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12 Ways to Make Money this Christmas

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12 Ways to Make Money this Christmas

Just a few days ago, a few friends of mine were expressing a total feeling of displeasure during a phone call as they carefully walked around the topic of Christmas. I could feel their anger and pent-up frustration, not because I was physically present with them, but because I had been in those shoes just last year’s Christmas.

I had been far from home for a year but was now going home to a battalion of family members and their kids anxiously anticipating your arrival and goodie goodies. The frustration got a better hold of me. I ended up not going with silly excuses.

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It was later it dawned on me I could have cashed out designing some banners for the mini-parties in my neighbourhood and customizing gift cards for my friends. In a few days, my Christmas would have been more than made.

Therefore, this article will give you insights on 12 ways to make money this Christmas and avoid a grumbly and lonely Christmas like I had last year, all because I was short on cash.

Key Takeaways

🎯 A lot of people dread Christmas spending. 22% of Americans believe their Christmas spending will leave them in debt.

🎯 Presents make up 65% of Christmas spending. Don’t attempt to go and greet those cousins this Christmas without a gift. They will assume you don’t care about them.

🎯 Many families worldwide are looking forward to spending 156% of their monthly income during the Christmas holiday in 2023.

🎯 Christmas is not just a period to give and give till your pocket runs dry. It is also the ideal time to earn extra money that can make this festive season sweet and full of memories.

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12 Ways to Make Money this Christmas

1. Photography

Do you find it interesting and worth your time taking pictures?

Are you skillful with a camera? Then you shouldn’t think twice about making more money during this festive season, as families, friends and neighbours love making memories through pictures.

Even if you don’t have a media presence or are known as a photographer, all you have to do is package yourself, get into the character walk up to friends and families around, and convince them that you can easily take their pictures (the best shot they would ever get) at a discounted rate.

By the time you do so for two or more families, it becomes easier and you earn more to celebrate with your loved ones during Christmas.

2. Christmas Items and Accessories

You might have noticed that during the festive season, there is usually an increased demand for some items that

won’t be every other day, would not be demanded. These accessories include Christmas Trees, Santa Attire-like caps and masks, Christmas Lighting and the like. In this case, all you have to do is get some of your Gsavings or take a loan from friends, stock up on these materials and sell them at a discount.

12 Ways to Make Money this Christmas

You can even set up a small stall in front of your apartment and advertise these products if you don’t have a shop.

3. Christmas Light Installation

During Christmas, most families have cultivated the habit of installing holiday lights that give Christmas vibes.

Therefore, if you have an idea about light installation, you should consider offering holiday light installation for homes or businesses during this period because it is another guaranteed way you will get extra income to make this Christmas.

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4. Holiday Décor Services

Are you good at decorations? Are you super skilled in transforming the aesthetics of a home into something so remarkable that people would see and appreciate the colours, textures and beauty of the homes and as a result, see the owners/occupants in a new brilliant light?

Holiday décor services are one aspect you should consider if you fit this criterion or you have a knack for missing colors and fabrics for home décor easily because most people do not want to undergo all the stress involved in setting up one, which is why they need an experienced and skillful hand to handle these stress effectively.

5. Deejay and MC

A Disc Jockey or DJ is an individual who plays recorded music to a live audience at parties and events.

If you have a knack for music and the idea of selecting music and determining the tone of a party appeals to you, then you should consider trying out this side hustle this Christmas to earn extra income.

What sells you as a DJ is your enthusiasm and understanding of different songs that appeal to different audiences and age groups.

Some of the equipment you will need include a laptop loaded with a collection of music (new and old), speakers, turntables, MP3 players, mixers, amplifiers, headphones and microphones, which you can easily rent at a discounted price.

6. Baking

For lovers of cake around the world, this is one of the seasons where people make merriments and memories with families with the help of cakes of different sizes and delicacies.

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And so, if baking is one of your hobbies, you should consider this side hustle this Christmas. You can start by sharing the words across your neighbourhood to your friends and loved ones that you could bake them big and yummy cakes and other baked goods this festive period at a discounted price.

12 Ways to Make Money this Christmas

Once you do and they enjoy your treats, you can go to your social media handles and share their testimonials, which will prompt more patronage and earn you more cash this Christmas.

7. Corporate Gift Items

  Producing or reselling corporate branded items such as wristwatches, pens, pen trays, flash drives, and mugs is another side hustle that is lucrative this Christmas to earn extra income.

A lot of small companies out there need these items during this period that both function as the end of the year and a transition to another business year, as gift items to their customers and employees to show them sincere appreciation and how much they respect the cordial relationship.

Therefore, you can consider this side hustle to earn extra income. You can get started with getting catalogues, preparing a creative proposal and reaching out to Corporate Services departments or companies for patronage. With a little bit of branding and tweaks here and there, you will make more cash this Christmas.

8. Printing and Graphic Design

 This is a side hustle that is evergreen, with no seasonal specialty. So if you are skilled in graphic design, this is another time to shine and earn more cash for a colourful Christmas.

Share your best designs across your social media handles, and reach out to friends for gigs such as designing and printing their New Year calendars, beautiful diaries, and journals.

9. Be an Event Planner

 The festive season between Christmas and the beginning of the new year is a period that is always jam-packed with parties and events by individuals, cliques, families, corporate bodies and organizations. One of the basic requirements for these events to see the light of day and become successful and news gossip is the creative, detailed planning and artistic touch of an event planner.

As an event planner, you get to coordinate every aspect of such occasions such as end-of-the-year conferences, weddings, corporate meetings, etc.

Your role may range from hiring, mobilization of ushers, transportation and decorations, etc.

10. Sell Your Wares at Vendor Events

If you are skilled in handcrafts, please, get to work right now! This is that time of the year we see numerous handmade vendor events popping up at every corner. So if you can craft those embryo

This time of year, we see a lot of handmade vendor events popping up. Go there and display your embroidered dishcloths, hand-painted wall quotes, handcrafted Christmas ornaments,  crocheted scarves and hats etc.

11. Organize Shows

Organizing shows is another lucrative side hustle to make money this Christmas, especially if you can get at least a popular musician or a musician with a popular song and a wide appeal.

The amount you charge for this show will vary depending on the artists you bring on board and other attractions that draw people’s attention. You can organize these shows indoors or outdoors like at beaches, parks etc.

12. Become that Readily Available Handyman

If you’re good at fixing things around the house, you should consider offering services to help people tush up their homes and repair faulty appliances if necessary this Christmas.

You will definitely get compensated with delicious Christmas delicacies aside from the payment for a job well done. Other services you can also render include painting, trim work, etc.

Final Thoughts

Many people dread Christmas not because they dislike the jamboree and wide array of activities that accompanies it, but because of how fast money tends to disappear from their pockets during this short period.

But why celebrate Christmas with a gloomy face, empty pocket and a sad countenance when you can earn extra income to make this Christmas colourful for yourself and your loved ones?

Just pick any side hustle listed above that suits you and get started today.

Remember, Christmas is less than 15 days away (Now imagine how far that extra 50-100$ can go during this period if you are bold enough to take a step today!)