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9 Side Hustles That Fit The Legal Profession

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9 Side Hustles That Fit The Legal Profession

As a lawyer, doctor, or even a software engineer, there is often a drive to increase your earning potential beyond your monthly paycheck.

This drive somehow creates unrest within you as you continue to ponder on legitimate ways to create one or two additional income sources.

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I have been there, I know what it feels like.

It’s not bad to desire more especially with the pressure for competition and the standard of living increasing daily.

This article will take you through some of the best side hustles that fit the legal profession as of 2022. Ideally, these side hustles are evergreen and should be relevant even in the future.

Undoubtedly, there are hundreds of side hustle ideas for lawyers out there. Still, I have managed to narrow down this long list into the brief but detailed article you see.

So, without wasting any more time, let me take you through the list of the top 9 side hustles for lawyers.

Before choosing a side hustle, a lot comes into play. Moreover, side jobs are quite different from routine jobs.

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Before going to the main list, let us take a quick look at some essential things to look out for a while choosing side jobs.

Work Schedule

As far as side hustles are concerned, flexibility is vital.

Moreover, that is what makes it a side hustle.

If a side job is time-consuming and with rigid schedules, there is no valid reason for naming it a side hustle.

We all know that being a legal practitioner can be time-consuming. Thus, most lawyers have little spare time.

However, with a flexible side hustle, any lawyer can make extra money with little commitment.

Earning Potential

The primary reason behind side hustles is money-making, so a typical side hustle should have excellent earning potential.

Moreover, we all know that lesser commitment translates to lesser earnings. Hence, a side hustle should have a high earning potential to be worth it.

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Best Side Hustles For Lawyers

Here are the nine best side hustles that fit the legal profession.

1. Blogging

Blogging - 9 Side Hustles That Fit The Legal Profession

The truth is, so many world-class bloggers we see today started blogging part-time before the earnings surprisingly replaced their full-time job.

While this side hustle (blogging) takes a while before the cash starts flowing in, it turns out to be one of the most lucrative along the line.

It’s important to know that blogging takes about 9 – 18 months to start recording meaningful income, of course, depending on the blogging niche and the revenue model.

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Affiliate income, selling digital products, and Advertising income are usually the top 3 income stream methods of a blog.

Direct Ad placement, sponsorships, guest posting are other sources of income that can be integrated into your blog. 

Whether you are an attorney, or any legal professional, starting a blog is something anyone can do.

Moreover, the steps are so easy that even a non-tech-savvy individual can go through them without stress.

While there are so many free options for creating a blog, we advise starting with a paid hosting service on WordPress.

Key Highlights:

  • Requires little to no technical knowledge.
  • Earning potential is enormous in the long run.

2. Course Sales

Course Sales - 9 Side Hustles That Fit The Legal Profession

As a legal professional, the odds are, you know a lot that ordinary people do not know.

Thus, it becomes easy to utilize the power of online courses.

Moreover, so many people sign up for online courses today, so there is so much earning potential in the field.

A lawyer could put up a course on any topic in the legal field, and interested users would sign up.

So far, the online form of study has been gaining more popularity. Thus, more people are attracted to this form of learning.

In a bid to be as detailed as possible, here are some of the best online course websites out there.

While there are many other online course websites, these are some of the best from our research.

Moreover, these websites all have some of the best ratings from world-class review websites like Trustpilot.

Key Highlights:

  • Little or no stress involved.
  • Fast earning potential.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing - 9 Side Hustles That Fit The Legal Profession

Trust me; you’d be surprised at how much you can do freelancing for clients as a legal professional.

As we speak, this is one of the most popular side hustles amongst professionals.

So long as you can write or offer any particular skill, there are thousands of clients out there waiting for your service at all times.

Thus, one could end up making a fortune from minor freelance jobs.

Moreover, many freelance websites are on the internet today, so becoming a freelancer is now significantly more straightforward.

With great earning potential and a flexible schedule, this is easily one of the best side hustles for lawyers.

Freelance websites:

These are some of the best freelance websites out there for your side hustle.

All it takes is to sign up on any of these websites as a freelancer, and you are good to go.

Key Highlights:

  • Very flexible.
  • Requires special skills/talent.

4. Online Surveys

Online surveys have become one of the most accessible side hustles out there.

Moreover, they require little to no commitment, as all it takes is to answer a few questions to get paid.

Consequently, this is one of the best side hustles for law students and there is little commitment required.

All that is needed from you is to answer a few questions to earn.

The earning potential is relatively low in some regions with online surveys. However, the little time needed to earn makes it a worthy side hustle.

If you are interested in this form of side hustle, you could consider signing up on any sites below.

Key Highlights:

  • Money generated is often more minor.
  • Extremely easy and free to set up.

5. Consultation Services

Consultancy - 9 Side Hustles That Fit The Legal Profession

Being a consultant is one of the best side hustles every legal professional should consider.

Moreover, this could turn out to be a massive initiative, as most big consultants make ridiculous amounts of money for the little time they spend with clients.

Ranging from $50-$5,000 per hour,  consultants earn so much with little stress.

Thus, being a private consultant as a legal professional is a worthy side hustle.

Key Highlights:

  • Requires experience in the chosen field.
  • Has high earning potential.

6. eBook Sales

Most of us have potential manuscripts written halfway and left rotting away on the shelves.

If you are one of the people I am talking about, then this is for you.

Moreover, publishing an eBook requires little work, as there is no screening process from a publisher, and it costs little to produce.

Completed ebooks are sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

While this is a simple method to make money, good social media marketing must unlock the full earning potential.

Key Highlights:

  • It can be set up for free.
  • Generates a lot of money with proper marketing.

7. Uber Driving & Rental

Uber driving - 9 Side Hustles That Fit The Legal Profession

We all know that being an uber driver can be daunting and time-consuming most times.

However, a legal professional who owns a car can quickly make uber driving a side hustle without actually having to drive.

Yeah. You Saw it right!

Today, most uber drivers you see are not the owners of their uber cars.

With a well-trusted referee, you could hand over your car to an excellent driver to utilize the uber service and make gains on the side without stress.

This side job is done by most busy professionals out there.

Key Highlights:

  • Requires no time/commitment.
  • Has a reasonable earning potential.

8. Dropshipping

Dropshipping - 9 Side Hustles That Fit The Legal Profession

The idea of dropshipping is the sales of items via a website without actually having to own any product.

In this case, a user serves as a point of contact between potential sellers and product manufacturers.

With little to no stress, anyone can set up a dropshipping business.

Moreover, very little technical skill is required. Thus, it is suitable for all.

Key Highlights:

  • Easy to set up.
  • High earning potential.

9. Loan Services

Loan Services - 9 Side Hustles That Fit The Legal Profession

One of the best side hustles that fit legal professionals is the loan service business if you have some capital saved up somewhere or you have a means of raising capital.

With little money to spare, one can start a loan business and some interest income.

You however need to apply some risk management techniques and draw up an obligor default-proof lending process to protect your money.

From investors to normal individuals, there is often a need to borrow money at a point. Thus, money lenders are often in high demand.

Via peer-to-peer lending, not just legal professionals but anyone can make so much money with little work.

Key Highlights:

  • Highly profitable.
  • No skill/talent is required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I make an extra $2,000 per month from side hustles as a lawyer?

Without a doubt, side hustles require little stress, as they offer flexibility. However, they tend to bring lots of cash.

As of 2022, most lawyers worldwide already make over $2,000 from side hustles.

Moreover, some side hustles can make you way more than that in a month.

What is the highest paying side hustles out there?

There is hardly a particular side hustle that is the highest paying out there because so much involved when it comes to side hustles.

Moreover, the commitment level of an individual determines the success and earning potential of a business.

Final Thoughts

Side hustles remain one of the significant ways through which most professionals earn.

Even as we speak, records have it that a large percentage of professionals have switched their side jobs to their full-time jobs due to rapid growth.

As a lawyer or general legal professional, you can choose a side hustle from this list.

All methods are well trusted, and many people already earn massive amounts from them.

So far, that is all we can take on the topic of best side hustles for lawyers.

In all, do have a blissful day!

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