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13 Best Side Hustles For Sleepy Towns in The USA

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13 Best Side Hustles For Sleepy Towns in The USA

Did you know, about 21% of the US population lives in rural areas? Due to the covid-19 pandemic, recovery has been slow in most rural areas. Most people living in small towns seek alternative ways of bringing in extra cash. In this article, I will show some side hustles suited for you if you live in a small town.

Key Highlights

🎯 A small town could be the perfect place to launch your business before taking it wide.

🎯 One-fifth of Americans live in rural areas.

🎯 Online side hustles can be good for earning a good income. You get to save more because expensive are lesser.

🎯 Your side hustle can easily spread in a small town through word of mouth.

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1. Retail Arbitrage

13 Best Side Hustles For Sleepy Towns in The USA

The simple meaning of retail arbitrage is buying an item lower than market value and selling at a higher price. In retail arbitrage, you make money from the markup. You can sell old things and forgotten garage equipment. Retail arbitrage is also a form of flipping.

You can find damaged items that people around you will like. Take these items, repair them and make them look new. After you fix them, you can sell them for a good profit.

2. Food Truck Business

13 Best Side Hustles For Sleepy Towns in The USA

If you can cook meals professionally, you can start a food truck. A food truck in a small town is a good idea because it brings some urban spirit to the community. The best thing about small towns is that words travel fast. If you have mouth-watering dishes and good service, you will get customers.

Before you start a food truck is best you get some knowledge about running a food truck. Even if you have experience managing a restaurant, you still need knowledge in running a food truck. Running a food truck can be a bit different from running a restaurant.

3. Local Photography.

If you have stayed in a rural town for a while, you will know most have stunning locations where you can take pictures.

There are three ways you could make good money from photography. The first is people coming to these rural towns to take pictures. You can help them scout good locations and take their pictures.

The second is becoming the official photographer for events happening in your town.

The third is to sell your images to online stock images services. You can sell them to services like Shutterstock. You can also sell them to your local newspaper service.

4. Fruits Vegetables Shop

13 Best Side Hustles For Sleepy Towns in The USA

In a small town, I love going to the Farmers’ Market. When I get there, I love buying fresh fruits and vegetables. You can buy fruits and vegetables from your local farmers and sell them to consumers.

You can open shops in your town and the city and sell these locally grown fruit and vegetable. This side hustle can be very lucrative because people like buying fresh fruits and vegetables.

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You can take things a step further by offering a home delivery option. It will make things easier for your customers.

5. Snow Plowing

13 Best Side Hustles For Sleepy Towns in The USA

This side hustle is lucrative during wintertime. Snow accumulates in people’s driveways and sidewalks, and you can help them clear everything. In most states, homeowners are responsible for removing snow from their driveway and side work.

Homeowners in your local town can pay to help them remove it. To get started, you will need a shovel. You can also tell your neighbors about your services, and they will help you spread the word.

6. Start a Small Bakery

13 Best Side Hustles For Sleepy Towns in The USA

If you know how to bake, start a bakery. It is a lucrative business idea. You can either rent a small space or bake from your home. All you need is the necessary pieces of equipment to get you started.

You can start baking for your neighbors and events. You can also wish to do home deliveries, especially if you don’t have a shop. As long as your products are good, spreading the word in a small town is easy.

7. Cleaning Service

13 Best Side Hustles For Sleepy Towns in The USA

If you are good at cleaning, then you offer a cleaning service. You can clean different things, like houses, shops, cars, rooms or outbuildings. In a small town, you can find many people, shops, organizations that need help with cleaning.

If you are good, you can get contracts with the medium-sized shops and organizations in your town to clean. Having contracts like this can help bring in some serious cash.

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8. Painting Jobs

There is always a need for good painters in rural and urban communities. In a small town, you will find people that need skilled paint services, and if you have this skill, then the job is yours.

The one skill you need as a painter is being neat and detailed.

You could paint things like homes, offices, furniture, mailboxes, tanks, Barnes, wood fences, and many other items.

If you don’t know how to paint, don’t worry, you can easily acquire this skill. You can use services like Youtube to look up tutorials on painting. It is more effective if you get some paint and a paintbrush and practice around the house.

9. Become A Local Tour Guide

13 Best Side Hustles For Sleepy Towns in The USA

Vacations or staycations are popular in small towns. People come to small towns for a peaceful holiday or Airbnb and explore the community. If you know your small town very well, you could become a local guide for people visiting.

You can also help people make their stay in your town as enjoyable as possible by sharing information about lodging, where they can eat the kind of food they want, or attraction spots in your community. Try advertising your services in your town newspapers, Blogs, or tell the drivers that chauffeur visitors around.

10. Grocery Delivery

Another delivery option you can do is grocery delivery. Most small towns grocery stores don’t have a home delivery service. You can go to the local delivery store and offer to deliver their products to their customers.

A home delivery option will save time for the customers and the seller. You can make your money by charging the supermarket for each delivery you make.

The sellers will add the charges to the customer’s bill.

11. Plant and Sell Home Grown Vegetables

13 Best Side Hustles For Sleepy Towns in The USA

A lot of people love local food products, especially organic ones. You can start a farm of your own if you like gardening and have access to land. By planting highly-sort after crops on your land, you can sell them and earn a good amount of money.

You can plant and sell vegetables and herbs in your local market. You can also deliver them to consumers directly to their homes and save them time.

You can start planting things like:

  • Peppers
  • Cucumbers
  • Corn
  • Parcel
  • Tomatoes
  • Pumpkins
  • Cilantros
  • Water leaves and much more.

12. Sell Poultry Products

13 Best Side Hustles For Sleepy Towns in The USA

Starting a poultry business is another lucrative way of earning in a small town. Unlike Urban areas, you can keep rare chickens in rural areas.

You can start raring and selling chickens and eggs with a chicken and a barn. Another way of earning more income is by selling chicken coops. Chicken coops are cages or pens in which you can keep chickens.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to having a side hustle, location is getting less of a barrier. The internet has made a lot of things that make starting a side hustle difficult.

You can get access to information, maps, direct messaging, and many more. So it doesn’t matter where you are; you can start a side hustle right now.

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