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What Side Hustles Can a Gardener Do?

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What Side Hustles Can a Gardener Do?

Do you love gardening as a profession or enjoy it as your hobby? Why not think of a side business that uses your gardening skills to earn additional income without losing your regular job?

There are many opportunities to work as a freelancer or start a small business in the gardening industry for those who enjoy taking care of plants and growing things.

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This article will take you through some side hustles you can do as a gardener to make some extra dollars.

Key Highlights

🎯 In the United States, there are now about 29,356 gardeners working.

🎯 56.4% of gardeners are men, compared to 43.6% of women.

🎯 Gardeners who are working have an average age of 41.

🎯 White (62.5% of gardeners are of this ethnicity), Hispanic or Latino (23.6%), Black or African American (8.0%), and Unknown (2.5%) are the next most prevalent racial groups.

🎯 Women made 89% of what men did in 2021.

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1. Plant Flipping

Do you find it pleasurable and willing to jump on the task of bringing sick or dying plants back to life?

Chances are that someone somewhere has probably given up on a houseplant and is ready to throw it out. You can offer to take a live plant off their hands instead of letting them get rid of it; usually, they’ll give it to you without charge.

After the plant has been revived, you can sell it and make money. In addition, you might find discounted plants that have been neglected if you visit the garden department at a big box retailer. Once they are healthy, gather a number and sell them for more money.

2. Become a Supplier

Networking with regional craftspeople like those who manufacture soap, jewelry, candles, bread, and chutney can lead to supplying opportunities.

Many artisans utilize vegetables, flowers, and herbs in their creations; if they think your products and florals are of high quality, they might wish to collaborate with you frequently.

3. Try Propagated Party Favors

Parties for corporate events, weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations frequently include tiny party favors for visitors.

You may develop many plants from cuttings or pups if you have a talent for propagation.

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Make the most of your skills to cultivate many lovely succulents, including jade, echeveria, miniature cactus, and other little plants, which you can sell in large quantities for events.

4. Sell Starter Plants and Seeds

You can profit from your abilities when you have a talent for cultivating and collecting plants that other people find challenging, like tomatoes.

Beginner gardeners find it simpler to grow already starter plants and are more likely to pay for assistance than they are to grow plants from seed. Furthermore, seeds you collect from your garden typically last for a few years.

This prevents you from purchasing additional seeds the next year and allows you to benefit from the sale of the seeds.

5. Freelance Garden Planning

What Side Hustles Can a Gardener Do?

The good thing? Inexperienced gardeners may profit from your knowledge, and many are prepared to pay for it.

New gardeners could require assistance understanding how to grow food for their families, where to place specific plants, how much sun and water plants need, what sort of potting soil to buy, and what kind of maintenance each area of the garden requires.

If you train as a garden designer, you can assist in creating flourishing gardens throughout the city. Charge for services, including home visits, maintenance plans, plant supplies, and more.

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6. Urban Farm Bouquets

Fresh flowers brighten up a space and give it a delightful scent. They’re perfect as gifts and decorations. There are so many exquisite flowers, and if you have room to cultivate a lot of them, you can be in a position to create and market bouquets or arrangements.

There are many flowers to pick from, including marigolds, amaranth, daisies, ranunculus, and more.

Your urban bouquets are available for purchase online, in person at a farmer’s market, or for local delivery.

If the blooming season of your chosen flowers coincides with celebrations like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, this business may be very successful.

7. Edible Goods

Without a doubt, produce from the garden tastes considerably better than food from the grocery store.

Turn your abundant vegetable harvest into some extra money (especially if you grow too much for you to eat on your own).

You can make money by selling the produce from your garden, including fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Final Thoughts

Having a vegetable garden is beautiful. In addition to the beauty that gardening adds to your home, you can also make a living out of it.

If you are a gardener, it is high time you subscribed to a side hustle for additional income.