8 Healthy Habits That Will Boost Your Business Productivity

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8 Healthy Habits That Will Boost Your Business Productivity

Elon Musk has a blocking habit he adopts during workdays, he divides his time into 5-minutes slots … time for reading and responding to emails, taking phone calls, attending business meetings, etc. He spends most of his day designing and engineering. 

Budding businesses demand creativity, hard work, and patience to maximize get results. Attaining success in business and career requires consistent effort as well.

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Individuals run businesses, and what separates business owners is how they manage their time.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day and how it is spent makes the difference, it’s up to you to make the best use of it to get the desired results you want.

Maximizing productivity builds capacity and that is what distinguishes strong business leaders in the world today. The ability to handle large teams, subsidiaries, and a conglomerate rests on how you build capacity. And, the capacity to lead a large team is born out of how productive you are.

In this article, I will highlight 8 healthy habits that will boost your productivity in business.

Key Highlights

 🎯 Maximizing productivity builds capacity in the long run.

 🎯 Capacity is required to lead large teams.

 🎯 Productive habits can be developed and implemented in our daily lives.

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 🎯 It is up to you to decide how to maximize your day.

Let’s get to the details…

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1. Stay Motivated

Motivation is the key to achieving any goal in life, it’s like fuel that keeps you going.

Staying motivated doesn’t have to be all about you… you have a role to play in keeping your team motivated as well.

Whether it has to do with you or your employees, using the right words, reference scenarios, and creating an understanding relationship can go a long way.

A recent employee motivation survey was carried out on 50,000 workers, and it was revealed that 87% of employees who are motivated are less likely to leave their companies.

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Moreover, employees that are in high spirits tend to put in more work in all they do, thereby improving results for the business.

2. Avoid Multitasking

8 Healthy Habits That Will Boost Your Business Productivity

The concept of doing two jobs at the same time is only a mere imagination, as we tend to only move back and forth with each task.

A study revealed that multitasking can reduce the productivity of a person by up to 40%.

In the context of business, it is always advisable to delegate focused tasks to team members or employees, as this would enable you to have realistically specified expectations from each of them.

3. Connecting with Others

8 Healthy Habits That Will Boost Your Business Productivity

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Presently, businesses that are not online miss out on a whole on maximum exposure and the potential of new clients reaching them.

Taking a peek from social media and web search traffic, so many businesses are making it big via their online marketing structures.

Now, according to statistics as featured in WPForms, 55% of people search the internet for product or service recommendations and reviews, and a whopping 47% out of that number purchase a product from an online store while 26% visit physical stores.

Businesses with no online presence miss out on their complete potential.

It is recommended that businesses include functional websites with responsive customer support, and also utilize social media to drive traffic and sales.

Getting your business online is not difficult, you can start with a social media page and set up a website with hosting providers like Bluehost and begin to get eyes to your business online.

4. Decluttering Your Workspace

8 Healthy Habits That Will Boost Your Business Productivity

Decluttering your workspace adds a sense of decency and responsibility to you. Asides from enjoying the sense of freshness it gives, working in a decluttered workspace reduces fatigue.

To stay focused, motivated and productive, having a few work tools at a time on your work desk helps you maintain focus.

5. Utilize Productivity Apps

Significantly, technology has made everything significantly easier.

As we speak, numerous apps and software can assist in boosting the overall productivity of your business.

Ranging from creating virtual workspaces to setting up remote reminders and more, these apps are used by most big organizations in the world.

Here are some of these productivity apps that can boost the productivity of your business.

  • Slack (For the creation of a virtual workspace for easy communication amongst employees).
  • Hive (For easy project management).
  • Todoist (For recording group tasks and setting reminders).
  • Google Docs (For virtually collaborating on documents and sharing ideas and observations in real-time).

6. Host Health and Wellness Programs/Seminars

8 Healthy Habits That Will Boost Your Business Productivity

According to research from Harvard Business Review, persons with strong mental health are up to 23% more productive.

In a further study, it was again revealed that physically healthy employees are 17% more productive.

With the information above, you can see that overall health has a lot to do with productivity.

Thus, a business with healthy workers is more likely to do well than a business with dull and unhealthy workers.

7. Avoid Time-Wasting Activities

Cutting out all unnecessary tasks and focusing on important goals can greatly improve the productivity of a business.

A ton of time-wasting activities reduce the overall productivity of a business.

These could be extra activities that are not directly in line or serve as distractions to the major goals of a business.

Some of these time-wasting activities are:

  • Repetitive meetings

While holding meetings may be important for a business, too many meetings may affect the overall productivity of a business.

Moreover, time spent on unimportant meetings can be utilized in action towards achieving general business goals.

  • Interruptive Discussions

Interaction is an effective tool as far as business is concerned.

However, when a less important discussion interrupts ongoing work, it can affect the productivity of a business, as it stands as a major distraction.

8. Avoid Procrastination

Nothing steals time away as procrastination.

There is a saying in the business world that ‘time is money.

By procrastinating, goals are delayed or postponed, high achievers dread procrastination. Following through on a plan is what differentiates top performers from average leaders.

By sticking to and pushing through on a plan, goals are achieved as desired.

Research from CV-Library revealed that 23.4% of UK professionals spend up to 21 hours doing personal activities during work-time.

This might seem small, but when expanded to a yearly scale, that is about 7 weeks of work-time lost.

Without a doubt, this seriously affects the productivity of a business, as goals are missed in the process.


Final Thoughts

There are ups and downs in the business world, so no business out there is 100% productive at all times.

However, there is a need to always strive to attain the best level of productivity possible.

All business owners can unlock the full potential of their businesses, and thus get more things done.

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