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Best Side Hustles for a Dentist

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Best Side Hustles for a Dentist

As a full-time dentist, having a side hustle might not be that easy especially when sometimes have unscheduled appointments popping up here and there. But in this article, I will help you explore side hustles that are practicable, some you can consider starting even with a busy schedule.

With your medical experience, there are obvious skills you can transfer to your pet project or side hustle. It is possible that the skills and experience over the years could create some serious side income to assist your regular one. You just need to tap into your vast years of experience.

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A side hustle could be a vocation, hobby, or business that you are passionate about which can also be monetized. Your side hustle should bring in extra income besides your main source of income or your primary job, this extra income supplements your main income.

As a dentist, you still have knowledge in medicine which will increase the pool of gigs you can go into. If 1 in 3 Americans can successfully start a side hustle, so can you. The list below will show you a few.

Key Highlights

🎯 At least 1 in 3 Americans have a side hustle.

🎯 A side hustle is possible even as a dentist.

🎯 Some medical skills are transferrable to your side hustle.

🎯 Familiarize yourself with the internet, almost everything is going digital.

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1. Work an Extra Shift

Best Side Hustles for a Dentist

As a dentist, there is a simple way to earn extra income that is taking extra shifts. Taking extra shifts where you work is much easier than starting a whole new side hustle. Try checking where you work if they allow extra shifts, if available take up a few per week for extra income.

2. Tutor Online

Tutor online - Best Side Hustles for a Dentist

Another way to earn extra income is to tutor online. As a dentist, you have the knowledge and skills to teach people. You can pick a particular area in your field and teach it to people. You can use services like Thinkific, Kajabi, Teachable, and Zoom to teach your classes.

3. Become a Part-Time Teacher

Part-time teacher - Best Side Hustles for a Dentist

Being a part-time teacher can be a very nice way to earn a side income. Check your schedule, if you have some spare time, go to the closest high school or college near you. Find out if there is an opening for a part-time lecturer. Make sure the timetable of the school doesn’t affect your full-time job.

4. Blogging

Blogging  - Best Side Hustles for a Dentist

As a dentist, you have insight into so many medical questions. If you like writing, starting a blog might be a very good fit for you. People always need quality information, and if you can provide this your blog will have a very good chance of success.

You start by answering dental questions people ask and turn it into a blog post. Come up with new ideas surrounding your niche and then monetize your blog.

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You can monetize your blog through ads, affiliate marketing, merch, or paid subscriptions.

5. Prep People For Dental Admission Test

Best Side Hustles for a Dentist

You won’t say you don’t prepare yourself before writing an exam. If you want to pass an exam you have to prepare, take the trial test, and possibly talk to people who have taken the exam.

As a practicing dentist and someone who has taken the exam, you can train people that want to take the exam. You can organize individual or group sessions and help prepare them for the exam.

6. Virtual Checkup

Virtual call - Best Side Hustles for a Dentist

Everything is going online now, commerce, food delivery, medicine delivery, and many more. As a dentist, you can create an online environment for people that need your skills.

Instead of people going all the way to the hospital for questions or minor problems, you can create a service where people can voice or video call you to ask you. You can do a virtual check for minor problems right from your home.

7. Consulting

Consulting  - Best Side Hustles for a Dentist

Something else you can do is consult on dental projects. The best thing about this side hustle is that you get to increase your professional network. You can consult for small dental businesses or community projects on the side to supplement your main income.

8. Start a YouTube Channel

Youtube channel - Best Side Hustles for a Dentist

A side hustle for you can be starting a YouTube channel. If you check YouTube you will fellow professionals create quality content to educate people. You can find real estate agents, tech gurus, medical doctors, and many others.

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YouTube can also be a good source for traffic to direct if you have a website or you want to promote a product. You can generate money from monetizing your channel through ads, affiliate links, sponsorships

9. Create a Digital Course

Create a digital course - Best Side Hustles for a Dentist

As a dentist, you have skills and knowledge people could benefit from. Try putting together a course on a particular topic and sell it to people who will benefit from it. You host and sell your course with services like Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, or many others out there.

Final Thoughts

As a dentist, you can tap into a niche that is not saturated. You might need this income for so many things, but with proper preparation every time your side hustle can turn into a full-time income. Until your side hustle becomes reliable make sure it does not conflict with your day job.

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