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9 Side Hustles You Can Start With $100 Bucks

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9 Side Hustles You Can Start With $100 Bucks

You may not have that much money, or you want to try out an experiment on starting a side hustle with $100. There are so many side hustles you can start with $100 or less, and you can start them today.

Key Highlights

 🎯 The main idea of a side hustle is to start with as little money as possible.

 🎯 One in three Americans has a side hustle.

 🎯 Most of the side hustles have the potential to make you $1000 per month.

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9 Side Hustles You Can Start With $100 Bucks

Most people think you need a lot of money to get started, but the main idea behind a side hustle is to start with as little money as possible.  If you start putting in a lot of money, you are just starting a full-time business.

According to Zapier, one in three Americans has a side hustle. And at least 24% more plan to start side hustles. In this article, we explore many side-hustles you can start with $100 or less.

1. Affiliate Marketing

You can become an affiliate marketer with less than $100. The catch is you should have some audience or know colleagues who do.

For people who do not know what affiliate marketing is, it is when a person promotes a product of another person or brand and gets a commission if the promoted product sells.

It helps if you have a blog or a youtube channel or some kind of an audience to market the product to. You can also use part of the 100 dollars to advertise the product, and get paid if it sells.

2. Become a Flipper

Flipping is one of the most interesting side hustles. Becoming a flipper is a great side hustle you can start with $100 right now.

In simple terms, a flipper is someone who purchases items at a low price and sells it for a higher price. You can start flipping just about anything: phones, computers, laptops, cars and so much more. Some items you might have to repair a little bit.

For example, you can buy a phone for $60, repair it for an extra $20, and immediately sell it for $150. You have to know what people would want and the value of the items.

3. Write and Design E-books

You can easily start writing and designing books for less than $100. You can also write your ebooks and sell your service to people who want them. You can use services like Canva and Sqribble to easily design ebooks, you don’t even need to be a professional designer.

You can also write and design your ebooks and sell them to people, you use services like Amazon KDP to publish and sell your ebooks.

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9 Side Hustles You Can Start With $100 Bucks

4. Start Drop Servicing

This is a very interesting concept, and it is quite different from dropshipping. The main difference between the two is dropshipping deals with physical products while drop servicing deals with services. There are thousands of services out there, you can find them in places like Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, and many other sites.

You can resale these services for a slightly higher price and take the profit. For example, you can see a freelance writer working for $20 per hour and resale his services for $30 per hour. Take the job, give it to the freelancer, let him do the work, then get paid and give him his share.

5. WordPress Developer

Becoming a WordPress developer can be a very rewarding side hustle. WordPress is an online tool you can use to develop amazing websites, more than half of the websites online run on WordPress.

 Learning WordPress is very easy and would not cost much, you can even use youtube tutorials to become an expert in it in less than two weeks. When you acquire these skills, you can sell your services on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

6. Grocery delivery

This is one of the most lucrative home delivery options. Most grocery stores have started home deliveries, but not all. You can go to your local delivery store and offer to deliver their products to their customers.

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You can save time for customers and the supermarket owners, you charge the supermarket, they charge the customers and you get paid.

7. Freelance Writing

You don’t need a high education, don’t need to be a professional writer, or have a lot of experience to earn as a freelance writer.

 Freelance writing is a very lucrative side hustle, all you need is a good laptop and good writing skills. With tools like Grammarly, freelance writing just got a little easier.

 You can start selling your services on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, Freelancer, and start earning good money.

8. Blogging

Blogging has been one of the favorite go-to for side hustles and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. One thing you must understand before starting is, it takes a lot of time to start earning, especially if you want to monetize it with ads.

Once you start acquiring some audience and steady traffic, there are many options you can use to monetize your blog. Some of these options include affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, native ads, or selling your products.

Before you start, you have to know which niche you want to write in, then look for amazing topics in that niche to share your knowledge. 

9. Youtube/Vlogging

Youtube has always been a good source of income for many individuals. There are so many ideas you can pick to be your main focus on youtube.

Some YouTubers record their daily activities, which is called vlogging. You don’t have to use an expensive camera. Using a smartphone camera will do just fine. Some YouTubers merge different videos and monetize them through youtube ads.

The goal is to look for a creative idea that won’t cost you much to produce a video and just get started. 

Note: To monetize a channel on youtube you need one thousand subscribers and Four thousand subscribers.

Final Thoughts

Knowing that you know many sides hustles you can start with $100, the next step to do is to pick one or two and get started. Some of the side-hustles listed above have the potential of making up to $1000 per month.

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