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How to Get a Remote Job in Canada while Overseas

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How to Get a Remote Job in Canada while Overseas

Some parts of the world are now open to remote jobs, thanks to the pandemic that gave rise to the possibility of working remotely even as a side hustle.

If you number among those that the pandemic forced you to work from home, you might not see any compelling reason to confine yourself to a single region of the globe anymore.

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And this is because the world of remote jobs comes with a lot more reasonable freedom, flexibility, and diversification.

The most interesting part is that working remotely could allow you to enjoy the leisure of traveling the world to check off all the countries on your bucket list while advancing your career and making money online.

For most people, working remotely is a win-win situation in every way. If you have been looking for ways to get a remote job in Canada while overseas, everything you need to know will be provided in this article.

Key Highlights

🎯 A PWC study revealed that 55% of employees desire at least three days per week of WFH.

🎯 An OWL Labs study revealed that 46% of respondents would accept a 5% salary decrease to keep working from home.

🎯 Canada has a lot of job openings in which you could find your best fit depending on your expertise and skill set.

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Over the last few years, remote work has gained significant popularity, and when the pandemic was at its worst, many employees began working remotely.

Although the pandemic has passed, it is obvious that remote work and WFH are here to stay as many workers today prefer to continue working from home.

A Price Waters Coppers (PWC) study revealed that 55% of employees desire at least three days per week of WFH, while an OWL Labs study revealed that 46% of respondents would accept a 5% salary decrease to keep working from home.

How To Get a Remote Job in Canada while Overseas

Get a Remote Job in Canada while Overseas

To get a remote job in Canada while overseas, you’d probably have to skip the usual online job marketplaces and go to a remote-specific job board instead.

There are several sites where you can get remote jobs in Canada while abroad. Some of them include:

1. FlexJobs

To set the ball rolling, we have FlexJobs. If you’re looking for real, excellent, flexible, and remote employment, FlexJobs is a reasonably priced subscription service that ranges from remote or at-home work to part-time, freelance, and flexible-schedule positions.

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On FlexJobs, you may find verified remote employment opportunities in the United States and abroad. FlexJobs, which has been in existence since 2007, offers one of the internet’s most massive collections of remote employment opportunities.

2. Indeed Canada

If you’re looking for the best job site in Canada, it would undoubtedly be Indeed Canada. In Canada, there are thousands of job ads available at any given moment and a quick check revealed that Indeed Canada now has over 4000 remote job openings.

To get started, you should create, upload, and manage your resume on Indeed so that you can quickly apply for any open positions.

When a position that fits your profile is posted, you can also receive a notification in your mailbox as long as the feature is turned on.

The likelihood of coming across the ideal remote workplace on Indeed is excellent because it posts new jobs frequently.

3. RemoteOk

If you haven’t heard about RemoteOk, it is a broad job board that features remote employment opportunities from all over the world.

Although the majority of the jobs could be in the United States, jobs from Canada are included. For the most part, RemoteOk features a lot of tech-related jobs.

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4. LinkedIn

Don’t be surprised to find LinkedIn in this list because, contrary to many beliefs, LinkedIn is a lot more than simply a professional social networking site.

It’s one of the best possibilities for your remote job search because it’s a great platform for businesses to establish a solid connection and relationship with suitable employees.

The stronger profile-building feature for real-time career success is one way LinkedIn differs from other social media platforms.  On LinkedIn, you may construct a profile that is more uniquely you, in contrast to the standard CV template found on most employment websites.

You can fill it with posts and articles to support and demonstrate your stated skills. Employers seek more in a candidate than just technical knowledge or competence, and LinkedIn lets you show off more of “you” in your professional profile than other social media websites.

5. Upwork

Upwork remains the largest marketplace for remote work in the world which seamlessly connects companies and individuals with freelancers. The good news is that anyone can register to work remotely and provide their talents in a variety of skill areas.

You can create a free profile, get verified, and begin to submit applications for jobs posted on the Upwork job board.

Based on your qualifications and experience, you could bargain for the greatest possible pay for your services bearing in mind that payment security is guaranteed both for hourly contracts and escrow service for projects with set prices.

6. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a freelance website where freelancers were able to make around $239 million through a variety of remote jobs.

Freelancers get jobs, do them remotely, and get paid. When the assignment is worth more than a few hundred dollars, the price structure benefits the freelancer.

However, the freelancer or remote employee must pay a 7.5% commission to PeoplePerHour. Therefore, if you can find a long-term employer ready to engage you, working through PeoplePerHour could result in significant commission savings.

7. WeWorkRemotely

Next on this list is a community for remote employment called WeWorkRemotely (WWR) which connects remote employers and remote employees.

The website features a substantial selection of remote employment opportunities in fields like design, programming, marketing, and customer service.

Many firms immediately list job openings on WWR and job seekers can take advantage of can seekers’ learning hub for advanced job searches.

8. Fiverr

Another platform where you can show forth your skills and expertise while serving your employer remotely is Fiverr. You can market your freelance skills on Fiverr by creating gigs that showcase your expertise and are relevant to your skill set.

Fiverr charges customers who purchase one of your Gigs and pays you once the job is finished. You can offer pre-packaged services at a set price and be rest assured that payment is secured.


You can register for an account with, get verified, and engage in contests while submitting bids for temporary freelance projects.

It is a marketplace for remote employment where you can also enter competitions where you could get compensated for your work if your submission wins.

10. JustRemote

Lastly o this list is a remote job platform called JustRemote which connects employers and companies with remote workers from all around the world in a wide range of industries. With JustRemote, you can find a list of jobs that have been listed on company websites but have not yet been made public.

This is because JustRemote regularly monitors a list of business websites that frequently advertise remote job openings. This platform is a go-to remote jobs job board that specializes in discovering unlisted positions before they are published.

Final Thoughts

You may certainly accomplish your aim of finding a remote job abroad, especially now that you have a list of platforms to look out for jobs.

You have to be convincing enough and also demonstrate to potential employers how interested you are in the position.

Once you’ve submitted applications for positions, ensure to set follow-up reminder dates and follow up the process.