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What Side Hustles Can A Veterinary Doctor Do?

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What Side Hustles Can A Veterinary Doctor Do?

If there’s one fact about veterinary doctors, it is their compassionate dedication and hard work.

As a result, it’s hardly surprising that many veterinarians can hold up one or more side hustles.

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There are many side hustles to choose from, whether you’re looking for a strategy to pay off student loans or simply need some additional money.

Key Highlights

🎯 More veterinarians work in California than in any other state.

🎯 The AVMA has recognized 46 veterinary specializations in the United States.

🎯 Each year, 3000 students are accepted into veterinary schools in the United States.

🎯 Private practices are where 77% of veterinarians work.

🎯 Veterinarian employment is anticipated to increase by 17% between 2020 and 2030.

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1. Blog on Pets & Exotic Animals

A fun way to earn extra money on the side is to launch a content-based website, such as a blog on pets and other exotic animals.

One of the best course of action for a vet doctor is to launch a website that draws on their training and experience. You can niche down on a certain subject or publish educational articles that assist pet owners on various themes.

As time goes on, you can choose to monetize your website in several ways, such as through advertising, affiliate marketing, and product or service sales.

Furthermore, it’s a great option for anyone with a long-term concentration. Even though it can take some time to increase traffic levels, the outcome could be enough to bring in a sizable income.

What Side Hustles Can A Veterinary Doctor Do

2. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a fantastic side job if you enjoy working with animals. Of course, as a vet, you spend most of your time working during the day.

However, if your schedule permits, you can offer pet-watching services over the weekends and at night. You could even hire someone to look after the animals while you’re at work if you want to expand the business.

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3. Dog Walking

Another viable option for you as a veterinary doctor is starting a dog-walking business. This is another great option for those who love animals and want to make some extra money on the side.

The most interesting fact about this side hustle is that you certainly don’t need to be a trained and licensed vet to work as a dog walker.

Without a doubt, being a veterinarian can give you an advantage as a dog walker. Your clients will know that you’re responsible and trustworthy, and they’ll be more likely to recommend you to their friends.

4. Video Content on YouTube

Starting a YouTube channel is an alternative if writing blog posts isn’t your thing. Through advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing, you may monetize your YouTube channel and spread your passion for animals to new audiences.

Creating a great YouTube channel requires time and work but can also be enjoyable and rewarding.

Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to expand your veterinarian practice and develop your brand. Your videos might provide all the information that pet owners are seeking.

5. Begin Tutoring as a Vet

You can tutor as a vet and use your experience and training to make additional money. Many students want to be veterinarians, but they might not have the grades or test results to get into veterinary school.

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You could act as their instructor and aid them with their coursework or the Veterinary College Admission Test (VCAT).

Tutoring can be an excellent method to supplement your income and assist students in realizing their aspirations of becoming veterinarians. Additionally, you may choose your own fees and working hours, making it an extremely adaptable side hustle.

6. Sell Pet Supplies and Accessories on Etsy

Selling pet products and accessories on Etsy is a more inventive choice. This may include anything from beds and toys to collars and leashes.

They might be manufactured by hand, or you could add a company to produce goods that adhere to Etsy’s rules. Simply open an Etsy shop and begin adding items to get things going.

All you’ll need to do is write straight-to-the-point descriptions that fairly depict your products and capture high-quality images of them.

Also, consider both the time it takes to make each item and the cost when determining the price of your products. Etsy’s fees should also be considered so you don’t lose out.

Final Thoughts

Apart from creating additional sources of income, having a side hustle can also help you use up your spare time while gaining more experience.

All the jobs mentioned above for veterans are just a handful of the many possibilities for additional income.