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YouTube Just SLASHED Monetization Requirements for Smaller Channels

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YouTube Just SLASHED Monetization Requirements

DO NOT SKIP if you have been on the never ended waiting list to get monetized on YouTube. There is goodnews!

Do you know that presently with as low as 500 subscribers you could start to monetize your content on youtube?

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Believe it, a significant turning point in every Creator’s path is being approved into the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and this, I say, is the dream of many content creators.

Over the years, this program has helped many generate millions of dollars. Furthermore, creators that participate in or get approved for YPP get a chance to begin monetizing their content as they’re uploaded, access the Copyright Match Tool, and also get email and chat support.

If you’re looking forward to fattening your purse through passive income on your content on YouTube, then this article is for you.

Key Takeaways

🎯 YouTube presently has more than 2 billion monthly active users, and this number is anticipated to increase much more.

🎯 Over the past few years, YouTube’s monetization has seen a huge increase in average revenue per thousand views (RPM). The average RPM actually increased from roughly $2.50 in 2020 to an average of $3.50 in 2023.

🎯 Content producers are earning massively from their uploads, and more and more people are drawn to the YPP to cut a piece of the cake.

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The Hard Target Before The Slash

Most people have always wanted to get on the membership board of YPP but had not succeeded because of the requirements that were at work. As the number of users continued to increase over the years, there was a need to strengthen the system and leave no loose ends.

As such, to prevent spammers, impersonators, and other bad actors from degrading the ecosystem or taking advantage of reputable Creators who are creating high-quality material, YouTube took steps to toughen the conditions for monetization over the past few years.

As a result of this action, only channels that met the requirements for watch time and subscriber eligibility were eligible to apply for membership in YPP.

Following the submission of the application, YouTube’s review team would also do a thorough check to ensure your channel complies with all content, monetization, and copyright guidelines.

And at the end, only channels accepted into the program would be qualified to access advertisements and other monetization solutions since they have complied with all the rules and eligibility requirements.

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YouTube Just SLASHED Monetization Requirements

Unfortunately for many, although the procedure and eligibility requirements helped secure accounts from spammers and other security threats, it was still such a pain in the neck.

This is because many content creators struggled hard to meet the eligibility requirements but all t a dead end. 

For instance, it formerly required that you have at least 1k subscribers, about a whooping 10 million shorts views within the last 90 days, and at least 4,000 watch hours over the last year.

All of these requirements and other factors undoubtedly barred many content creators from benefiting from the partnership program.

The Aftermath of YouTube Monetization Slash

Considering how hard it had been for many creators to enjoy the YPP, YouTube has decided to decrease the restrictions to give more content creators access to monetization tools through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

The new prerequisites for joining the partner program and get monetized on youtube are as follows:

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1. Minimum of 500 subscribers

To the joy of many, the amount of subscribers to the pricing structure of Youtube has changed. YouTube has stated that channels with at least 500 subscribers to monetize youtube videos.

YouTube Just SLASHED Monetization Requirements

As opposed to the previous eligible subscriber the limit of 1000, you can now do so much more like sharing videos and social networking, on this well-known platform and get paid with just 500 subscribers and 3 recent public uploads.

2. At least 3,000 watch hours

The total time viewers devote to watching a video on your channel is known as the watch hour. The watch hour count for every video you upload to YouTube contributes to the growth count for your channel.

YouTube Just SLASHED Monetization Requirements

Now, you’ll need to accrue at least 3,000 watch hours over 12 months for your watch time to be considered for monetization. As long as users watched the videos during the previous year, the videos you upload don’t need to have been released in the preceding 12 months.

3. At least 3 million recent short views

For youtube shorts monetization, the final adjustment to the monetization policy is that your YouTube channel must have at least 3 million short views, which is way lesser than the former which is about 10 million.

To this, you should understand that (although way lesser than the former) getting at least 3 million shorts views would still require you to put in the extra effort.

YouTube Just SLASHED Monetization Requirements

Also, it is important to note that the amount of money you can get from having three million views depends on several variables, including the caliber of the material/content, the quality of content, and the number of viewers of the ad that was included.

In as much as every content creator would want to benefit from the YouTube requirements slash, it is important to know that only five countries will be the first countries to experience these new less stringent rules.

These new rules would not be implemented in other countries just yet. This new qualifying standard would be used by YouTube in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, and South Korea. Later, it will expand to other nations where YPP is offered.

Also, YouTube has decided to bring more American producers into its program in which existing YPP creators who have over 20,000 subscribers would be qualified to tag products in videos and Shorts and receive a commission.

A greater number of creators, even those with lesser followings, will be able to monetize their presence on the platform thanks to the addition of shopping-related features for Shorts on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to monetize your YouTube channel, the approval process often takes a day or two, but it can take longer sometimes.

Once you reach the minimum subscriber and public viewing hours requirements, your channel will gain monetization access. It, therefore, makes no difference if, while waiting for review, your subscription or watch hour numbers fall below the requirements, you’ll still get promoted and your channel would be reviewed for YPP compatibility.