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10 Best Summer Side Hustles for Women Below 45

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10 Best Summer Side Hustles for Women Below 45

The warmth of summer allows for more activities, this period opens doors to more activities in outdoor games, sports, business, health, and anything outdoor you can think of. Summer opens up the mind and one’s mental health.  Summer also enables you to earn more income even as a woman.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a student, on break, or simply looking to supplement your regular job, side hustles can provide a great way to earn money and gain valuable skills.

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We will explore the ten best summer side hustles for women below 45 in this article. These options are flexible, allow you to work on your terms and earn more income than before, and can also be pursued alongside other responsibilities.

Key Takeaways

🎯 Women earn about $378 on average from their side hustle work in the United States.

🎯 Summer is the perfect time to explore new opportunities and make extra income as a woman below 45.

🎯 As of May 27, 2023, the average hourly pay for a summer job in the United States is $16.76/hr.

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Best Summer Side Hustles for Women

Side Hustles for Women

1. Handmade Crafts and Art:

If you are artistically inclined as a woman below 45, you can turn your talent into a side business that will fetch you extra income during summer. You can create handmade crafts, jewelry, or artwork that you can sell online through platforms like Etsy or at local markets and fairs.

Depending on your skilfulness and how aesthetically appealing your crafts are you will earn cool cash from this side hustle as summer is a great time to capitalize on the increased demand for unique, handcrafted items.

2. Event Planning

If there is anything commonly associated with summer, it’s the festivity of the season. It is a popular season for weddings, parties, and other breathtaking events.

Therefore, if you have a knack for organizing events and you are someone who pays attention to detail, you should consider starting an event planning business this summer.

You can help clients plan and execute their special occasions, including venue selection, decoration, catering, and logistics management.

3. Airbnb Host

If you have a spare room in your home or a property that is unoccupied, you should consider becoming an Airbnb host by renting out your space to travelers from far and wide, seeking better and more peaceful scenery during the summer months.

Renting out your space is a great way to earn extra income during the summer seasons, as it allows you to use your personal property to earn extra income for yourself at your rate.

You can also manage bookings, ensure a pleasant experience for guests, and even provide additional services like breakfast or local tour recommendations.

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4. Photography

Side Hustles for Women

If you have a passion for photography as a woman and own a good-quality camera ( you can easily purchase one if you don’t have one).

Summer is a wonderful opportunity for you to earn cool cash with your photography skill as summer comes with numerous opportunities to capture beautiful moments such as wedding photographs, beautiful climates, and festivals. From there, you can sell your pictures as stock photos on Freepik, Unsplash, Pexels, etc.

5. Freelance Writing or Content Creation

If you have a flair for writing, consider freelancing as a content creator or writer. Many companies, websites, and blogs are in constant need of fresh content. You can create articles, blog posts, social media updates, or even copywriting materials.

Freelance writing offers flexibility, as you can work from anywhere and choose projects that interest you, which makes it one of the most flexible side hustles during summer for women under 45.

6. Fitness or Yoga Instructor

If you’re keen on fitness and healthy living, and very passionate about helping others maintain a certain level of healthiness, you can use your skill to earn extra income even as a woman below 45 by becoming a fitness or yoga instructor.

You can offer private sessions, teach classes at local gyms or studios, or even conduct outdoor group workouts during the summer. This side hustle not only keeps you active but also allows you to inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle and at the same time, earn you extra cash to enjoy the luxuries of having extra income.

7. Online Tutoring

If you are well-skilled in a certain subject or have teaching experience, online tutoring can be a lucrative option. You can work as a summer teacher for college kids on holidays.

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You can also set your own schedule and tutor students remotely, offering flexible hours and the ability to work from home even during summer without interfering with any of your routine schedules during the season

8. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

With many people going on vacation during the summer, the demand for pet sitting and dog walking services increases.

If you’re an animal lover, this is another lucrative side hustle you should consider. You can set your rates and schedule, and this side hustle allows you to spend time with adorable pets while making money.

Currently, the average hourly pay for a Pet Sitter in the United States is $14.36 an hour.

9 Baby Sitter/Nanny

Side Hustles for Women

This is another lucrative side hustle for women during the summer of 2023. Working as a babysitter or nanny means providing childcare for families by taking care of their babies in their absence.

If you are good with handling children, then this is a side hustle you can earn extra bucks from this summer.

Some of the responsibilities attached to this side hustle include; providing educational activities, and may include bathing, dressing, changing diapers, and planning/preparing meals.

Nannies sometimes live in-home and provide 24/7 care, while babysitters normally provide services only during set days and times. The average salary for a babysitter/nanny is $20.81 per hour in the United States.

10. Social Media Management

If you’re social media-savvy as a woman below 45, this is another side hustle you should consider this summer by offering your services as a social media manager to individuals, friends, and organizations that may need your skill to boost their online presence.

Help clients create content, schedule posts, engage with their audience, and analyze performance metrics. This side hustle is ideal for those who are familiar with various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Final Thoughts

Being a woman below 45 should not stop you from earning extra income, especially during summer. By engaging the any of the side hustles listed above, you will be able to afford some of your desires and luxuries without burdening your family finances.

Always ensure you do your research before engaging in any side hustle depending on your region or geographical location as the mode of engagement and pay rate may slightly differ from those we quoted in this guide.