially when considering small businesses and individuals running their websites at a low scale.

Of course, there is a free trial option, but this only lasts for 14 days, after which you have to make the payments as stated above.

C. The Free Plan Is Limited

Unlike some SEO tools, where users can access all the basic tools on free subscriptions, SEO PowerSuite limits how much a user can use the software while on the free plan.

How to Use the Keyword Sandbox Tool on SEO Powersuite

As of writing this article, free users only get to test the keyword sandbox tool a few times before having to make payments to use all features limitlessly.

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Final Thoughts

Search engine optimization is one practice that has no finish line. As a result, even experts often look out for new tools to utilize to improve their overall game.

So far, the keyword sandbox feature by SEO PowerSuite is one of these systems that have made SEO easier.

This tool groups your research sessions and performs analysis on these themed groups. This way, it becomes easier to conduct future research and know what you should do in future research sessions.

As said in an earlier part of this article, using the keyword sandbox tool is quite easy. With that in mind, it is easy to switch and rearrange the overall structure to match your preference.

Though the pricing is quite high, you can always utilize the monthly payment feature rather than the yearly pay. This move will allow you only to make payments when you intend to use the service.