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10 Best Income Streams for a New Blog

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10 Best Income Streams for a New Blog

Currently, there are already over 600 million blogs on the internet.

Blogging is one of the most popular mediums to educate a target audience on a particular subject.

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However, there is more to blogging than just posting content you love.

Today, blogging is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. The fact that you can create multiple income streams from one blog is motivating.

Display ads, sponsorships, affiliate commissions, sale of your own digital products, subscriptions are a few ways to generate income from one single blog.

Whether taken as a full-time job or a side hustle, blogging has a high earning potential.

As a result, more people buy new domains and set up their blogs with an affordable hosting provider like (Bluehost, NameCheap, GoDaddy).

The next step is to install a free or premium WordPress theme.

Congratulations! You have set up your own blog that is ready to make money. But this is just the first step.

This article will outline ten tips for making money with a new blog.

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So if you are a blogger looking for tips on making money from your blog, then you are in the right place.

10 Best Income Streams for a New Blog

Key Highlights

🎯 Making money from a new blog is entirely possible.

🎯 65% of Affiliate marketers generate sales through blogging.

🎯 There is more to blogging than just posting content you love.

🎯 Most bloggers make over $5,000 per month selling ebooks.

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Let’s dive in…

1. Select A Profitable Niche

One of the best tips for making money with a new blog is choosing a profitable niche.

If you want to make huge sums from a blog, you should consider dedicating your blog to subjects with high-interest rates.

To create a balance, you are advised to go for lucrative niches that you love.

With passion, one never runs tired of posting content.

Here are some of the most profitable blog niches as of 2022:

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  • Digital Marketing
  • Health and Fitness
  • Blogging and Online Earning
  • Personal Development
  • Finance and Investment
  • Food and Recipes


2. Promote Affiliate Products

10 Best Income Streams for a New Blog

As we speak, Affiliate Marketing is said to be the primary source behind 16% of global e-commerce sales.

A recent survey reveals that close to 65% of Affiliate marketers generate sales through blogging.

Now, that should tell you the income potential of Affiliate Marketing via blogging.

In terms of high payout potentials, affiliate deals from web hosting companies are often the best.

With payouts going as high as $50-$250+ per active referral, most bloggers make so much money from these affiliates.

One of such affiliates is the following affiliates below

Bluehost Affiliate Program.

Other than these hosting affiliates, you can always make money by promoting products on your website.

To maximize your affiliate success rate, you can check this post on how to grow your affiliate income fast.

Best Affiliate Marketing Websites For Bloggers


10 Best Income Streams for a New Blog

Amazon Associates

Commission Junction

3. Make Sponsored Posts

It is always natural to receive requests for sponsored posts as your blog grows.

Via these sponsored posts, companies pay you for advertising their products to your fan base.

If you already have a large fanbase, you can also contact companies yourself to discuss deals.

Websites For Sponsorship Deals

Tap Influence

Blog Meets Brand


4. Write eBooks Related To Your Chosen Niche

Writing an ebook is an excellent idea if you have in-depth knowledge of your blog niche.

As a blogger, most of your followers would trust you.

Thus, it becomes easier to sell products to them.

You could sell your ebooks directly or place them for sale on Amazon or other online bookstores.

As of 2021, there were already over 1 Billion eBook users worldwide.

According to Statista, the global revenue of the eBook industry is expected to reach $17 Billion by the end of 2022.

The statistics should tell you that the eBook industry is lucrative.

You can prepare an ebook and fix your price yourself as a blogger.

Most bloggers make over $5,000 per month selling ebooks, and you can also do this.

5. Offer Consultation Services

Today, there is a vast demand for more expert consultants than ever.

Moreover, virtual consultancy is already making waves.

As a result, you can tap into the industry via your fan base.

Blogging is an ideal way to share your experience with the world.

Thus, it becomes easier to attract customers who want qualified advice from you.

You can do consultation via video calls or chats.

Charges are often fixed per hour, and you can set this according to your preference.

Consultation is one of the best ways both bloggers and non-bloggers can make money online.

If you intend to consult people outside your fan base, you could also consider using consultation websites like CoMatch.

6. Sell Ad Spaces

Selling ad spaces is one of the most common ways to make money from a new blog.

If you intend to start monetizing your blog, you could start by creating empty banner spaces on your website and placing them for sale.

Companies often buy these ad spaces to sell products related to your niche.

Alternatively, you could contact companies yourself, notifying them of ad spaces available for sale on your blog.

Most top-class bloggers earn as high as $1,000+ for just one private ad space.

However, it is advisable to charge lower fees if you are a new blogger.

7. Create Donation Channels

One of the best ways to make money from a website is to ask for it.

As a blogger, you can accept donations from people in numerous ways.

Accepting donations can be done by placing a PayPal Donate Button or signing up on a website like Patreon.

So many people donate to content creators they love.

The truth is, you never can tell if you are lucky in that aspect until you integrate a donation button into your blog.

8. Apply For Google Adsense

With over $180 Billion in ads as of 2020, Google Adsense remains the biggest ads platform globally.

What makes it even better is the automatic integration they offer.

Thus, all a blogger needs are to apply and get approved.

Upon approval on the Adsense platform, the ad service would place automatic ads on your website, well targeted at your niche.

For WordPress blogs, you can do this by using the Site Kit Plugin.

This plugin automatically connects a WordPress website to your Google Adsense account.

Site Kit automatically integrates Adsense codes on all your blog pages.

In addition, it allows you to display ads across your website automatically.

9. Utilize Paid Memberships

If you produce high-quality content on your blog, offering exclusive content for paid users can be a good idea.

These paid subscriptions could be monthly or annual, fixed with a price as chosen by you.

Once viewers realize you offer unique and rare content, it becomes easy to make money from paid memberships.

To maximize earning potential with paid memberships, you can consider offering a good amount of quality content for free users.

Best WordPress Paid Membership Plugins

Paid Membership Pro

Restrict Content Pro

Ultimate Membership Pro

10. Sell Courses To Your Audience

Just like ebooks, you can sell courses to your blog subscribers and make so much money.

As long as you deliver high-quality content in your niche, it becomes easier for people to patronize tour courses.

To maximize your earning potential, you can consider giving out your course for free for a limited time.

This way, more people will be interested, once they discover that there is so much to gain from the course.

You can run your online course right from your website or use major online course creation websites like Skillshare.

Extra Tip: Post Regularly

As far as blogging is concerned, consistency is vital.

To keep a blog active, a blogger needs to keep posting quality content consistently.

Moreover, this attracts more traffic in the long run.

As far as blogging is concerned, traffic is crucial.

Thus, keeping a blog active is one of the critical tips for making money.

Final Thoughts

Making money from a new blog is entirely possible.

By following all the tips given in this article, you can generate high income from blogging.

Today, about 409 million active internet users read up to 20 Billion blog pages per month.

This record should tell you that the blogging scene is still as relevant as ever.

As a blogger looking for ways to earn more from a new blog, you can consider the tips given in this article.

In all, we do wish you good luck as you strive to become the next successful blogger.

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