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How To Start A Logo Design Business With No Experience

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How To Start A Logo Design Business With No Experience

Logo Design Business

As new businesses get launched every day (online and brick & mortar), these businesses seek to have a face that distinguishes them in the marketplace.

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The first step to achieving this unique feel is through a meticulous branding of the business (a memorable name and a distinct logo).

Ideally, once a business is registered, the next thing that comes to mind is attaching a striking logo to it.

Are you intending to start up a logo design business, but have no experience?

You don’t have to be discouraged, because you have no experience. With technology and easy access to learning online, one can easily learn virtually everything and get the ground running.

New businesses big and small are launched every day, and so they need for professional logo makers and custom logo designers is constantly on the rise.  

As many new businesses seek professionals in the field to help make effective communication to their customers, logo design is just one way to get the message out there.

Let’s see this example…

Tailor Brand is one Logo Maker business that truly inspires.

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Tailor Brands - How To Start A Logo Design Business With No Experience

The company is run by three young designers Yali, Tom & Nadav.  They attested to the fact that starting a business is hard, confusing, and overwhelming.

The trio knew they had to prove to their clients through every single order they received. That was just the only way their customers would trust them.

Tailor Brand was created with the mission of democratizing branding, today they have designed over 500 million logos on their platform.

The idea of Tailor Brand inspires but this doesn’t mean you should get intimidated or start of like them.

Most customers aren’t looking for something incredibly complex. What you need to do is to put effort into your designs, deliver logos that look modern, simple, and unique.

Once you can create a logo or pay someone to do it, then you are on the pathway to grow or scale your business.

Once your results meet these demands, you are ready to start your logo design business and take it to new heights.

Key Highlights

🎯 You must not be an expert graphic designer to start a logo design business.

🎯 The concept of design, simplicity, and professionalism is required to stay the long haul.

🎯 Always put your clients first, try to exceed expectations.

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🎯 Study the market, price competitively, and devise a growth plan.

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How to Begin

A background in graphic design should help, but don’t worry if you hated coloring in kindergarten. There is still a way to get a hold of this.

Even if you decide to pay designers in the long run, it pays to learn your trade first to get the concept of design and how it works. Talking to a logo design expert to teach you or simply signing up for an online course will help you get started.

Many tools make logo designing easy, you can start on PowerPoint or Canva with relevant tutorials to help you get started.

Canva - How To Start A Logo Design Business With No Experience

Apart from the above-mentioned, an online logo maker makes the process easier and serves as a less stressful starting point. These online tools give you control over fonts, symbols, texts, colors, and images.

Video tutorials on logo design on how to use them could also help.

In the process of designing your logo, you may find yourself buried in more than a million logo comparisons. At this juncture, an online logo maker could be a way out for you, because it creates a way to easily compare other branding images.

Furthermore, an online logo maker is pretty less expensive and cost-efficient than mocking up an enormous amount of designs that could increase your chances of further muddling stuff.

Keep these Tips in Mind

At this point, you should have taken some design lessons and started creating some designs yourself. You probably might want to hire someone and pay the person to do it.

Fiverr is another marketplace to get experience designers, all you have to do is market your business, get the orders and pay them to design and make your margin.

Fiverr -  How To Start A Logo Design Business With No Experience

You can narrow your search to sellers under $20, you can choose any range you want. Note that to get Prodesigners, you will need to pay more.

Fiverr -  How To Start A Logo Design Business With No Experience

If you want to reach out to high-profile clients and offer exquisite logo designs, you will need to step up your designs.

If you’re designing your clients’ logos yourself or you will need to pay someone, here are some helpful tips to get you started and keep you ahead in your hustle.

1. Keep Learning

Logo designing is one of such under the umbrella of graphic design. Your first approach is to understand what the brand embodies and what your business`s goals are.

As the business landscape keeps on changing, the demands on businesses change as well.

To understand and follow the trend, seek to explore new ways of designing and make efforts to give above the average.

2. Know the Market

Once you decide to start a logo design business, it is very important to know your clients, competitors, and the market generally before developing your logo design strategy and business plan.

Carefully carry out market research to understand the different industries in the market, the level of competition, the pricing, and marketing strategies.

3. Choose Your Target Market

Determine the group of clients do you wish to serve.

One of the most important aspects is having a clear target market.

Options range from serving large and medium-sized businesses down to small local brands. Once you have a defined target audience, you are well on your way to creating plans and models to suit your audience.

4. Have Your Business Plan on Paper

It is essential to have a business plan that includes the vision and mission of your business. It is also vital to create a detailed financial plan that clearly shows the budget for each of the services you offer.

Business plan - How To Start A Logo Design Business With No Experience

Starting a logo design business may require at least two graphic designers, concept developers, sales resources, and marketing resources. Incorporate your recruitment plan into your logo design business plan but be careful on this.

Avoid going on a hiring spree that will end up increasing your operating expenses and growing your recurring expenditure. Remember that you are still a small business.

Secondly, remain flexible with your business plan because you will not figure out everything at the beginning. Be willing to adjust and make changes on the go.

5. Strategic and Competitive Pricing

As a new business, you need a penetrating strategy to get your product or service out there. It’s important to get your pricing right to be able to get the attention of the right set of clients.

One tip about pricing is that, if you price too little, your service could be perceived as inferior. This pricing method works more on luxury goods and services.

For example, perfumes are valued by their price tags. It is perceived that the more expensive it is the better.

On the flip side, pricing too high may leave your business cash trapped and hinder cash flow. So, you need to get your logo pricing right. This of course will require some testing overtime to get the right price for each logo design type.

You can use are of the four pricing strategies for your business, depending on the type of audience and the services you offer. These are Premium pricing, Penetration pricing, Economy pricing, Skimming pricing strategy.

Offer seasonal deals, coupons while providing value to customers at the right price. You should categorize your services and provide your customers with value. You can choose to bill by the hour or by project type.

6. Structure Your Design Process

Having a unique design process allows you to stand out from the competition. This can be a blueprint that guides the design process.

For instance, you can start with a design brief, industry research, sketching and conceptualizing, reflecting on your ideas, receiving feedback, and presenting the final design.

Once the design process is in place, the system structure boosts trust in your customers as you provide them with a better experience, timely delivery, and good pricing.

Setting up a structure also means setting up your team for success.

Your team structure must not be complex but drafting a simple business structure so all members of your team know what they are supposed to be doing.

Business structure - How To Start A Logo Design Business With No Experience

7. Digital Marketing Strategy

No matter how great your business plans and your service offerings are, if you are unable to reach out to your customers, your plans would go futile.

Make sure you have a water-tight marketing plan specific to what you’re offering.

It is better if your marketing strategy aligns with your business strategy. All efforts should focus on attracting new customers and creating brand equity for potential customers.

8. Make Yourself a Well-designed Portfolio

Create a compelling website for your business and showcase your design portfolio. There are many easy-to-use website builders to help with that.

Logo portfolio - How To Start A Logo Design Business With No Experience

For example, you can explore Wix and WordPress. Graphic design is all about visual representation. It is essential to showcase your portfolio over different channels like Facebook or Instagram to aid visibility and attract potential customers.

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Tip to Run a Sustainable Logo Design Business

  • keeping it simple: Keeping it simple enough cannot be overemphasized. If there are too many elements, it will be a big mess after a while.
  • Use special effects or elements in your strategy. Design your logo with elements that emphasize it, rather than obscuring it. Simple is indeed beautiful.
  • Color usage: Color has the power to influence emotions and customer behavior. Think about the message your logo wants to convey and make use of appropriate colors.
  • Use easy-to-read fonts: This is a simple yet powerful graphic design tip. stick to a simple and easy-to-read collection. If it’s too complicated to read, people might lose interest.
  • Balance Elements: Make sure the elements in your design look proportional. Inserting text or images randomly or inaccurately leaves your logo looking unprofessional.
  • Hierarchy: Design your logo with the most important information as the visual focus. In the world of design,  this is called a hierarchy. The hierarchy organizes elements by scale, typography, placement, and color.
  • Judiciously use white-space: White space or negative space allows elements in your design to breathe. Use white space to create a fluid design instead of a hard-to-read cluttered design.
  • The power of contrast: The contrast in design conveys mood, bolsters readability, and makes your design pop. For your fonts, symbols, background, and any images, it is better to use a contrasting palette. If your logo uses a light background, a dark font would be just fine.
  • Your audience, your priority: Never forget your audience. Your logo should generate positive reactions. Always put your brand and audience into consideration.
  • For instance, dark, dismal designs should be avoided when designing a family-oriented brand. Learning to keep your audience in mind will kill any possibility of miscommunication between you and your audience.

You should be willing to make corrections for your clients until they are satisfied. Keeping clients happy is the key to success in all areas of graphic design. You would want to have them come back and refer you to their friends.

How to Boost Sales

After successfully learning about logo design and what setting it up entails, you can now start your business by promoting the service on different social media platforms and contacting friends and family.

To further widen the horizon, you can waive into becoming a freelancer. Among the many freelances, websites are two great ones. and–for posting your service. These are two websites where you can list your services. And in a short time, you can start making money by selling online.

Final Thoughts

Logo design is a very lucrative area of graphic design which also sells fast. With the emergence of many new businesses, the demand for unique, attractive logos is always very high. The logo is a direct representation of a company or business, and therefore needs to be done well.

All in all, being passionately creative, empathetic, and focused should take your business to the next level. And not necessarily your years of experience.

Knowing and avoiding some common design mistakes will help your logo design business be profitable and stay the long haul.

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