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10 Best Side Hustles for New Zealand Residents

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10 Best Side Hustles for New Zealand Residents

The New Zealand culture and its people are known for bravery, inventiveness, open-mindedness, and humility which makes the country a good ground for pursuing your financial dreams.

The good thing also is that New Zealand has a bit of passiveness which means competition is not so intense, unlike the United States which is faster paced. In the U.S. debt is a big issue even with the strong purchasing power of the dollar, most are still in huge debt despite having several side hustles.

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Considering doing something on the side, especially in a country like New Zealand is one of the best financial decisions you can make in 2023.

Therefore, as a student, a stay-at-home parent, or someone looking to earn extra money to complement your monthly salary and enjoy some of the luxuries in New Zealand, you can consider taking up a side hustle.

In this article, I will share insights into ten practical side hustles suitable for residents of New Zealand.

Key Highlights

🎯 Most New Zealanders see side hustling simply as buying an investment property and renting it out.

🎯Unlike in the United States, where side hustle is a necessary evil, most New Zealanders see side hustles as more of a hobby because New Zealand has one of the highest minimum wages in the world, and their public services are pretty good.

🎯 You can earn as much as $27.66 per hour working as a delivery driver in Auckland City! As a fruit picker, you can earn up to NZ$22.04 per hour harvesting grapes, apples, kiwifruit, stone fruits, etc.

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10 Best Side Hustles in New Zealand

1. Hospitality Staff

As of December 2022, the hospitality sector peaked a record sales of more than $13.38 billion, an increase of 7.7% from the previous year, which goes to show just how rich and lucrative this sector is, for anyone living in New Zealand and wants to make additional income. 

Some income-earning services you can engage in as a hospitality staff include waitstaff, bartenders, baristas, front-of-house guides, promo staff,  hotel receptionists, etc.

You can work part-time in evenings or weekend shifts while maintaining your day job. All you need to stand out in this industry is good vibes and a great personality.

2. Brewery Worker

With more than 200 breweries in New Zealand and a market evaluation worth $3.3 billion in 2022, working in a brewery is another lucrative side hustle you should leverage in 2023 to earn extra income and enjoy some luxuries while living in New Zealand.

With an average pay of NZ$ 51,751 a year and NZ$ 25 an hour in New Zealand, you’ll get many opportunities to work in microbreweries in different cities. Some of the tasks you would be performing include working as a helping hand cleaning around the factory, a bottler checker, or a packer.

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Interviews organized for this side hustle in selecting a suitable candidate sometimes involve discussions about beers to test your understanding, knowledge, and vibes about the job.

3. Bartending

Side Hustles for New Zealand Residents

As a bartender in New Zealand, you can earn as much as $25.90 per hour. The minimum criteria to work as a bartender in New Zealand is that you must be 18 years of age.

Apart from that, being a bartender in many places requires little experience. You may decide to get a certification that will boost your chances of being employed.

You could also consider a three-day bartender course in Auckland with Barista Academy will give you this boost if you are just starting as a bartender).

Some key traits required of a to-be employed bartender include; knowledge about drinks, a considerable level of cleanliness, good customer service and communication skills, etc. You will learn most of these skills on the job.

However, one major challenge you’d encounter with this side hustle is if you don’t speak English well or aren’t proficient in the English language.

Therefore, you should consider having an advanced understanding of the language before you apply for a bartending job. Being a bartender with a nice accent is one of the best side hustles in New Zealand In 2023.

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4.  Delivery Driver

With the increasing popularity of online shopping in New Zealand and across the globe, delivery driver roles have become more prevalent. Local businesses, courier companies, and food delivery services often hire part-time drivers.

This role requires a driver’s license and reliable transportation, making them suitable for outdoor individuals, especially if you enjoy driving and want flexible hours.

As a delivery driver, you can earn as much as $27.66 per hour in Auckland City, $25.98 in Tauranga, and $25.56 in Hamilton.

Some of the basic requirements for this side hustle include a full driver’s license, a Class 2, 3, 4, or 5 driver’s license, depending on the size of your vehicle, a transport service license, a dangerous goods (D) endorsement, if you are carrying dangerous goods. You must also pass a pre-employment drug test.

5.  Retail Sales Associate

The average salary for a Retail Sale Associate in New Zealand is $46,750 per year or $23.97 per hour in 2023, which makes it, a very lucrative side hustle if you are living in New Zealand and seeking to make extra income.

Some tasks you can take on working as a retail sales associate include assisting customers, operating cash registers, and maintaining store displays.

6. Packing or Picking

This side hustle is probably the easiest you can work and earn extra income as a New Zealander in 2023, especially when New Zealand hits a fruit-picking season.

With an average earning of NZ$22.04 per hour, there is a high demand for willing workers to head to the fields and harvest all sorts of fruit, from grapes to apples to kiwifruit and even stone fruits.

All you need to function effectively in this role is a means of transportation and availability. Can you get the location or pick a point at the expected time? If yes, then you can perform effectively in this role.

7. Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping is another side hustle you should consider in 2023 to earn extra income if you reside in New Zealand.

With per hour earning of NZ$20.75, this side hustle is even easier to get than tourism jobs because there are several accommodations available in New Zealand, such as hotels, motels, resorts, holiday parks, e.t.c, that require the services of a housekeeper to keep these accommodations clean, orderly and in good taste, in readiness for guests or occupants.

You don’t need much experience to work as a housekeeper in 2023.  All you need is a keen eye for detail and time management skills.

8. Decluttering

When we talk about decluttering, it is a simple way of saying, “selling all the old stuff in your house that you don’t need.”

It might sound a bit cliché, but this is another side hustle you can leverage to earn more income in New Zealand in 2023 with little or no experience or skill required.

For example, let’s assume you have about 100 pieces of clothing but wear the same 15-20 pieces every week. You can sell these clothes you never use and turn them into cash to spend on other things you need.

You can raise over $5000 by selling old stuff lying unused in your house and also buy from your neighbors and friends to resell at a higher price.

Please, do ensure the materials are still in good condition and reusable.

9.  Event Staff

Side Hustles for New Zealand Residents

New Zealand hosts numerous events, conferences, and festivals throughout the year. As an event staff, some tasks you will undertake include ticketing, crowd management, merchandise sales, and hospitality services.

Hustling as an event staff offers you the opportunities to be part of exciting events, work flexible shifts, build networks with people across the globe, etc.

10. Private Tutoring

Last but not least on our list of lucrative side hustles to earn extra income in New Zealand is tutoring. Your earnings as a tutor in New Zealand depend on your skills, location, and experience.

If you are a university student who work as a private teacher/tutor in 2023, you can earn up to $23 an hour. As a private teacher/tutor working for a company with a degree or a teaching qualification, you will earn between $28 and $39 an hour. 

Also, self-employed private teachers/tutors with a degree or a teaching qualification can earn between $60 and $80 an hour.

Final Thoughts

As a citizen or an immigrant in New Zealand, you should find something that can fetch you an extra income asides from the income from your part-time or full-time employment.

With the side hustles outlined, you can explore them and many other options to get extra income and live comfortably, build your financial portfolio, or get that dream house.

 Also, ensure you do further research on any of these side hustles that you might find quite profitable and willing to take on depending on your skill sets and experience.