Pro-tips for Excelling as a Freelance Writer on the Barefoot Writer Club

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Excelling as a Freelance Writer on the Barefoot Writer

There are numerous platforms dedicated to helping content writers. One of these platforms is “The Barefoot Writer Magazine”.

Though this platform has been around for a while, most writers do not know what they offer.

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In this article, I will take you through all you need to know about Barefoot Writer Magazine and how to excel as a writer via Barefoot.

Key Highlights

 🎯 Barefoot has improved the career of over 100,000 writers globally.

 🎯 The major selling point of any content writer is good command of English, logic, and the ability to improve click-through rates.

 🎯 You must have good SEO research skills to properly outline an article.

 🎯 Generic article writers receive way less pay than niche-focused writers.

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Insights into the “Barefoot Writer Club”

Barefoot Magazine is a writing club dedicated to assisting writers from all works of life to achieve their writing goals and set them on a path to earning money from their writing.

The platform focuses mainly on monetizing writers and helping them to land freelance content writing jobs from home.

As of writing this article, here are some major areas that The Barefoot Writer Club focuses on:

  • Showing writers the hottest offers available for all levels of writers.
  • Helping writers monetize their writing skills to the highest attainable level.
  • Assisting writers with numerous articles and study materials to improve overall content writing skills.
  • Providing writers with subscriptions to Barefoot Magazine’s monthly newsletter packed with numerous information on content writing.

Top Tips on Excelling As A Barefoot Writer

Starting a content writer career via Barefoot is the right move. Moreover, there is loads of information available to help out every level of writer on the platform.

Of course, Barefoot provides all the necessary information to excel as a writer. However, we have compiled a few more pro tips that can help you out on your journey.

To excel as a content writer either using Barefoot or any other writing platform, here are the steps you need to take:

Improve the Use of Grammar

It is unacceptable to produce written content full of typos and grammatical errors as a content writer as this will not only make you lose repeated patronage but also reduce your revenue.

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I usually recommend that freelance writers take online courses on the use of the English Language especially understanding how to write content for the web. You can check out

Writers need to improve in the use of grammar and also utilize grammar editing tools like Grammarly to maximize content accuracy.

Grammarly - Pro-tips for Excelling as a Freelance Writer on the Barefoot Writer Club

Regarding freelance work, it is almost impossible to get away with poorly written articles. Moreover, this also sends a bad message to potential clients, reducing your overall earning potential.

Barefoot Club hits on the importance of grammar in most articles. This remains one of the most potent tools every content creator should possess.

Pay Attention To Writing Guidelines

Pro-tips for Excelling as a Freelance Writer on the Barefoot Writer Club

If you write on a freelance basis, then the odds are that every client comes with a different set of writing guidelines.

Most times, these guidelines appear so confusing that even experienced writers misinterpret them.

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One pro tip to excel as a content writer is to pay close attention to all guidelines you receive.

The client’s requirements are the key factor to use as a reference while writing.  

You may have to tilt your original writing pattern sometimes, as the client’s preference is paramount.

This move enables you to create a long-lasting relationship with clients.

Focus On Your Niche

Knowing what you’re good at and passionate about is the first step, then honing your skills for commercial value is what you need to do next.

This is possible when you build a portfolio of niche-related content that establishes you as an authority in your niche.

Writers who fully understand their writing topics would deliver better quality content.

In most cases, newer writers often generalize paid writing jobs and research numerous niches. Though this is not a bad idea, it is not advisable if you intend to receive secure more jobs for a particular niche.

Generic article writers receive lesser pay than niche-focused writers even if the former tends to write more. There is usually delivery of mastery when you dedicate your time to writing on niche-related topics for a longer time.

The concept of focusing on a niche is one of the driving factors at the Barefoot Club, and it is a working strategy that can help monetize writers faster.

Technical Approach to Content Research

It’s known that in improving SEO, ‘content is king’. In reality, the statement should be ‘quality content is king’.

In the context of writing, research differentiates regular content from top-class content. Before writing on a specific topic as a content writer, one of the pro tips is to carefully go through researched articles.

These could be resource materials related to your specified topic and general statistical information about the topic. This increases your article’s overall quality and creates a more in-depth quality for your readers.

The Use of Headings, Subtopics & Article Formatting

Creating a clean and organized outline for an article is one factor most newbie writers find daunting. Barefoot Writers Club has lots of resources on this subject.

Formatting your blog post or article now goes beyond uploading a block of text and inserting images here and there and clicking publish.

The proper use of heading tags (H1, H2, H3…H5) is sometimes overlooked by some webmasters. The Heading tags are also an important on-page SEO tactic that helps Google understand what your page is all about.

Outlining an article is one thing that seems easy to do, but you should be mindful to understand and adopt guidelines that will help your articles be discoverable.

Unlike in the past, there are now several blog-outliner tools that can enable you to automatically outline articles. So, it would be best to make sure you utilize these free tools to generate the best outlines on the best sub-topics to write on and what to research.

Surfer - Pro-tips for Excelling as a Freelance Writer on the Barefoot Writer Club

One of these free outlining tools is the SurferSeo Blog Outliner tool.

For more features, SurferSeo has a paid version.  Users can utilize the outliner tool for free, even without signing up.

Use Copyscape

Plagiarism is one factor that can hinder the career growth of any content writer.

Plagiarizing is seen as an online crime and a theft of human capital. This act is the most horrendous crime as far as content writing is concerned.

To excel as a writer, you must create unique content built around what the reader wants while emphasizing your ideas. This way, it becomes easier for people to understand your unique writing voice.

Thanks to modern innovations, there are several plagiarism tools like Duplichecker and Copyscape, to detect plagiarized content. You must use these tools after finishing your work to avoid any complications along the line.

Writers who create plagiarized content also risk being banned from writing platforms and receiving low ratings from clients. This move is, of course, the last thing any writer would want, as piracy is a real crime.

To excel as a writer, you have to create a unique writing voice and use other research articles for only reference purposes. This way, you bring something new to the table and improve your overall experience.

Final Thoughts

Other than Barefoot Writers Club, numerous writing platforms are dedicated to helping new writers. Of course, these platforms all have even purposes.

To improve the quality of new writers to enable them to monetize faster. Though not disclosed publicly, Barefoot has improved the career of over 100,000 writers globally.

From general tips to core monetization strategies, many writers have received huge bags by merely following tips from the Barefoot Writer platform.

As specified earlier, this article focuses on the pro tips that can enable you to become a better writer faster.

Many other tips are available for both new and experienced writers. However, the tips featured in this article are some of the most important.

As a result, any writer can excel in the writing field by strictly adhering to them.

In all, I do wish you success as you drive to become the next big content writer.