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What Faceless Niches Can Earn Through Sponsorship?

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What Faceless Niches Can Earn Through Sponsorship?

In recent times, faceless YouTube channels have gained so much popularity and are becoming profitable for content creators that have mastered the art of creating engaging content. Many of these channels also monetize their videos through Adsense, affiliate partnerships, and sponsorships from top brands.

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These kinds of channels focus more on the content than the individual behind the camera, and they also offer unique opportunities for creators to make money without any facial appearances.

While almost every faceless YouTube channel has the potential to earn, certain niches are way better for earning through sponsorships. This article will explore these faceless YouTube niches, why they appeal to sponsors, and how creators can leverage them for the best sponsorship deals.

Key Highlights

🎯 Some of the biggest faceless YouTube channels are Do-it-Yourself (DIY) channels.

🎯 Crips video quality, superb sound quality and an engaging audience attracts brand sponsorships.

🎯 Focused niche channels performs better than broader niches in terms of sponsorship.

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Why Faceless Niches Are Becoming More Popular

Faceless YouTube channels have been gaining more popularity recently, and there are many reasons behind this. First, most users prefer anonymity, as it offers protection from possible online harassment, trolling or other concerns.

For some, however, faceless channels allow for direct content-focused videos, allowing creators to differentiate themselves from others.

Surprisingly, many sponsors have developed a strong liking for faceless channels. It results from the content style, which relies solely on the content rather than the personality. Thus, the sponsor’s brand image may receive the central focus.

Brands often like it more when their images take center stage, which can also lead to additional revenue for creators.

Identifying A Potential Faceless Niche With Sponsorship Potential

To identify a faceless niche with good sponsorship potential, you must first consider the general market demand for products and services centered around the niche.

The broader the appeal, the better the sponsorship potential. However, you must also carefully observe other factors like the competition and the potential audience.

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You must narrow your channel content to a specific concept for a less competitive niche. For example, running a DIY channel would have you in a pool filled with bigger competitors, as the ‘DIY’ niche is vast.

However, narrowing down to a smaller sub-niche like ‘DIY for kitchen appliances’ can give you way less competition, allowing you to build a loyal online community faster.

Best Faceless YouTube Niches That Can Attract Sponsors

Below are some of the top niches where creators can create YouTube channels and earn from sponsorships:

Video Game Reviews

Video game revenue is projected to reach over $300 billion before the end of 2023. It, of course, indicates the high earning potential in the industry. If you are passionate about gaming, video game reviewing is one of the top niches allowing you to get sponsorships with faceless content.

A video game review channel only needs to review games and publish gameplay videos. There is no need to appear behind the camera. Still, adding some voiceovers would be a good advantage for a video game review channel.

Generally, video game review is a significant and highly competitive niche. Thus, you are better off channeling your content to specific categories like sports game reviews, RPG game reviews, mobile game reviews, etc.

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Besides the huge audience potential, many products and services are also available for promotion. These could be new gamepads from small companies, new games, and other gaming gadgets.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Most people visit YouTube to learn different procedures for solving problems and making homemade items. It is one of the reasons why the DIY niche has gained much popularity over the years.

Some of YouTube’s biggest faceless channels are DIY channels, and the overall interest in the niche is still on an upward trajectory. Some examples of big DIY channels are Creative Channel (6.1 Million Subscribers), HGTV Handmade (902K Subscribers), and Crafty Panda (19.8 Million Subscribers).

As expected, the DIY scene is saturated. However, focusing on a specific sub-niche lowers the competition. There are several sub-niches for DIY content, ranging from plumbing to cooking, arts, and other homemade crafts. Due to the nature of these DIY videos, a face reveal is unnecessary.

Also, DIYers have a high earning potential, and it all depends on your sub-niche. If you make DIY plumbing videos, you can bag sponsorships with plumbing companies to promote new pipes, tools, and chemicals.

Though these companies will reach out to you when you gather a large following, you can also reach out to potential sponsors in your niche.


Meditation is one of the new trends gaining much popularity on YouTube in recent years. A meditation channel posts relaxing videos, natural sound effects, relaxing tunes, and other meditation and yoga tips. Here is an example of a Jazz channel that creates content on relaxing jazz music for studying, lounging, etc.

If you have sufficient knowledge of meditation concepts, you can create a faceless channel and earn through sponsorships.

The meditation niche is still less competitive than other more saturated niches. Thus, there is a higher potential of gaining a large following on the scene. To narrow your focus, you can follow a sub-niche like sleep meditation, stress relief therapy, yoga workouts, or even breathing techniques for beginners.

You can compile a group of copyright-free nature stock videos and add relaxing sounds to aid stressed viewers to sleep. Though this trend seemed weird initially, it is widely accepted today, and many of these channel owners make a lot of money from sponsorships.

Building A Successful Faceless Niche Channel on YouTube

Building a successful faceless YouTube channel requires more than selecting the right niche. To excel, here are some additional factors to consider:

Creating Content That Matches with Your Target Audience

To build a successful faceless channel, you must understand your channel’s purpose, goals, and potential target audience you want to attract.

Your key focus should be on providing quality content consistently so that your audience can have a reason to follow you. Consistency is vital, so create and follow a posting schedule.

Optimize Videos Properly

Video optimization is one concept that looks difficult at first but is simple once you understand it. Your key focus should be your titles, description, and video hashtags.

Also, you have to make use of proper keyword research tools to come up with search-friendly titles. You can use free YouTube-approved tools like VidiQ or TubeBuddy to optimize your videos properly.

Final Thoughts

Though our outlined niches have a higher earning potential, every faceless niche has the potential to earn from sponsors on YouTube. Therefore, focusing on quality and building a loyal follower base is vital.

The more your channel grows, the better your chances of bagging sponsorship deals. At a point, sponsors may reach out for potential deals. However, you can also write business emails to potential companies in your niche to create awareness of your channel and your willingness to negotiate a possible sponsorship deal.