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What Side Hustles Can a Graphic Artist Do?

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What Side Hustles Can a Graphic Artist Do?

There are many methods to earn money outside regular 9 to 5 work.

Having an online side hustle where you provide a service (in the least) is one of the finest possibilities because you may begin making money immediately. You will have a lucrative side business as soon as you have your first client.

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Starting a side business in graphic design is a great option to supplement your income if you have some design experience and are naturally creative.

Talents in graphic design are highly valued and will always be required. Additionally, even though there are currently a lot of design studios and agencies, it’s still possible to get work as a new freelancer.

According to projections by the bureau of labor statistics, the demand for graphic artists will experience an increase of three percent between 2020 and 2030.

Read through this article to find out some possible side hustles for graphic artists.

Key Highlights

🎯 In social media marketing, graphic design is used by 80% of digital marketers.

🎯 Three-quarters of digital marketers (36%) utilize online tools to produce content.

🎯 You need commitment and perseverance to excel in graphic design careers. The job market for graphic designers is competitive. Numerous unskilled designers put in lengthy hours on unglamorous projects.

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🎯 37% of graphic designers are men, and 63% of them are women

🎯 37% of independent designers work for publicly traded companies, while 56% work for private ones. Retail (20%) is the biggest industry for hiring independent contractors.

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1. Contribute Icons & Drawings to Adobe Stock & Other Sites

Whether or not you’re familiar with Adobe Stock Photo, you can make some money from it by adding icons and drawings to it.

For instance, people pay to purchase icon sets like the “Contact Us” icon. Contrary to many misconceptions, Adobe Stock is not only meant for stock photos.

Everything is available, including 3D models, films, audio, and photographs!

2. Become A Freelancer

The possibility of your earnings as a freelancer is limitless. Through freelancing, you can apply for tasks with a clear end date or a specific end product to be delivered.

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No unpleasant goodbyes or bad feelings are necessary once the deadline has been met or the final product has been delivered according to buyer specifications.

Even better, you can choose specific jobs that interest you and that you’ll enjoy since you aren’t an official employee who has signed a contract promising to do whatever work comes up for as long as you work for the company.

You determine whatever services to apply for, such as logo creation, advertisement design, or product development.

3. Design Printables

Another available option is to create and market printables. This might be anything from worksheets and checklists to stickers, planners, and organizers.

It can be a really pleasurable and successful side business if you’re creative and enjoy making stuff like this.

The cost of producing printables is low, and they are very profitable. You can sell on your website or marketplaces like Etsy.

While starting by selling on a marketplace like Etsy is simple, creating your website will increase your income possibilities. Notwithstanding, you can do both.

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What Side Hustles Can a Graphic Artist Do

4. Start a blog

Blog posts are a great medium for passing information across to your audience, just like you’re reading this blog post.

In other words, the significance of blog posts is not fading away anytime soon since people still use Google to search for information, frequently use Pinterest to find inspiration, and daily run across blogs for various needs.

As a graphic artist, you can consider these concepts for blogs. You may only need to post a contact form, your resume, and a gallery of your work online for anyone to see to establish yourself as a professional in your field and passively attract interested organizations and individuals.

5. Become A Consultant

This is where you put your expertise to work. If you’re so confident in your skills, experience, and deliverables, then you can move on to become a consultant for reputable organizations and distinguished individuals.

It’s just about landing your first client and nailing your first job. People who need advice in the related field would gladly pay you to help them out.

Final Thoughts

There are several opportunities for artists and designers to supplement their full-time income. There is an alternative for you whether you’re seeking freelance employment, want to sell typefaces or templates, or want to make e-books. You can start making additional money and doing what you love with a little effort.