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How To Plan Your Side Hustle With An Engaging 9-5 Job

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How To Plan Your Side Hustle With An Engaging 9-5 Job

We live in a period of diverse opportunities, so people often search for ways to diversify their income streams.

Securing a good and engaging 9-5 job could be the dream of most people out there.

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However, we always crave for more as humans especially when it has to do with income.

As a result, side hustles have become very popular worldwide.

We all know that it is difficult to maintain a fully functional side hustle while also running an engaging 9-5 job.

These 9-5 jobs are often engaging. Thus, there is often little free time to push side hustles further.

However, with the help of this article, we will take you through all you need to know about planning your side hustle with an engaging 9-5 job.

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Key Highlights

 🎯 Side hustles have become very popular globally.

 🎯 9-5 jobs are often very engaging which means there is always little time to push side hustles further.

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 🎯 It is always better to set clear goals regarding what needs to be done.

 🎯 Most side hustles featured here can be done at your own time.

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Let’s get to the details…

Set Clear Goals

How To Plan Your Side Hustle

It is an excellent move to attach side hustles to 9-5 jobs.

However, you can clutter the whole process if clearly defined goals are not set.

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Making money comes with great excitement but chasing money could also make you restless.

No matter how promising a side hustle may be, it is not advisable to compromise a 9-5 job for a side job, especially early.

Thus, it is always better to set clear goals regarding what needs to be done and get it done quickly.

You could set a goal of attending to a specific number of clients per week (maybe 2 or 3) from your side job to have enough time to focus on other tasks.

Side hustles seem tempting times, but it is always advisable to stick to defined goals. Else, you might end up with a long pile of unfinished work on both ends.


Work With Timelines

How To Plan Your Side Hustle

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Setting up timelines is one of the best ways to run a side job while also running an engaging 9-5 job.

Your timeline must not be so strict that you end up beating yourself if you don’t meet them.

But, timelines help you focus, eliminate distractions, and prioritize your daily tasks effectively.

Deadlines create a sense of urgency and help your plan your day, it’s like accounting for every single thing you do by evaluating performance and results.

To make your side hustle schedule easier, set timelines and remember to plan out all milestones from the start of a project to the finish.

Hire Skilled Hands When Needed

How To Plan Your Side Hustle

It is impossible to be skilled at everything.

When starting a side hustle, everyone is bound to encounter some weaknesses.

Thus, it is always advisable to have one or two trusted freelancers who can deliver with speed, and are always at your service in times of need.

Trying to do everything by yourself could end up bad, as it could lead to a slow turn-out or poor job delivery.

Undoubtedly, this could ruin your side hustle in the long run.

Thus, it is required to always hire expert hands when needed to save you stress and time.

10 Practicable Side Hustles To Start When You Have An Engaging 9-5 Job

Some side jobs can take time and effort to run in most cases.

Thus, it is advisable to always choose easy side hustles as a 9-5er.

This section of this article has compiled a comprehensive list of the ten best easy side hustles to start when you have an engaging 9-5 job.

1. Online Tutoring (Via Websites Like Chegg)

How To Plan Your Side Hustle

You can teach any subject online today. As a result, there is an ever-ready audience, as this form of learning is accepted worldwide.

Whether you are an English Tutor, Mathematician, or even a Physicist, you can conveniently run a side hustle as a tutor online.

There are several websites like Chegg and that allow users to sign up as tutors.

On these Websites, you can advertise your services and make from $20-$60+ per hour, depending on your level.

While this job is a great side hustle, you must possess teaching experience and qualifications to become an online tutor.

2. Uber Driving

How To Plan Your Side Hustle

If you live in a populated city and you own a car, then Uber Driving would be a great side hustle for you.

Now, as a full-time worker, it is almost impossible to become an Uber driver, as you can not tell when a customer might require your service.

However, in the case of this side hustle, you only need to hire a trusted driver.

The driver could be someone you know or someone you trust with a referee.

As of today, these are two requirements for Uber drivers.

As an Uber driver, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Have a decent driving record
  • Own a driving license
  • Have 3+ years of driving experience


3. Sell Stock Photos

How To Plan Your Side Hustle

As weird as it seems, you can make money by simply taking professional photos and placing them for sale online.

You might ask questions regarding where to post these images and get buyers.

However, this is very easy to do.

Today, there are close to 2 Billion websites online.

With this, images are sold at a rapid pace on the internet.

As long as your image fits a perfect description, there is a perfect audience for it.

List of websites to sell photos online:

To begin selling photos on any of these websites, you need to visit their homepage and locate the signup area, often in the login screens.

Most of these websites feature easy-to-use interfaces so that anyone can begin the process with little to no introduction.

All it takes to sell a photo is selecting a photo from your device, setting pricing, and publishing it on your chosen website.

4. Course Sales On Websites Like Udemy and Coursera

Although similar, selling a course online is quite different from becoming an online tutor on websites like Chegg.

While those tutors may require teaching qualifications, anyone can sell short or long courses online on Udemy and Coursera.

One thing that makes it even more interesting is that you do not have to teach students in most cases.

Thus, you can create an entire course, place it for sale on any of the aforementioned websites, and make money from it as a side gig.

Typically, most courses on websites like Udemy cost around $20-$300+.

5. Freelance On Websites Like Fiverr

Fiverr is, without doubt, the most significant global marketplace in the world.

Thus, skilled sellers and buyers are often readily available on the platform.

All it takes to start freelancing on websites like Fiverr is to detect a skill you are willing to render to the public.

Whether you are a writer, language expert, graphic designer, video editor, or even a jewelry designer, there is something for everyone on major freelance websites.

Thus, you could turn your skill into a steady part-time income stream while still maintaining your typical 9-5 job.

How to sign up on Fiverr to start freelancing?

Joining Fiverr is 100% free so that anyone can start a side hustle as a freelancer on the website.

To sign up as a freelancer on the platform, you need to:

  • Click on login to access the login page.
  • Select Join.
  • Enter your email address and fill in other details.
  • Choose a preferred username.
  • Select a password and verify the email to activate.
  • Create gigs and become a seller.
  • Make money working for clients.

6. Social Media Marketing

How To Plan Your Side Hustle

We are in 2022, and most businesses already utilize the power of social media for effective marketing via communication.

It is hard to know until you start looking for social media marketing gigs. Still, so many companies are looking for social media managers out there.

You could become a part-time social media manager with barely 10-20 hours per week.

7. Start a Content Blog

As long as easy side hustles are concerned, blogging remains one of the main things.

Blogging is one of the easiest side hustles on this list, as you can do it on your schedule.

However, it takes time before blogging starts bringing in money.

Most bloggers earn over $1,000 per month after only about one year of blogging.

Although blogging takes some time, it is one of the most lucrative side hustles on this list.

So, if you are in for a long-term side job, then here is how to start a blog.

How to Start a Blog

  • Select a preferred hosting company

The hosting company could be trusted hosting companies like Bluehost, GoDaddy, and Hostinger.

Bluehost - How To Plan Your Side Hustle
  • Choose a hosting plan.

You can get hosting plans for as low as $2.95 per month in hosting companies like Bluehost.

For most bloggers, it is advisable to go for the WordPress hosting plan.

  • Select and buy a domain name

Most hosting plans on major websites offer free domain names with paid hosting plans.

  • Connect your WordPress blog to the hosting plan

You can carry out this connection automatically via the WordPress hosting plan.

As for hosting companies like Bluehost, all you need to do is install WordPress automatically, and you can start your blog.

  • Start your blog!

Upon setting up your WordPress blog, you can begin sharing your ideas with the world.

Starting A Blog

As opposed to paid hosting plans, there are free options that you can utilize to start a blog for free.

However, these free options are minimal, therefore, they are only suitable for users who want to test out blogging without spending money.

Free Blog Platforms

  • Blogger (Overall best free blogging platform)
  • Tumblr (Best for Micro-blogging)

8. Website Testing

How To Plan Your Side Hustle

Although many people do not know of Website Testing, it is one of the best side hustles out there.

By merely visiting a website and giving genuine feedback, you earn money on some websites.

Mostly, website owners post these gigs on these testing platforms, and all you need to do as a tester is to sign up and indicate interest by picking up the job if available.

Today, most website testers make between $10-$30 for each testing job.

Website testing is very suitable for people with engaging 9-5 jobs as a side job.

Some website testing platforms online are:

9. Become A Part-Time Consultant/Coach

As long as you have a skill, there are endless possibilities to making money.

One of these ways to make money is starting a consulting business online.

Whether you are highly knowledgeable in business management or health and fitness, there is always a broad audience waiting out there.

Moreover, this job offers total freedom, as you only need to work in your own free time.

Most beginner consultants charge about $25-$100 per hour for a start.

However, this goes for as high as $1,000+ per hour for experienced consultants.

One of the best platforms to start your consultation journey is Clarity.FM.

You could also use LinkedIn for more exposure.

10. Sell Digital Products

A lot of people already make money from selling digital products online.

These digital products range from software, audio, images, and even eBooks to videos and more.

As long as you are a skilled craftsperson, you can always sell digital products as a side hustle, as it is easy to run.

You could sell these digital products on e-commerce websites like Shopify or WooCommerce and make so much money from sales due to significant traffic on most of these websites.

You may decide to avoid the setup hassles of a site and choose to join a marketplace like Amazon, Esty, eBay, etc.

Suppose you are good at writing, for example. In that case, you could carefully write an eBook and start selling online on websites like Amazon.

Due to its pressure-free nature, it is a good side hustle to kick-start as a full-time worker.

Final Thoughts

There is so much involved in running a side hustle alongside an engaging 9-5 job.

But with the tips and all the easy side hustles featured here, it would be easier for anyone to cope with these side hustles while handling 9-5 jobs.

With the flexibility they offer, you can do most side hustles featured here at your own time, so it perfectly fits any engaging 9-5 job.

By setting clear goals and making a work schedule, you can always get things done on time, which helps while managing side jobs.

So far, that is all for this article, and we do wish you success as you venture into your preferred side hustle from our list.

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