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Ultimate Guide to Harnessing Free Traffic From Quora to Your Blog

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Ultimate Guide to Harnessing Free Traffic From Quora to Your Blog

There are several online platforms that support webmasters in driving traffic to their websites. Many of these platforms are free to use requiring just, some level of creativity and effort.

Quora is a large Q&A platform with over 300 million active users. The platform has a male-to-female ratio of about 57%/43% where an average user spends more time on the platform (Quora) than on Linkedin.

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Out of the 300 million users, over 40 million users are from the U.S and 15 million from India, the remaining number is spread across other regions. The numbers from Quora are a strong indication that you can get targeted Tier-one (high-quality) traffic to your website if you know how to.

Ultimate Guide to Harnessing Free Traffic From Quora to Your Blog

Have you ever thought of the impact, traffic from Quora will bring to your website or digital property if you can harness just 0.001%?

In this article, I’ll be sharing insights on Quora and how to leverage its Q&A model to drive traffic to your website.

Key Highlights

🎯 Quora is a well-known Q&A website in the world.

🎯 There are over 47k questions posted on Quora daily.

🎯 Answers to a question can generate continuous traffic to your website as long as the question remains relevant.

🎯 Succeeding on Quora is dependent on your approach to questions.

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🎯 India remains the second largest user of Quora after the U.S.

🎯 Quora still does not rank among the top 20 popular websites in the world.

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How Quora Works

Quora is an online community that works as a search engine and a social media network at the same time. One of Quora’s objectives is to allow users to ask specific questions and expect timely answers to questions asked by other users on the platform.  

Similar to the Reddit platform, Quora helps users get answers to their queries and also gives room for global networking of like-minded individuals when they signup for interest groups known as “Spaces”.

Amazingly, Quora’s explosive nature enables users to determine how far a post will go viral, this depends on the views a post gets, and the number of upvotes, downvotes, and shares.

For example, the post by LOL Meme and an answer provided by Kure Garba got an impressive engagement owing to the originality of the answer provided.

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Ultimate Guide to Harnessing Free Traffic From Quora to Your Blog

Quora takes a post or question with a very high number of engagements to the top of its algorithm so that other users needing answers to such queries can get help faster or contribute to the discussion.

Quora was launched on June 21, 2010, and has since then hosted over 2.6 billion questions and most of them are on the Indian culture and education.

Imagine you have a blog or website providing answers to people’s questions on a related subject, then links to your website could as well be on fire when you recommend your resource to them…you should get more Organic Social clicks when you recommend your resource in a very natural way to readers (I will talk about this much later).

This tactic can indirectly rank your website much faster on Google SERPs when Google notices activity from Quora to your website.

A question asked in 2018 on Quora estimated that over 47k questions were posted on the platform daily, which translates to about 1.4 million questions monthly. But sadly, Quora is not among the top 20 most visited websites in the world according to SEMRush as of May 2022.

However, Quora still stands out and can be a potential source of traffic to any digital asset. Quora also enable Ads if you want to go that route.

Quora Ads

Quora uses the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) model powered by real-time auction. After setting up your Ad account and target audience, advertisers can now set their CPC bid and daily limit spend. As Ads run, you can then adjust according to performance.

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In this article, I’ll be showing how to drive traffic with Whitehat methods and for free.

How to Identify the Right Metrics

With over 40k questions daily, how do you get noticed? How do you ask or answer questions that will get a high number of views possible?

Without traffic to a post on Quora, there will be no clicks to your answers. It’s like asking a question or providing an answer to a question no one or very few people care about.  No matter how you brilliantly answer the question, you may not get as many views as expected.

There are key metrics you must consider while trying to harness free traffic from Quora and not paying attention to them could mean running on a treadmill.

If you want to successfully drive traffic to your website, it is essential to understand that not every question or topic you see, you’ll answer. Everything you do should be to maximize engagement.

The best questions to respond to should reflect a few characteristics that you must be on the lookout for including:

i) Time the question was posted

When looking for the best questions to respond to, be on the lookout for the time the question was posted.  They shouldn’t be more than a few hours old. This is because you’d most likely have to compete against more responses as the question time gets older.

ii) Number of views

For Quora, it’s best to go for questions with more views since it suggests that more people are interested in them.

iii) Number of replies

Always look out for questions that only have a few replies because of the probability of your answer getting drowned in a multitude of answers.

NOTE: The second and third factors above are inextricably linked by a common characteristic. For this reason, you may want to ask yourself some rhetorical questions like:

Why are there only a few responses to a question when many people are interested in it?

The answer is simple; some questions are challenging to answer. So, people shy away from them. It’s imperative to know this because you may tend to sidestep such questions for quick easy responses.

Nevertheless, easy questions provide a large number of responses thereby increasing the competition.

You should be prepared to work very hard on your responses to these challenging questions. Sometimes it could be strenuous, requiring you some time to respond to them.

However, receiving a few hundred visitors could be more profitable than answering simple questions that would have thousands of answers.

How To Find The Ideal Questions on Quora

Log in, and from your profile go to a section called “knows about.”

Ultimate Guide to Harnessing Free Traffic From Quora to Your Blog

This is where you have the liberty of describing your areas of expertise. In the space provided for text, type major keywords reflecting your niche for instance “technology”, “marketing”, “SEO,” and so on.

As you input them, Quora will give you suggestions based on popular topics, and after you’re done choosing, you can press “Add.” Here’s the leak: The higher the number of topics added, the higher the number of possible questions to answer; however, ensure that the topics are important and relevant.

After doing that, select “Answer” from the top toolbar.

Ultimate Guide to Harnessing Free Traffic From Quora to Your Blog

This will automatically generate questions that are pertinent to the topics you’ve chosen.

Unfortunately, like every other site, Quora also has its shortcomings. The inability to sort the questions on Quora is challenging.

Questions are ranked using the Quora algorithm that takes into account the posting date, the total number of comments, and the number of views. The only thing you can do is carefully scroll through the questions.

Ultimate Guide to Harnessing Free Traffic From Quora to Your Blog

You can evaluate the answers to each query by the time the question was asked, the number of responses to the question, and the number of persons who responded.

Afterward, a “Question Stats” box will appear in the right sidebar when you tap on any of the titles to proceed to the question page.

The most relevant statistic (views) you want to be on the lookout for would be displayed in the box. Since you are aware of your target, all you need is a straightforward method for determining the good questions.

You’d want to weed out questions from more than a day ago as well as questions with less than 100 views or 0 followers with exception of new questions. Also, eliminate questions with more than 20 recent responses to face a few competitors.

How to Respond to Questions

Responding to questions on Quora can be a bit tricky if you’re doing it to drive traffic to your website.

One thing you should avoid is sounding “Salesy” and unnatural in your answers. Recall you are trying to provide genuine help through your answers. Readers will know when your answers have ulterior motives to take them away from Quora to another resource.

When responding to a question, think of the following:

  • How can my answers provide genuine help?
  • Do I have first-hand experience, knowledge, or an incident that can support my answers?
  • Can I provide screenshots, images, or videos to strengthen my answers?
  • Do I have the right resource(s) or guide on my blog or website that can help the reader further?
  • Get your profile to match the answers you’re providing. You should be seen as an expert in your niche. For example, Christian Battistoni has on his profile that he is an Expert Digital Marketer with 10+ years of experience.

If you have valuable years of experience, it’s best to include it in your profile, if you don’t have it, never mind. Ensure your answers provide practicable help.

To get the questions related to your niche, you can then head over to Quora. Assuming I have a blog on SEO and traffic generation strategies.

I can type in this query “how to drive traffic to your blog”

Quora’s algorithm will present similar questions that have already been asked.

The image below shows an answer provided by Ntambue Nsenga, He used an image to get the reader’s attention. When you scroll searching for an answer, images tend to slow down the speed a user would scroll past your answer. Images are a good way to get a viewer’s attention to your post.

Mistakes to Avoid on Quora

  • Avoid making your answers too long so that viewers get discouraged to read. When your answer gets too lengthy, viewers might stop at the first paragraph or avoid reading the answer altogether.
  • Avoid copying and pasting your entire blog post on the answer editor. This not only looks lazy, but it will also look unnatural.
  • Avoid pasting URLs directly on your answers, instead, insert them into an anchor text.

Avoid pasting URLs like this…

Instead, use an anchor text to insert URLs like this…

More Tips on Driving Traffic from Quora

The majority of Q&A websites (Quora inclusive), rank answers according to how many “upvotes” they receive meaning that you have to give it your best shot because theoretically, the best response ought to emerge at the top.

Since the goal is to get people to visit your website, here are three basic approaches, but they are all based on the same crucial question-selection characteristic:

  • Only respond to inquiries regarding topics you have already written about or else you won’t have a natural approach to draw traffic to your website.
  • Cite posts in your response Questions will frequently connect to previous content problems you’ve had.
  • Recommend your site or product with a natural approach

For the first approach, you will gain the upper hand if you have a post already written about the question you want to answer.

For instance, if you have written a piece on technology, cars to be precise, and the question comes up about cars as related to your previous post you will be able to explain vividly and also link your blog or article to the answer you are giving; this will create a natural flow.

Secondly, you have to learn to sight post as you respond to questions this will connect your previous writings to the answers you’re giving. To do this you must be familiar with hyperlinks.

As you broadly explain the answer to the question you will naturally chip in two or three links that are related to your blog or already written articles. Even though this explanation sometimes may be lengthy and time-consuming it could be worthwhile if it ends up converting hundreds of traffic to your website.

Finally, if you have a product you are free to recommend it as well as your website because you may periodically get the opportunity. However, you must be mindful of spamming the platform with advertising links.

The important thing is to tackle it with an authentic and natural approach. You can begin with a  statement outlining your identity like the example below:

The most important thing to remember is that for your response to receiving an upvote, it must still be helpful.

If the question asked has to do with explaining several benefits (A, B, C) of a product, please ensure you thoroughly describe all the areas that your product aids people in achieving, and satisfying those benefits.

Readers will value it if you are honest about both the strengths and weaknesses of your product instead of laying all emphasis on your product’s advantage. Even while they don’t frequently receive as many views as other inquiries, they are far more useful because they frequently result in sales.

Monitor and Adjust Your Strategy

It’s time to measure your efforts and monitor your outcomes to decide the effectiveness of your strategy. This will help you rapidly discover what works and doesn’t on the platform.

Monitor the amount of time you spend and the number of visits you receive on each response.

Although you can monitor views directly on Quora, it’s more important to monitor views on your website. Below is how you can monitor:

From Google Analytics, move on to Acquisition, then Overview, to All Traffic, and lastly Referrals.

On this page, you’ll see the list of all sites that referred visitors to your website.

Furthermore, you can get more details by clicking on a particular site to see the pages that traffic was sent to.

Final Thoughts

You may even remember hearing of Quora, but you may have dismissed it as some kind of platform to utilize for little gain.

However, Quora is surprisingly a great platform with enormous ability to contribute to the growth of your blog, website, or marketing strategy.

Even though using such platforms isn’t scalable, Quora presents a significant possibility for marketers wanting to create new sources of traffic to their websites.

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